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It was well after 2 am by the time Aidan and Josh left the diner. The late night bar crowd had started to spill in through the doors, loud and uncoordinated and obnoxious, and both men figured it was time to take their leave. Besides, Josh had finished everything on his plate and that was all Aidan was really concerned with.

They got back into the car, narrowly avoiding a collision with a Mustang as they pulled out of the parking lot. Josh gasped and Aidan flipped them the universal sign of disgruntled driving before pulling onto the main street and taking a left.

"So...my house is the other way." Josh commented vaguely from the passenger seat, his thumb pointing toward the window uselessly.

"I know."

"And...where are we going?"

Aidan just smirked and kept driving. "Relax, if I haven't done any of the horrible, depraved things you think I'm going to do to you yet, I'm certainly not going to do them now. I'm taking you to my house."

Josh's eyes did that funny bugging thing again and he looked all panicky once more. "You're taking me to your house? Your lair? You don't sleep in a coffin do you? Do you turn into a bat? What about sunlight? Oh wait, I've seen you during the day...but what about-"

"Josh." Aidan cut him off before his ramble could continue any further. "Take a breath man. I don't even need to breathe and you're wearing me out..." He caught the other man's eye from the passenger seat and continued. "Look, if you're on the same schedule that I am which, by the way, you are, you're going to have to be up in five hours to be back at work. My house is closer and I have a car which prevents you from waking up at five and bus hopping for two hours just to get to the parking lot of the hospital. So I'm taking you to my apartment and letting you stay there for the night and I can give us a ride in the morning. Alright?"

Josh looked uncomfortable. "That's really not necessary. I mean really. I appreciate everything you've done for me and if you're worried I'm going to try to off myself again, I'm not. Besides, I have this routine I have to go through and its completely awkward to go through it at someone else's house and-"

"Josh, shut up."

The younger man stopped talking then and went into sulk mode for a few minutes. Aidan suppressed a smirk; if he didn't look so much like a little kid when he did that, he might have been more irritated with Josh.

"Yeah, well, having a big gay slumber party with a vampire wasn't really part of my itinerary tonight..." Josh muttered from the passenger seat, his arms crossed over his chest protectively.

"No, your itinerary read: Step 1) Go to roof. Step 2) Jump off of roof. Step 3) Wait to die." Josh flinched and Aidan copied the motion; that sounded harsh even coming from him. "Look, I'm sorry. I don't mean to keep bringing that up." Seeing Josh relax a bit against the seat, he continued. "And besides, you're not my type so you don't really have to worry about the "big gay slumber party" part of that."

"What, you mean me being a werewolf or me having a penis?"

Aidan smirked. "Both. And I'm not going to try to bite you either, werewolf blood kind of tastes the way a wet dog smells."

"Gee, thanks."

"Just trying to help."


The street Aidan lived on was dark and quiet this time of night, nothing but the street lights and few stray cats darting here and there giving any indication of life. He pulled into a small driveway beside the complex and parked, getting out of the car and waiting for Josh to do the same. Once he was sure his werewolf companion was following him, he led him to a corner building at the edge of the parking lot.

He shouldered the door open and stepped inside, flicking on the living room light as he did. The house had a very mechanical feel to it with bare walls and a nearly empty living room. There was a couch and a television along with a lone coffee table in the middle of the room but that was it. It had all the elements of a living room but it didn't look like anyone lived in the house at all. Which was kind of true.

"Wow..." Josh mumbled as he stepped into the room. "I'm OCD in a bad way but even my room looks a bit messier than this..."

Aidan just shrugged. "I'm never really here and its not like I have tons of guests coming and going so I never really bothered to decorate. Usually if I have a date, we end up going to her place instead."

Josh walked through the living room, glancing at the couch and the TV before stepping into the kitchen. It was spotless, the floor was completely clean and it looked like it had never been used. The only indication it had was a bloody coffee mug in the sink. Josh was suddenly very sure he didn't want to look in the refrigerator.

"So yeah," Aidan said from the living room, gesturing a bit with his hands. "This is my apartment in all of its amazing glory."

Josh laughed weakly and nodded. "At least you have an apartment." He commented, walking back into the living room. "I'm still trying to save up enough money for a deposit on one."

Aidan nodded, closing the door behind him and forcing himself to remember to lock it. He usually never locked the door; being a vampire and all, a break in is kind of the last of your worries. But having someone else here, someone that could be hurt by someone bursting in with a gun, it made him reconsider leaving the door unlocked. "Well, you're welcome to take the couch or I have a bed in the other room you can use."

Josh made a face halfway between a smirk and a frown. "Dude, its our first date. I'm not getting in bed with you that soon."

The older man smirked in return and shrugged. "Hey, all I'm saying the bed is more comfortable than the couch-"

"I bet you say that to all the girls."

