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Meeting James

"Rose, really?" I looked at my reflection in her huge, wide mirror that was the highlight of her bathroom. Again, Rose was playing 'Barbie' with me. She knew I didn't really like using make-up because I read somewhere that it'll make you all wrinkly in the future, even though Rose's face was smooth as a baby's bottom.

"Yes, really, Alice. Remember that you have a date tonight? And even though you are incredibly gorgeous, I just wanted to have some fun. You know I don't have a baby sister to play Barbie with, and you're the closest thing I have to a baby doll," she ended with a giggle.

"Stop teasing my shortness," I accused. "I'm fun-sized."

She looked at me with a 'Whatever you say' expression which had me bursting into laughter.

"Don't you think blind dates are awkward? Like come on, I don't even know the guy."

Rose set me up on my very first blind date. It was pretty awkward just knowing that in a few minutes, I would be on a date with some man (whose name I do not know). It was Rose's only way to let a boy into my life. I've never actually had a guy in my life for 17 years. Not even my dad. What the heck, Rose's parents treated me more like a child than mine ever did. If they weren't really my parents, nothing would change. It would still be the same old thing I've been living for years.

My dad works as a teacher, so he is out almost every day. My mom is a lawyer, and lately she's been really busy. They've both been busy all their lives, all my life. But it was okay for me; I was used to not getting any attention from them, even if I was an only child.

"But blind dates are the only way a guy could get to you. Here's mascara for the finishing touch. And, ta-da!"
She woo'd and aww'd for her invisible audience.

I looked at my face in the mirror examining it. The mascara really did bring my eyes out, the forest green in my eyes now turning into a grayish-green shade. My shoulder-length hair that was usually spiked in every direction possible was straightened and made wavy at the ends, which made my hair appear longer. And of course, I had to borrow one of Rose's blouses, because her wardrobe was absolutely fantastic, not really in my taste, though. It was a long-sleeved emerald green V-neck that wasn't too tight around the chest because Rose was twice my size in upper body, if you know what I mean. I also wore my favorite and lucky black jeans to compliment my figure.

"I swear, you look fabulous," she said in an English accent, which had me giggling. "Now hurry! I have to drop you off at that restaurant —what's the name again? Who cares; let's just go." As usual she said a lot in less than a second. When I got into her little red Convertible, a gift from Dad (Rose's dad was used to me calling him that), she drove like an insane maniac to Bella Italia and dropped me off. "Call me when you need me," she said. "He's the cute one with the navy blue shirt and black pants. You'll know it's him. He's probably the cutest guy there," she said as she drove away.

I reluctantly stepped inside the restaurant, feeling that this whole thing was stupid. I felt even more stupid when I looked around and saw 6 men using the said attire: a navy shirt and black pants. Oh, come on, seriously? I began to exit the building.

"Alice?" Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to see a handsome 20-year-old-looking man. He had on a navy blue shirt and black pants, his blonde hair tied in the back and his blue eyes glistening.

"That's me." I said with a laugh. He brought me to the nearest table when the waitress came by. I ordered a salad and iced tea; he ordered pasta and a coke.

"So ..." he started, straightening up in his chair.

"So?" I repeated, shrugging and straightening up as well.

"I'm James," he said.

"I'm Alice," I told him, remembering that he knew my name. I looked down and blushed as he chuckled.

From that point, we started talking about our lives, our likes, dislikes, family, friends, and everything else there was to know. I found him very interesting and cute, too. I had to thank Rose tonight. He decided to drop me home, and of course I didn't refuse. I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Forks. The drive was long, and I remembered it was just Rose's driving that made it seem short. As I got down from his 4-door black sedan, he kissed me on the cheek. It was so cute. I stumbled my way upstairs, and opened the door of my apartment room slowly.

"So, how was your night?" Rosalie asked me. She had the key to my apartment, and so I wasn't surprised that she was here. My wide grin was all she needed for an answer.

"He's taking me to his place tomorrow," I said with happiness.

She looked content, and I felt ecstatic just thinking of what tomorrow's events would hold. I actually liked this guy, and besides his good looks he had a great personality. I knew everything would turn out okay, but at the back of my mind there was a tiny voice thinking the opposite.

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