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3 shot.

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Part 1: The Guitar Guy is Different

"I have not been moping!"

"Oh fuck off Berry- you so have".

A few years ago, Rachel may well have flinched at Santana's casually placed profanities. But that would have meant developing a twitch from the constant scattering of curses through her everyday speech.

And besides, by now she realised that Santana didn't actually mean 'fuck off Berry' in the literal sense. This being that she didn't mean 'Rachel please remove yourself from my presence'.

No. It was more on the line of 'I am serious Rachel' or 'your opinion is non-sensical when compared to mine Rachel'.

And Rachel and gotten past the point of trying to point out the benefits of expressing herself differently.

It was part of the reason they got on so well, she decided; they were so different.

And they somehow had ended up sharing a room at NYU.

And were now still friends, sitting in some bar, and Rachel, still new to the fact that she could now legally purchase alcohol, was nursing a vodka and coke, twirling the straw in her fingers.

"I just can't believe he was gay..."

"He voluntarily dyed his hair bleach blonde", Santana said, as though it was obvious.

"You can't honestly say you knew right from the start that he was gay", Rachel argued.

Santana just rolled her eyes.

"So… at least you're now one step closer to finding Mr Right", Santana said, releasing her dangerously blue looking cocktail to air quote.

"What are you on now… Four? Five?"

"Is this including Finn?"

"You know the answer to that", Santana smirked. "You dated the guy when you were what- 12- until you were just about hitting puberty… and even though you haven't really grown that much since, you have at least learned to appreciate that just because it looks like the Prince Charming from your kiddies' fairytales, it doesn't mean he's gunna stick around and show that he's worth you locking yourself in a tower and completely ruining your hair roots for…"

"I don't think Rapunzel locked herself in a tower…" Rachel mused.

"You're distracting me betch", Santana scowled. "I was almost half the way round my bar scoping…"

"You are not chosing me a guy", Rachel said firmly. "Remember what happened last time?"

Santana choked, spluttering sticky blue liquid down her arm.

"He stopped in the middle of sex because you hadn't initiated a threesome!"

"To be fair I didn't know you were going to sleep with him", Santana countered, a grin etched on her face.

"How could I know if he was Mr Right otherwise?"

Santana just smiled.

"I've taught you well, o small one".

Rachel glared at her and sipped at her drink.

"I make up for my lack of altitude in so many other ways", she said airily, causing Santana to snort with laughter.

"Maybe I should have initiated a threesome…"

Rachel raised her eyebrows.

"Need I remind you that he referred to himself in the third person?"

"He did?"

Santana was laughing again, doubling up on her stool.

"He was quite a looker though", she managed, recovering slightly.

"You are quite welcome to him", Rachel offered grandly.

Santana gave her a look.

"You should be well aware, missy, that I am in fact in an exclusive and serious relationship".

Rachel gave a heavy sigh.

"I still can't believe it", she admitted, slightly embarrassed. "Not anything against you… but look at you- you're happy… and I'm sleeping around with complete strangers in the hope that one day, it'll be more than a couple of coffees and a box of chocolates… I'm tired of this shit… where are all the guys hiding? The guys in films that come along and sweep you off your feet and you never look back?"

"Did you just swear?"

"Is that all you took from that?" Rachel asked, grouchily. "I was spilling my heart out to you and all you can hear is that I swore?"

Santana shrugged.

"This is great actually", she said, "You being all emotional and vulnerable and shit… one of these fine gentlemen is going to get lucky tonight".

The guy on the stool next to Rachel turned abruptly.

"Not you though", Santana said quickly, "Quit smoking, shave, and I have another friend who might be interested…"


"Shorty?" Santana returned, with a sideways smirk.

Rachel narrowed her eyes.

"What about the guy with the spiky black hair over there?"

Santana huffed.

"Fine. But I get to choose the next one".

They were half way over. They were homing in on the prey.

Rachel was practising the perfect first smile, not too flirty, with a little bit of a hair flick for good measure.

Santana was flipping of every single guy who happened to accidently glance in her direction.

All was going to plan.

But that was before she saw him.

