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For sixteen years, I had lived my life without her existence. But now, a day without her presence seems unbearable. I have never wanted, needed anyone so badly. She is my happiness,

the meaning and purpose of my life. But to have her, will bring disgrace to my family. My life had been planned ahead for me and I decided to simply follow it. However, I do not know if I

would be able to survive a life without my reason for living. Yumi is my love, my life. Now that she hates me, I feel like dying with

this loneliness.


It has been a week since Sachiko's grandmother passed away. Sachiko and her mother were back to the Ogasawara Mansion. Early that evening, a very bothered Sayako ran to her husband's study room.

"Sayako, what's wrong? You look depress?"

Touro worriedly asked when he saw his wife entered the room slightly trembling. Sayako ran into his arms and started crying uncontrollably.

"Tell me, why are you crying?"

Surprised by his wife's behavior, Touro didn't know what to do. He had never seen his wife cry before. Even at the time when his wife found out about his numerous mistresses, Sayako never shed a tear in front of him. Touro could only think of one reason that can make his wife this upset. It could only be about their daughter, Sachiko.

"Touro read this. The butler gave this to me this morning. I believe Sachiko wrote this during that time when she was not eating for days."

Sayako spoke in a shaky voice. She has been holding back her tears the whole day but when she saw her husband, she was not able to control her emotion anymore.

Touro read the letter his wife handed him. Shock, fear, confusion and some other emotions were what he felt after reading it.

"Touro, what are we going to do? I can't believe we almost lost her."

"I had no idea that our daughter is going through such pain. How could she think that our family's name is more important than her own happiness? We have to talk to her."


"You called for me, Father?"

The butler knocked on Sachiko's room and told her that her father wanted to see her immediately.

"Yes, please sit down Sachiko. There's something we need to talk to you about."

The man of the house calmly said.

Sachiko felt that there was something different with the way her parents were acting. They looked quite tense, even nervous. As is they were going to say that they are going to have a divorce and were afraid of their daughter's reaction. Sachiko had thought of that idea several times before but she knew that even though her father has a lot of mistresses, he would never leave his family for another woman. And besides, filing a divorce would bring disgrace to their family's name, something Touro would never do.

"Sachiko dear, you know we love you right? We want what's best for you and that is your happiness."
Sayako lovingly said as she held her daughter's hand tenderly.

"Mother, I don't understand what you're trying to say. Does this have anything to do with my marriage to Suguru? Do you plan to get us married earlier than the planned date?"

Sachiko asked with teary eyes and a worried tone. Her eyes met her father's gaze. She flashed him a questioning look. Her face was sad but pleading to hear an answer.

"N-No, no. Of course not. "

The honorable man stammered for the first time in his life. He was nervous; afraid to make his daughter more upset.

"But you're right. This is about your engagement. Sachiko, we have been thinking…"

He paused momentarily to glance at his wife's face for reassurance. Then turned his gaze back to his daughter's beautiful face and resumed speaking.

"It's not fair for you to marry Suguru for our company's sake. So we want you to know that it is REALLY alright if you don't want to marry him."

Sachiko was speechless as she stared at his father intently. Her face lit up incredibly, creating a radiant glow and her gorgeous sapphire eyes slightly widened upon hearing those words. She was like a prisoner who was sentenced to die but received a parole at the day of his execution. That was what she felt now that her father has given her his permission to escape a marriage that she considers more of a prison.

"Sachiko, you can love whoever you want and we will support you. Rich or poor, he or sh… WE don't care as long as you're happy. Right, Touro?"

Sayako added hurriedly then turned to look at her husband's face. Her eyes demanding him to say his approval.

"Yes definitely. Whoever you choose doesn't matter, your happiness is what matters most."

Sachiko remained silent as her parents continued staring at her, waiting for her reaction.

Not completely believing that she was not dreaming, Sachiko asked the first thing that came to her mind.

"Does grandfather know about this?"

She will not be convince or excited about the news unless it includes the approval of the head of the family.

"Yes, and he agrees with us. You know how much your grandfather loves you. He will do anything to make you happy."

Touro reassured as he gazed into his daughter's blue orbs. For the first time in his life, Touro felt so desperate. He will say and do anything to convince his daughter.

"I see. You noticed that I don't want to marry Suguru. Thank you for letting me informing me that I don't have to. And I'm glad to know that I have your support with whoever I choose to love."

Sachiko said gratefully then exited the room with a satisfied smile plastered on her face.

"Do you think that what we did was enough? Shouldn't we ask her to see a psychiatrist?"

