This story was inspired by the song Falling In by the band Lifehouse! Last chapter. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! No worries I definitely got more up my sleeves. ~Maxine

Chapter 15 – Falling In

The day was beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful.

Paul pulled Melinda into his arms.

"Hello beautiful."

"Hello handsome."

Paul captured her lips in a soft kiss.

"So were doing this again huh? Thank goodness it's the last of the four,"

Melinda shook her head negatively as she laughed at Paul. She couldn't believe it had been twenty-one years since she had their last child. Their lives had been filled with ups and downs and they had four beautiful children together. They had three rough neck boys, Paul Jr., Bryant, and Chad. Before their angel Annemarie brought up the rear of the family. She was a complete daddy's girl and Paul was soon made very aware of why the phrase 'daddy's girl' was coined. All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and poke her bottom lip out in a pout and Paul would CAVE; every time without fail.

All the kids were a year apart, for every boy they had, Kim and Jared had a girl. Their boys having all phased and become part of the pack and also by a simple coincidence imprinted on each one of Kim and Jared's daughters. Who had also gotten married and were working on families of their own.

So it didn't really come as no surprise when Jared and Kim's youngest Jared Jr. imprinted on Melinda and Paul's youngest Annemarie. All you had to do was look at them and know they were exactly what the other needed. They were destined for each other.

"I can't believe our baby girl is getting married today."

Paul's arms tightened around Melinda as he kissed her lips softly trying to comfort her. He saw the silent tears as they started to slide down her cheeks as his thumbs came up and gently brushed them away.

"Oh c'mon baby, you know she had to leave the nest some time. Don't cry. It's not like were losing her. We never lost any of the other kids…No matter how hard we really tried."

Melinda couldn't help as she let out some wet giggles and smacked Paul's chest.

"Besides I didn't see you crying when the three rough necks ran off and got married."

"I can't help it, she's the baby. Shouldn't you be getting weepy she's your baby girl too."

"No because now it just means I can go back to chasing you around the house naked, like I did before the little beasts came into our lives. Don't you remember the first two weeks we were married? We never got dressed let alone left our bed."

"Mmm some of our better moments; I guess having the baby get married and go off to start her own family isn't the worst thing that could happen today."

"Oh yea what's the worst that could happen today?"

"We could pass out after hours of making love and chasing each other around the house naked."

Paul pushed Melinda against the kitchen counter as he captured her lips in a pssion filled kiss.

"Oh gross you guys."

Melinda and Paul laughed as their lips broke apart and saw there beautiful twenty-one year old daughter as she walked into the kitchen with her wedding dress on. Of course Melinda couldn't help but start crying again.

"Annemarie, believe me you'll be caught in little moments like these after you and junior start having children."

"I know mom, but I still have to give you and dad a hard time. Besides you already know if Paulie, Bryant and Chad were all here they'd be saying the same thing."

Paul chuckled as he wrapped his arm around his daughter's shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

"You look as beautiful as your mother did on our wedding day."

"Thanks daddy. Oh god momma please don't cry."

Paul scoffed as he walked back over to Melinda and wrapped her in his arms as she clutched onto him trying to slow her tears.

"It's your fault for walking in here with that damn dress on."

Annemarie couldn't help but laugh hard.

"Well I'm not getting married in my bra and panties mom."

"You're damn right you're not." Paul growled out.

Melinda and Annemarie both giggled at Paul outburst.

Melinda smacked Paul on the rear end as she scoffed at him when he growled at her. Annemarie rolled her eyes at her parents as she walked away to finish getting ready.

An Hour Later ~

"Jared, I know I could never live my life without you…" She cleared her throat and continued, "You are everything to me…you're my whole world, my sun and my moon…and you've had my heart since I was 15. It was always meant to be with you; I will love you until the day we both die…"

Melinda stared down at her wedding rings, remembering all the things that had led her up to this point.

Jared Jr. looked as though he was close to sweating it out when he cleared his throat.

"Annemarie…I've been in love with you since the first day I laid eyes on you. I guess things just got more complicated when I turned 15 and granted you wasn't too keen on the idea of having a boy liking you but I remember your dad telling me one night to be patient. Well I've been patient and here we are - about to share our lives together forever and it's been worth every second…I wouldn't change a thing…I love you Annemarie."

The priest went into a bunch of his nonsense words and Melinda looked at Paul and he leaned over whispering, "They remind you of someone?" Melinda leaned over "Only every day of my life." Paul leaned over and kissed her lips softly, like he had that day years earlier on their wedding day.

Their attention was brought back to the alter watching Annemarie and Jared Jr. get married with Jared and Kim sitting next to them like always through both sets of married lives.

The priest said, "May I present Mr. and Mrs. Jared Michael Tinsel Jr."

Paul and Melinda watched as they left the church in the limo. She stood there wrapped in Paul's arms. "So, wanna skip the reception and get down to the naked stuff? Or would you like to at least go for a spin on the dance floor?"

Melinda smiled up at Paul. "You're terrible but yes, you do owe me a dance. You promised. Then well go have some fun."

Paul chuckled, "Not a bad idea if I do say so myself and you're absolutely right. I did promise you. And I don't make promises I can't keep."

Paul and Mel went to the reception and Paul pushed Melinda around the dance floor a few times before they settled into a good song.

Paul looked down at Melinda, "I love you Mel…"

Melinda smiled softly, "I love you too Paul."

At first she ran away and clearly is was the biggest mistake of her life so she came back and re-connected with the one person who couldn't help but know her the best. She couldn't help but want to beg him to stay forever. Come to find out she didn't really have to beg. All she had to do was follow him and fall in.

Who knew all they had to do was fall in.

The End