She immediately realised why she hadn't seen him before, he was leaning over a guitar case in the corner, and she actually felt her heart fall to think that she had probably missed him performing.

He turned round to pack up the microphone stand and her heart lurched back up into her mouth.

The dark grey t shirt stretched across his broad chest as he stretched out arms which had most likely been sculpted by Michelangelo himself.

She wanted nothing more than to run up to him and just… just touch. Starting at his short crew cut of brown hair, knead those curved solid shoulders, and those arms… (she may have mentioned them before, but it was worth repeating).

His eyes flicked up, maybe sensing her gaze burning into him, and she stumbled unsteadily against Santana as his hazel orbs briefly acknowledged her presence.

"Abort. Abort", she hissed.

"What the actual fuck?" Santana replied, loudly. "You aren't chickening out Berry- I know how grumpy you get when you're horny and…"

"Shut up!"


"1 o'clock", Rachel muttered.

"It's not even gone 11 Berry", Santana said, matter of factly, "Don't try that one on me".

Rachel groaned theatrically.

Santana had just about the subtley of a 4 tonne whale.

"Okay! Look, Lopez, are you trying to ruin my chances with the really gorgeous guy at 1 o clock?"

Santana rolled her eyes.

"You're such a drama queen! Just get over there and make the most of the fact that he is now staring at you with a sort of sexy smirk thing going on…"

Rachel flushed red.

"Move!" Santana urged, pushing her gently. "You will look even more like a dwarf if you grow a beard dithering over here!"

Rachel moved, propelled by another, not at all gentle, push from Santana in the direction of the insanely attractive guitarist getting ready to leave.

"Hi", she said breathlessly, trying desperately not to fall over again as her knees turned to jelly at those hazel eyes…


His voice was warm and velvety and as he took a step closer to her the heat radiated from his solid masculine form and… breathe- she must remember to breathe…

"Rachel honey?" Suspicious, Rachel turned to find Santana smiling at her sweetly.


Ignoring her tone, Santana continued, her voice laced with false sweetness.

"I'm sorry babes, I have to leave suddenly, my poor Matt is dangerously ill- he's vomiting everywhere… I just have to get back… I'll call you okay?"

Rachel shot daggers at her.

When she turned back to the stranger, that smirk was back on his face, amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Do you like tequila?" he asked softly, "I have some back at my apartment".

Rachel threw everything she'd ever learnt over her shoulder, quicker than she ever had before, and looked up at him through her eyelashes.

"I like tequila".

"Noah Puckerman", he said shortly, shoving his hand out in front of him.

"Rachel Berry", she smiled.

Furtive glances were sent back and forth across the backseat of the cab.

The cold leather no man's land between them was pricking with the electricity of attraction, of anticipation.

They both knew what was going to happen.

But for once, Rachel was actually looking forward to the build up to that point.

She'd lost all faith in relationships, when the one perfect one she'd been 110% sure would last forever had just petered out to nothing.

She had a new agenda, had a new found ability to forget everything she believed in about taking it slow, about building the foundations, about friends first.

She'd found that none of that mattered when she closed her eyes and surrendered herself to raw animal instinct.

Because girls want sex just as much as guys do.

Before he jumped out of the cab to pay the driver, his hand darted across to hers, squeezing it for a second.

And her heart skipped a beat because she wasn't second guessing his name.

And the fire licked up her arm and this was different.

He let out her name in what was a half groan and a half growl.

She bucked her hips against him again and this time it was definitely a growl that sent a shiver running up her spine.

His hot mouth pressed over hers again, his fingers tightening in her hair as she pushed her tongue through his teeth without hesitation.

Her fingernails dug into his hard chest when he moaned into her mouth, their bodies pushing closer together, as close as being fully clothed allowed.

Maybe he could rival her passion fuelled volume.

They wrenched apart, panting noisily.

"Noah… I want…"


His voice was thick with desire.

He licked at the spot on her neck he had found, and she squirmed against him, causing him to let out a gust of stuttered breath, his breath cooling her wet skin.

"What do you want?" He mumbled brokenly.

He couldn't bring himself to tease her mercilessly.