Sayako asked worriedly.

"For now that's enough. We'll just have to keep an eye on her from now on."

Touro confidently said. He is optimistic that his daughter will be alright.


After that conversation, Sachiko returned to her room. She was so overwhelmed with the news. Everything happened unexpectedly. She didn't think any of this would happen, didn't she? (Maybe not)

"Fu fu fu…I can't believe everything is working perfectly according to plan."

Sachiko is lying on her bed, giggling uncontrollably. Amazed by everything happening, she cheerfully recalled what happened last week.

Last week…

Sachiko was in her grandmother's house. Yumi had just left after seeing that Sachiko was already feeling well.

'I can't believe I told her I love her. It felt so good saying those words. But I don't think she clearly understood what I meant. I mean, I almost starved myself to death just by thinking she hates me. If she leaves me, I would surely die.'

Sachiko thought emotionally.

'When she kissed my hand, I felt something so hard to explain. It was an overwhelming feeling I want to experience again and again. I want to feel her lips not just in my hand, but in every part of my body just as much as I want to kiss every inch of her.'

Sachiko mused as she raised her hand and placed her lips on the spot that Yumi kissed affectionately.

Finally! Sachiko has admitted to herself that she is in love with her seour. She has been fighting this emotion for more than a year and now she has finally surrendered. There's a saying that, "You will never know what you have until it's gone" and that is what she realized when she thought she lost Yumi.

'I need Yumi. She's the only one who makes me happy. I just got to have her but first, I have to cancel my engagement to that gay cousin of mine. How would my family react if they find out that their precious princess is in love with a woman?'

Sachiko felt fear at the thought that her family might take her away from Yumi if they found out the truth. She cannot take that risk.

After a few days, Sachiko couldn't take it anymore. She wants to love Yumi freely but her fear of her family was preventing her from doing so. It was becoming harder for her to see Yumi everyday and not be carried away by her feelings.

' They cannot force me to marry Suguru. I would rather die than marry him. Would they rather have a death daughter than a gay one?'

As soon as that question came to mind, an idea popped to her head like a light bulb switched on.

'That's it!'

So, Sachiko wrote a letter that could be interpreted as a suicide letter but technically it's not because she never mentioned anything about killing herself. It was more of a depression letter wherein she poured all the emotions she felt that time when they had a misunderstanding. She didn't plan to commit suicide. She wants to live a long life with Yumi by her side. The letter was just an experiment to test her family's love for her; to see how they would react if they find out that she's in love with Yumi. If that plan doesn't work in favor for her, then she will think of another way.

'Now I have to make sure that Mother will get to read this.'

So Sachiko put the letter inside her uniform's brest pocket. She knew that before the maids wash their clothes, their butler checks first if there was anything left inside the clothing.

The butler did find the letter. He was not able to read any part of it though because it was neatly folded. He handed it to Sayako like what he usually does.

Sayako almost fainted after reading it. She didn't know what to do. It was too much for her to handle alone so she waited for her husband to arrive.

Sachiko's grandfather entered Touro's study room and caught Sayako hysterically crying and his son Touro comforting her. The couple hesitantly handed the letter to the old man. They were fearing his reaction.

The old man almost had a heart attack after reading it. Not because he found out that his beloved daughter is gay, but because of the thought that he almost lost Sachiko. He loves Sachiko so much he would do anything for her.

"This Yumi,.. Bring her here. I want to talk to her. I will convince her not to leave Sachiko. I'll give her anything she wants no matter the cost."

The old man seriously said.

"Father, I don't think that's necessary. What Sachiko needs is our support. Let's give her a chance to pursue her love in her own way."

Touro said. He was very surprised that his father was very supportive of this.


A knock on the door, cut Sachiko's musing.

"Yes, what is it?"

Sachiko said when the butler came in.

"Excuse me Miss Sachiko. This is about your uniform. I forgot to check it before sending it to the laundry. The maid found a piece of paper inside its pocket. However, it was completely soaked and damaged. Please forgive me for my incompetence."

The butler said whilst bowing.

"It's alright. It was nothing important. Throw it away for me, please."

Sachiko said casually.

"Yes, Miss. I'll take care of it."

And with a slight bow, the butler excuse himself.

'Just as I expected. Mother ordered him to tell me those things so I wouldn't suspect that she found it.'

Sachiko thought with a smile.

'The first part of my plan worked flawlessly. Tomorrow, I can start pursuing Yumi.'

With her heart filled with excitement and determination, it might become hard for the princess to sleep tonight.

To be continued...

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