A/N: This idea came to me in Science when i was learning about the Universe and Binary stars. My first thought was 'Hey, Binary! Like the Binary galaxy on Doctor Who where Gallifrey is meant to be!' (I think). My second thought was, 'This would make a great story in the Sherlock fandom'. So, here you are!

"If, on the contrary, two stars should really be situated very near each other, and at the same time so far insulated as not to be materially affected by the attractions of neighboring stars, they will then compose a separate system, and remain united by the bond of their own mutual gravitation towards each other."
Sir William Herschel in 1802

John is not an easy man to share a flat with.

A invalided, stubborn, sometimes grouchy man, who misses what he almost died from. He wasn't planning on living very long when he had gotten back home and been so depressed. He thought he would have just died from a lack of will to live. But then, that one brilliant day, he had met Sherlock Holmes. And life was never the same again. Even though the nightmares which would have had other people evicting him came, Sherlock never cared.

Even though he did not care about much in particular, he didn't mind.

John never got along with people too much, he would have friends but never best friends. Dates but never anything more. He didn't do much to hold up his side of the conversation, fully content to just listen. Many people expected him to talk, to engage in conversation with them. So, when you meet someone like Sherlock Holmes, who talks about such complex things like how someones shoe helped him solve a murder crime, listening was all that was required.

He still couldn't believe that Sherlock didn't know that the Earth went around the Sun though.

That was just...wow.

Though, John's knowledge of the universe was...less than stellar. But he did remember quite a few things. Black Holes, Pulsars, Quasars, Nebula's, Binary stars, Neutron stars. It could be said that John has quite a good memory for bits and pieces of information. He has always thought of himself and Sherlock as Binary stars. They don't have many other acquaintances and had formed quite an intricate friendship by themselves because of it. So, they retreated into each others company.

Fully comfortable being together...separately.

Sherlock is not an easy man to share a flat with.

A self proclaiming high-functioning sociopath who thinks that everything apart from a good serial killer and occasional murder is dull. Normal people? Dull. Emotions? Stupid. Rules? Made to be broken. He never lets anyone in and is quite proud of it thank you very much.


That one anomaly in the statistics. Who would have thought that stubborn, unassuming, mouse-like John would have been any different to the blithering idiots he found himself subjected to? But, he was. Sherlock had never had a friend before. He never thought needed one. But he does. But there was never anyone who would put up with him or interest him. Until now. And even though the universe is boring and unnecessary, there is something he can vaguely remember about. Ah, yes. Binary stars. Sherlock supposes that he and John are rather like them.

Even though they do not know each others birthday or life story, they do not have any other close friends and, therefore, became separate...together.

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