Yes, I'm a few days late on this….I've been busy, like a lot. No they don't belong to me, CBS owns them. Just a little one shot shoot of from my munchkin mac story.

Poor Don Flack was miserable, the food tasted like paste, the gown felt like sandpaper and it itched. He was more than miserable about the stupid tube in his wiener. He was miserable because he got shot and he would do it again in a heart beat. The bullet hit his chest collapsed his lung from it's reverberation , clipped a vein and narrowly missed his heart but it would of killed Danny. What really made Flack miserable the most was he missed his little wing man, missed his son. Hadn't seen the little marine who so thoroughly took over his life and heart in five days.

He knew Mackie was in good hands. Between Stella, Danny and Adam rotating shifts the lad would never be bored, hungry or unloved. There was a knock on the door and flack sighed, it was probably another orderly coming around to check his wonderful bag of pee. He debated feigning sleep but was detoured from his plan when Danny barged through the door.

" The Rangers lost, you look….well better" Danny announced his presence

" As if I were not miserable enough" grumbled

" Well…." Danny was cut off by the little boy who ran smack into the back of his legs, followed by Stella, Adam, Sid and Sheldon.

" Dah-hee UP" Mackie ordered, though Don couldn't see the boy behind Danny. He was just happy to know he'd get to see his boy.

Danny met the boy's demand and settled him beside Don on his good side on the bed. Flack was very quiet as the little boy seemed to tentatively taken his appearance. Little fingers gently ran over the dressing on his shoulder and chest then the little boy gently grabbed his two fingers. His hands were two small to get the whole hand. He often wondered how much of adult Mac was still in the little boy who carefully sat on the bed with his fingers, so Don squeezed the little hand.

Once the boy had deemed his Doh-hee ok. He gave him the small card wit the big red heart and the little bag of red and pink jelly beans.

" Ahh-pee I-in-ines da-ah" Flack smiled at the pure massacre of the english language and placed the card on the night stand next to the get well cards and flowers and hugged Mackie with his good arm tucking the little boys head against his chest.

Mackie snuggled further into Flack's chest and everything was right in Flack's world again.

" Wuv woo Dah-Dee" the little blue eyed boy said in a sleepy voice looking up to search out his Dah-Dee's blue eyes.

Flack felt his heart grow and turn to mush and it seemed all the adults heart were probably just as mushy.

" Love you to Munchkin" Flack was as he dropped a kiss on Mackie's forehead.

Everything was more then right in his world, they were perfect.