He didn't need the satisfaction of teasing her when she was crushed against him like that, eager and already the better than any other girl he had bought over his threshold.

And there had been a few.

And all they had done was kissing.

"More", she stammered, and her hands were desperately scrabbling at the bottom of his t shirt. "Everything".

That was evidently enough information, because he lifted his arms over his head to allow her remove his t shirt.

Her hands flew to the waistband of his pants when she had completed her task.

He stopped her, his large hand stilling on top of her small ones.

"Slow down", he whispered.

Then, in a low murmur that had the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "Slow down and I'll give you more than everything".

She whimpered, a sound foreign to her, and their lips met in the middle in a languid kiss that seemed out of place with him half naked and her little finger playing with his nipple ring, her hands running over the hard curves of his chest.

He lifted her up against the wall gradually, his kisses growing more insistent, their tongues battling for dominance.

He ground gently against her and she choked a moan at the back of her throat.


Why was he even considering taking things slowly? Why was he able to resist the urge to rip all her clothes off and take her right there against the wall?

She sucked on his pulse point, her hand on the back of his head pulling him to her.

And he wanted this feeling to last as long as possible.

He shifted her up slightly, so that his erection was pressing against her core, his hand on her thigh hitching up her skirt, grunting out her name at the combination of the delicious friction and the softness of her skin underneath his fingertips.

Without warning, he spun her away from the wall, holding her up easily and moving swiftly across his apartment to the bedroom.

And he laid her on the bed.

Time stood still for a prolonged moment as their eyes met, both dancing with flames and darkened with desire.

He ghosted the curve of her cheekbones with open lips, nibbling at her swollen top lip.

She formed some word of appreciation, and his laughter rumbled through his body at its incomprehensibility.

She was helpless to his calloused fingers running all over her body, almost gasping at every contact, arching off the bed against him as he worked to remove every item of clothing with the same methodical quietness for each.

He undressed her, pressing kisses to her skin revealed.

She felt completely lost without the knowledge that she had complete control.

Here she was, lying beneath Noah's smouldering gaze, her hair haloed around her head, completely naked and content to do absolutely nothing about the fact that she had completely surrendered herself to whatever he wanted to do to her.

So long as he never stopped touching her, massaging her breasts and twisting her nipples between his fingers .

So long as he never topped kissing her with those full, pliant lips, his slight stubble scuffing her skin sending thrills of heat between her legs.

She gave a guttural moan as his path of kisses travelled lower and lower, trailing between her hipbones, his thumbs rubbing teasing circles on the insides of her thigh.

She bucked her hips into his and he buried his panted moan against the sensitive skin between her legs.

A finger pushed testingly inside her.

"Don't hold it in", he ordered haltingly, breathlessly, and she rewarded him with a loud wanting gasp as his tongue swiped boldly inside her.

His fingers dug into her thighs.

Her hands fisted in the bedsheets.

He raised himself up again, pressing a messy kiss to her mouth as a second finger plunged inside her.

She groaned, tasting herself on his tongue trailing off into another gasp, bucking into his hand.

She watched him watching her, losing herself in his hungry expression, desperately gaining control of her arm muscles to lift her hands to pull weakly at the waistband of his pants.

"I need you Noah", she mumbled.

He merely added a third finger.

He barely curled his fingers inside her and she was clenching around them, repeating his name over and over.

She didn't register him struggling out of his pants and throwing them across the room.

She didn't notice him tearing open a condom packet and rolling one on.

And just as she was beginning to be able to remember her own name, he thrust into her, filling her completely.

"Fuck", she hissed, screwing her eyes shut as a wave of pleasure washed over her, and drops of perspiration formed on his forehead.

He bent her legs either side of him, and set a scorching pace.

Rachel clung to him, meeting his thrusts with enthusiasm, meeting his sloppy, wet kisses with equal recklessness, harmonising his intermittent noises of pleasure.

They came together, hot and loud.

Just the way he said her name pushed her over the edge.

It was different.

Different in a good way.

Different in the best way possible.

But she still left him sleeping heavily, carefully moving the arm he had draped over her and carefully avoiding gazing longingly over his gorgeous face.

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