"-And its not like I really sleep anyway. The bed is a formality more than anything else." Another half-hearted shrug. "Usually I just stare at the ceiling until morning."

"Wow, and I thought I had rough nights." Josh flopped on the couch with a muffled thump. "I'll take the couch, its okay..." He seemed to hesitate about something, his fingers absently drumming on the tops of his legs.

"What's wrong?"

Josh hesitated for a second before looking down at himself. "Um...I'm kinda dirty...you know, from the day..."

Aidan nodded and motioned toward the hallway. "There's a shower at the end of the hall and I think I have a spare set of scrubs that will probably fit you."

For a second it looked like Josh was going to protest again but instead he just nodded slightly and stood, walking down the hall to the bathroom and flicking on the light. "Hey, you actually have shampoo, I'm surprised."

Aidan just rolled his eyes. "Yes, I have shampoo. Believe it or not, I do take showers like a normal person. I just don't eat or sleep."

"Super normal." Josh stumbled a bit when a towel pegged him the back of the head. "Sorry, sorry...I'm just trying to get over being in another dude's house, a vampire's house for that matter..."

"Well, I've never really had a werewolf stay the night with me either if it makes you feel any better."

Josh considered it for a moment before shaking his head. "Nah, not really..."

The door closed and Aidan could hear the shower turning on. It was odd having someone in his house, someone he wasn't planning on sleeping with. He'd had a few girls come over here and there but preferred their houses to his. His house was just that, a house. It wasn't a home and it never would be. It had been a long time since anywhere had felt like a real home. He'd been all over the world more times than he could remember but nowhere ever felt like home, no one ever felt like home. So it was strange that having Josh here made his house feel oddly like a home. Maybe it was because they were both considered non-human but it seemed almost...normal.

The shower shut off and he could hear the younger man moving around behind the door. He'd already retrieved the extra scrubs from his bedroom and knocked on the door lightly.

"Just a sec!" Came the nearly panicked reply.

Aidan resisted the urge to roll his eyes again. "Dude, relax. I have a set of clothes out here for you."

The door opened just a crack the younger man's hand poked out. Aidan considered pulling the clothes out of his reach just to jack with him but decided against it last minute, handing them to him just before the door closed again. There was some muffled movement and a few seconds later, the door opened and Josh stepped out, dressed in the scrubs Aidan had handed him. They were loose, hanging around him like he was just a mannequin that modeled clothing for others. It made him look much smaller than he actually was.

"Thanks." He said, looking down at the scrubs and then back to Aidan. "I'm not really used to wearing someone else's clothes though..."

Aidan smiled and led him back to the living room. "Its just for one day and then you can go back to your weird little OCD ways." He chuckled at the ugly face Josh made and handed him a spare blanket (he had no idea how long he'd had it or even where it came from). "Now go to sleep, we're going to have to get up in about four hours and go back to work."

Josh nodded and padded into the living room, collapsing onto the couch and snuggling down into the cushions. It took just under ten minutes and a few seconds of tossing and turning for him to fall into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Aidan waited until he heard the younger man's breathing even out before he turned and walked into his bedroom, closing the door halfway. He sat on the bed, staring at nothing and listening to the quiet, slow breathing in the other room for close to an hour. Part of him worried that Josh would take off in the middle of the night and he'd never seen him again but the other part of him knew it wouldn't happen.

He laid back, pillowing his head in his arms and stared at the ceiling. His mind replayed the events of the evening over and over like it was a movie and he realized that if he was human he would have been exhausted too. He wasn't sure what drew him to Josh in the first place, curiosity more than anything but maybe it was because he subconsciously knew something was different about him. Maybe he was drawn to him because they were so alike, they were both lost in the human world and in need of something to grasp onto remind them they weren't alone. They needed each other, Josh more so than Aidan, but it was nice to be able to relate to someone that didn't think you were crazy. Aidan had been around for much longer than Josh had but the need for companionship, the sting of loneliness never really faded.

He'd left his family, turned his back on Bishop and the rest of his kind in an attempt to change himself. All they wanted was blood and fear, humans to rule and an endless river of blood to keep them satisfied and for a while that's what Aidan wanted as well. But not now, no anymore. He wanted so much more than that. He wanted to be normal again, as impossible as that may be. Josh was the same, he'd lost his family as well, cut ties with everyone he'd ever known and loved, and wanted nothing more than to be like everyone else. They were alone, cast into this crazy world where nightmares exist and live all around you and it was by luck or fate that they had met the way they did.

Aidan realized he needed Josh just as much as Josh needed him. He also realized he was tired of being alone and that maybe having a real friend in this world, someone he could trust and someone who understood, wouldn't be so outside the realms of possibility anymore. Maybe it was time to stop the loner routine and let someone else in. Listening to the soft breathing in his living room, the mumbled sleep talking that was muffled in the couch cushions, the knowledge that someone else was there, Aidan realized he'd never felt more human in his life.

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