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The sun blazed down upon this beautiful day. The flowers were in bloom, the birds were singing. Everything was pure and peaceful. Yet, none of these things mattered. None. Well, maybe just for one dragon.

Toothless stared on at his beauty. Nothing could compare to her. Not even the most beautiful dragon could take his gaze away from her. 'Ruffnut.' He sighed, thinking her name. He was keeping his distance, trying not to seem like he was stalking her. 'Which essentially I am. I can't believe I feel this way. To a human no less. But I can't help it. She's perfect. In every way. In every sense of the word. How can one human be so, but remain single? Must be my luck I guess. Yet, I can't have her, not at this moment. I can't stand it.' He put his front paws on his muzzle. 'I can smell her. I need her. I can't satisfy myself, and she will be my first and only. Confound the breeding season. If I don't take her soon, I think I will go mad with want. With need to feel her pressed against me.' His body shivered as the mental pictures flashed in his head. 'Funny, how only a week ago, I couldn't stand her. Now, I can't think of my future without her.' He watched Ruffnut as swam through the ocean. She swam so effortlessly and perfectly, it was a wonder why she tried to hide her womanly qualities from the world. Oh, how he wished he could join in on her swim. When she finally finished up, she clambered up on shore. He knew that dragons shouldn't be aroused by a human's body, but the way Ruffnut's skimp clothes clung to her body and the way threw her blond hair from side to side, threw him nearly over the edge. 'You'll have your chance soon enough.' He told himself, so he wouldn't just charge at her. Yet, something came up that made him want to. A male human! While Ruffnut was drying her hair, some human boy he had never seen before walked right up to her. And what infuriated Toothless most was that he started talking to her. Ruffnut! His female. He growled deep in his throat. He had to do something fast, to protect his mate. He rushed forward, speeding through the village. He nearly knocked down dragon and Viking alike on his way. Finally, he made it to the beach. He jumped in front of Ruffnut and roared at the human male. The male stumbled back, startled by his sudden approach. Toothless glared daggers into the boy.


Ruffnut had just finished up in her swim. She didn't like for anyone to be around her during that time, so she stayed clear of the village when she did so. 'If any of those boys dared to stare at me, I'd knock their teeth in.' She thought. She grabbed her rag and started to dry her hair off. "Hi there." She heard a voice say to her.

Ruffnut took her rag off and looked at the boy talking t her. She took a quick glance over his figure. He was quite fit and good looking. His sparkling blue eyes shone underneath his blond hair. "What do you want?" She said.

"Oh, I just wanted to make myself acquainted." The boy said. "You see, I'm new to Berk. Just arrived and to my shock I learned that you live with dragons. Interesting! So, I decided why not take a look around, maybe something else would come up. And low and behold, I came across a lovely lady."

Ruffnut couldn't help but blush at his comment, but hid it under a frown and the rag on her head. "Yeah, well, could you talk to her?" She said. "You're bugging me."

The boy laughed. "Well, I am talking to her." He said.

Ruffnut could see he was trying to charm her. 'In his dreams.' She thought, turning her head to look away from him. "Well, you talked to her." She said. "Now go away."

"So soon." The boy said, mocking hurt. "Why ever should I?" Just right at the moment, a black blur came racing out of the village. No sooner as it appeared, it came right in between them and roared. The boy stumbled backwards, before falling to his rump.

Ruffnut jumped to her feet and grabbed her axe, reading to attack. She stopped herself when she noticed it was Toothless. "Toothless." She said, glaring at the dragon. "Why'd you have to scare me like that?" Toothless looked back at her, apologetically, but returned to glaring at the boy.

"You know that thing?" The boy said, with a shaky voice.

"Unfortunately." Ruffnut said, pushing Toothless away. "Go away. I want you to leave me alone."

"I think I'll be going now." The boy said, getting up. He flashed Ruffnut a smile, to which Toothless answered with a loud growl. "I'll see you later." He walked off.

"In your dreams." Ruffnut said, but couldn't help but chuckle. She looked back to Toothless. He looked hurt for some reason. "I can talk to whoever I want to. Just leave me be, you stupid dragon." Toothless walked away, with his head down in shame. 'What is that dragon's problem?' She wondered.


Toothless walked on and on, thinking. 'Why?' He thought. 'Why is she so unresponsive? I've done everything in my power to make her love me. Is it because I can't fly? Because I can't impress her with aerobatics? Does she hate me because of my disabilities? Or is it just because I'm a dragon. If I could, I'd change for her. Just her. To make her happy. Why can't she see that? And that male.' He growled deeply. His body shook with rage. 'He will not have her. Ruffnut is my love. MINE! And no one else will have her. She'll choose soon, and I know she'll see my love for her. Even if we don't have younglings, we could always adopt. She'll be happy with me. I know it.' He finally came to rest on top of a hill. The breeze calmly swept past him. He just looked on at the settings, with a sad expression. 'But if she doesn't, I'll have no one. No one could take her place. No. That male won't have her. He'll find himself someone else. Ruffnut is too good for him. Yep. Too good for him.' He smiled smugly.

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