Hello everyone. You might be wondering why I am I doing this pairing. Well, I just love strange pairings, as long as there reasonable. Besides, I am officially the first one to do this pairing, so hah. I so own this. Hopefully, someone will acknowledge me in future works. I am going to call this pairing, Ruffless.

Ruffnut was polishing her axe. That's what she did most of the time these days, other than playing with her dragon. She just loved flying around, soaring through the sky. It felt like pure freedom and it was. Still, other than that, there wasn't that much to do. Astrid spent all her time with her new boyfriend. 'Please, I still think she could do better.' She thought, even though she still had a small crush on him. It wasn't much, but it was there. Snotlout and Fishlegs? 'Gag me now.' She thought at the idea of hanging around them. Her brother? 'We hang out all the time.' That was true; they did a lot together, which always ended in arguments. 'Which I usually win.' She thought, proudly. 'Speaking of my brother, where is the troublesome oaf?' She didn't have to wait long to get an answer. Their father came walking in, with her brother in tow. He was rather large and muscular and the trade mark blond hair that he passed down to his children. Yet, that wasn't what caught her eye. What caught her eye was the new axe her brother was carrying. The axe was cold hard, yet shiny steel that could cut through anything. The handle bar was made up of pure silver, with designs of several dragons woven into it. She should know. Ruffnut had been staring at that very axe for quite a while back at the shop. Her father saw her stare. He smiled. "That my daughter is my present to you two." He said.

"But dad, there's only one axe." Ruffnut pointed out.

He shrugged. "There was only one axe at the shop." He said, before heading off to another room. "Settle it yourselves."

Ruffnut sighed. Sometimes, he would be forgetful like that. He even got their names mixed up. She knew that he loved them, but he was absentminded a lot of the time. She then went over to her brother and reached for the axe. Tuffnut pulled it away. "And, what do you think you are doing?" He asked, glaring at her.

Ruffnut put her hands on her hips and glared back at him. "Taking what is rightfully mine." She said.

Tuffnut laughed. "Right." He said, drawing out the word. "Dad gave me the axe already, so deal with it."

Ruffnut scoffed. "Yeah, right." She said, crossing her arms. "He only let you carry it, so he could check out some of the ladies around town." Their mother had died a while back, when they were still fighting the dragons. She didn't resent them for it. What she did resent was that their father seemed to be chasing every other girl, like an animal in heat. 'Thanks for living with mom's memories dad.' She thought sarcastingly.

Tuffnut gave her a raspberry in response. "The axe is mine and there is nothing you can do about it." He said.

"Oh, yeah." Ruffnut said, lifting a fist in the air. This was how they usually solved their problems, as their father didn't help them at all.

"Okay, okay." Tuffnut said, lifting his arms to defend himself. 'Hmm, not fighting today.' She thought. 'Joy killer.' "I'll give it to you. On one condition." He had a chilling smile.

"What is it?" Ruffnut said, listening intently.

"Give a big, tonguing kiss to Toothless." Tuffnut said, smirking at his own brilliance. Ruffnut was taken aback by this. 'Kiss a dragon. Nothing is worth that.' She thought, but looked at the axe. 'Except that.' After her long pause, her brother started talking again. "I knew it. You won't kiss the dragon, so I'll keep the axe." He started to take it away.

"No." Ruffnut blurted out. Her brother looked at her, with a raised eyebrow. "I'll do it. I'll kiss Toothless."

Tuffnut's eyes would have popped out of his head, if they had gotten any wider. "You serious." He said. "I was only saying that, because I knew you would never do it."

Ruffnut smirked. "Well, I'll show you." She said, before heading off. "And I'll get that axe."


