Chapter 1 - Coat Closet Scents

"You look so beautiful."

Leah frowned at Melinda. "Please do not start crying or I'll start crying too."

"God don't start that, I don't want your make-up to get ruined." Melinda chuckled.

Melinda turned and looked in the full length mirror as she adjusted her violet maid of honor dress and spaghetti straps. Leah rested her chin on Melinda right shoulder like she always did; as the sisters looked at each other in the mirror.

"You look just as beautiful as me little sister."

A knock on the door brought the girls out of there giggles, Melinda walked over to the door and opened it and laughed at Seth's smiling face. "What's matter baby brother?"

Seth made a face, "I think you should come talk with Embry. He's getting a little edgy I think."

Melinda giggled as she looked back at Leah. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go check on the groom."

Leah turned and started to walk out the door as Set grabbed her hand. "Whoa there action Jackson…You're not supposed to see the groom before the wedding. You just cool your jets in front of the mirror and continue to primp." Seth brushed a soft kiss on Leah's forehead. "You look beautiful sis."

Leah giggled as she smoothed the white dress out as Seth lead her back to the full length mirror.

Melinda walked downstairs as she came face to chest with Embry. She could tell he was a bundle of nerves. Melinda grabbed his hand and pulled him to stand in front of her as she smoothed the sleeves down his tuxedo jacket and fixed the rose in his lapel. "Embry, calm down. Leah is just as nervous as you are, but don't worry it's not like she's going to run or anything. Just breathe deeply; it will start in a few minutes ok?"

Embry couldn't even speak because of his nerves all he could do was nod and breathe as Melinda had asked him to do,

Melinda giggled as she turned and headed back upstairs, but was stopped short when warm hands gripped her hips and pulled her into the upstairs bathroom and closed and locked the door behind her.

Melinda smacked the arm around her waist. "PAUL REDSON! Don't wrinkle the dress or I will let Leah unleash on you."

Paul's chuckle filled the bathroom as he spun her around and the smirk wouldn't leave his beautiful red lips.

It had been 6 months since the day Embry asked Leah to marry him and Melinda finally gave herself to Paul. They had finally accepted the imprint and couldn't be happier in their lives together. Paul had gotten rid of his place and moved in with Melinda because he didn't want her to lose her candle and potpourri business.

"Please tell me when and if we ever get married we will just do something small outside and if people want to show up they can. I don't ever want to see you go through the stress that Leah had to go through for this elaborate of a shin dig."

Melinda cupped Paul's face as she pushed up on her toes slightly as she kissed his lips. "Agreed; if you can get up enough nerves to ever ask me."

"Oh man…I asked you already and you said no."

"No I said ask me when were both ready. Neither of us we're ready and you know it. I love you Paul. And I know you love me and we don't have to rush anything. We have our whole lives ahead of us. And then some."

Paul smiled softly as he leaned down and captured Melinda's lips in a soft, sensual kiss. Her lips left his way too soon for his liking as she pushed up and kissed the end of his nose.

"Let's finish this later. We need to go watch my sister and your pack brother get hitched."

Paul nodded as he leaned down and kissed her lips chastely once more as he unlocked the door and let her out of the bathroom. She giggled when she noticed he adjusted himself.

About ten minutes later, Melinda stood at the altar across from Embry, Paul and Seth. With Seth's imprint Sandra standing next to her. She couldn't believe Seth finally imprinted. It had been 3 months ago and Sandra actually took the wolf secrets pretty well. She freaked out at first, but then she gave Seth a half a chance to speak from the heart and that is exactly what he did. Sandra had loved his sweet words and honesty.

Leah never looked more beautiful as she walked down the aisle and Embry never looked more nervous. Melinda watched as they exchanged vows. And watched as they kissed to seal their vows. As they walked back down the aisle, Paul wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to his side as his lips brushed across her temple. She smiled as she pushed herself closer to his body.

Once everyone was at the reception, Paul couldn't keep the sweet smile off his face as he spent the whole reception time with Melinda dancing in his arms.

Melinda giggled. "What is with that look on your face Paul Redson?"

Paul chuckled deeply. "What? A guy can be happy to have the love of his life in his arms?" Paul watched as she chewed her bottom lip before she pushed up on her toes and she captured his lips. He loved the face that he didn't have to initiate every kiss between them. There was something in the way his insides felt when she would come over and kiss him. Sometimes the feeling would steal his breath.

Paul quirked his head to the side. "How do you think they are doing? You think they are ready to run to the coat closet and consummate their marriage already?"

Melinda chuckled softly as she felt Paul's arms pull her body closer to his. "They've been ready. Embry's been teasing her relentlessly for the last hour. Leah's taking it all in stride though. Defiantly standing her ground with him. Thought I'm not sure how much more defiance she has left in her. She's about three seconds from going weak kneed; if she hasn't already and Embry's holding her up for good measure."

Paul chuckled deeply as his eyes locked with Melinda's. "I seem to know and understand the feeling."

Leah giggled as Embry breathed a rush of his hot breath across Leah's bare neck and ear. "Embry Call you behave yourself or I swear you will be in the dog house with me later tonight."

"Woof Woof baby." Embry's smirk stretched across is lips as Leah fake scowled at him. Embry buried his face in her hair as his lips gentle brushed against Leah's neck, causing the slightest of a moan to pass through her lips as she weaved her fingers through his hair as they continued to move slowly on the dance floor.

Once the current song was over Leah had decided she needed to use the rest room so she extracted herself from Embry's arms and then excused herself and went out into the hallway and into the bathroom. Once she had finished her business she washed her hands and smoothed her dress down her frame as she vacated the restroom a warm arm went around her waist and a warm hand went over her eyes as a pair of warm lips kissed her exposed ear and bare neck.

Leah couldn't help as she moaned out. She was moved quickly and quietly to a different room as she heard a door close and a lock click. She was spun around as Embry claimed her lips and as soon as their tongues touched they both moaned at the contact. Embry felt as Leah's small hands made short work of his tuxedo jacket and dress shirt. When Embry started to go after her dress Leah pulled back.

"Please be careful with this dress! I want to be buried in it."

Embry couldn't help but chuckle as he turned her back to him and he carefully unzipped it all the way down as he left fire ridden kisses on her bare shoulders and down her spine every time he'd unzip it a little more. He then carefully pushed the dress down her beautiful body revealing her strapless white lace bra and match white lace panties. Before she could step out of the dress, Embry lifted her into his arms and walked over to the wall.

God bless whoever put a couch in the coat check room. Embry just hoped no one wanted their coat, they clearly weren't getting it back. He needed Leah more than anyone needed their damn coat and they could all freeze for all he cared. Once he'd laid her on the couch he made short work of his pants and even shorter work of her bra and panties.

Embry kissed her lips as he slipped himself inside of her. "I know were rushing right now but I promise later tonight I will make it up to you baby."

Leah groaned out at the feeling of him being sheathed completely inside of her. "You bet you sweet ever loving ass you will Mr. Call."

Embry growled low in his throat. "Anything for you Mrs. Call."

After Forty-five minutes of unbridled couch passion in the coat closet; Leah and Embry were fully dressed and re-joining the reception with smirks on their faces as if nothing had happened.

The wolves knew better though. Embry's smell was all over Leah. There was definitely no denying what had gone on in the coat closet. Not to mention when everyone left that night the wolves could smell Leah and Embry scents as they walked by the coat closet.

Needless to say the evening was one to remember.