Toothless lay in Hiccups house. There wasn't anything to do today. Hiccup hadn't been out flying for a while. Astrid was the main thing on her mind. He wasn't jealous about the boy spending so much time with her. 'I anyone needs a girlfriend, it's Hiccup.' He thought. Still, he would have like to get out to stretch his wings. 'Curse you wound.' He flexed his tail, hearing the human made dragon tail fall to the ground with his tail. Besides, he had other things to think about. Breeding season had started. He wanted a mate so badly. He knew he would make a grand, marvelous father. Besides, who could resist me?' He thought. Yet, he didn't like most of the other breeds. They weren't charming and certainly not appealing to the eye, let alone his. Other Nightfurys, 'As the humans call us.' Were in short supply. His kind weren't exactly plentiful, especially in these parts. The queen never need that many in this region, so only a handful were needed here. The ones that were here though, were old and already mated. He had been lucky to be chosen for this, but now, he felt like it was a prison. 'Fate sure does like to you with me.' Just then, a human girl came up to him. He recognized her as Ruffnut, one of Hiccups friends. 'Oh, not this one.' She was the most difficult one to deal with. Astrid and Hiccup were okay. Fishlegs was annoying, but not in a bad way. Snotlout and Tuffnut, very annoying, but he kept them in their place. Ruffnut? No, he couldn't deal with her. She never listened, not that she could understand his tongue. 'I still find it curious as to why I could understand humans, yet they knew nothing of my language.' He thought. He just stood there looking at her. 'I'll just take it, and have my revenge.' He sighed. That's how it worked with them. "What do you want, human?" He growled at her, knowing it fell on deaf, human ears. Once she was in front, she grabbed the sides of his face to greet hers. 'Okay, what is she…' His thoughts were interrupted when she placed her mouth on hers. He was so shocked, his mouth came open. The human used this to insert her tongue in his mouth and twirl it around. He couldn't help but groan, as a small wave of pleasure snaked its way through him. Still, as quickly as it happened, she pulled away and smiled at him, before walking off. He just sat there with a puzzled face, trying to determine what just happened. 'Who? Wha… How…Human… Kiss…Me…' These thoughts and more kept playing back to back in his mind.


Ruffnut smiled to herself in a mission well done. Yeah, that technically was her first kiss, but that was no big deal. It was just a dragon. She walked over to her brother, who had a shocked face. "You actually kissed Toothless." He said, not believing any of it.

Ruffnut smirked. "Yeah, I did." She reached and grabbed the axe. "So, I get this fair and square."

"What was it like?" Tuffnut said. "Did you like it?"

Ruffnut hit him on the head, with the flat side of the axe. "Shutup." She said. "It tasted like fish." She then walked away, with the axe laying on her shoulder, leaving behind one very confused brother.


Hiccup had a big smile wide across his face. He had just come back from another marvelous date with Astrid. 'Which ones aren't when I am with her?' He thought dreamily. They had kissed yet again, but they were always new too his lips. When he got back to his house, he found Toothless. This wasn't a surprise. He often came over. What was a surprise was that he was sitting motionless, with a confused look on his face. He went over to him and waved a hand in front of his face. "Hello, anyone there?" He asked, but all he did was twitch. 'What's gotten in too him?' He thought. He went to grab a bucket of water and filled it with freezing water. It was easy to find such around Berk. It was a dreadfully cold place, but I digress. He then went over to Toothless and poured it onto him.


He could feel the freezing water hit him. Although, he could handle the temperature, the cold water did wake him up from his daze. He looked around to see what had happened. 'Oh great, I've been like that for hours.' Toothless thought.

"Toothless, boy, is everything alright?" Hiccup said, putting a hand to his shoulder.

Toothless shook his head. 'No, of course not, Hiccup.' He thought. 'Your human friend, Ruffnut, has placed her lips upon mine and pushed her mouth inside mine. So, no everything is not alright.' Yet, he just growled "No".

Hiccup gave him a halfhearted smiled. "Well, I understand." He said. "Not everything can go someone's way all the time. I just hope it works out." He then went into another room, to get ready for bed. As Toothless decided to rest as well, Ruffnut played through his mind again. 'What was wrong with you, human?' He thought. 'Why did you kiss me? I know I am attractive, but humans are not keen on us dragons. What did she mean by the kiss? Was it attraction, like Hiccup and Astrid, or something else?' He sighed, deeming this could wait till morning. 'I'll just ask Bombardier in the morning. He knows humans a lot better than me.' Toothless then drifted off to sleep.