Chapter 12: Why is the key! Conflict of the Soul.

Stein hummed to himself as he typed away on his web-book a hundred words per second. His eyes danced across the screen as he analysed the charts and numbers that responded to his command. He glanced to his right as a mug of hot coffee was placed on the desk he was working on. He stopped his typing and smirked showing his sharp teeth. His olive eyes took in the women beside him. His greatest ally in this war against Chrona Gorgon smiled shyly under his handsome gaze. Her eyes sparkled with a intellect that could match his own. Oh My! He thought where did he find such a prize! He sipped the coffee and gave a content sigh as her nimble hands began to work on his tense shoulders such a wonderful women he mused to himself. Mr Gorgon was such a fool to let such a beauty slip through his fingers.

" You like that Stein-Kun?" she said in that sweet voice of hers, his smirk got wider.

" Yes my Flower it is wonderful." he groaned as her fingers worked on a knot of muscle. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa leaned down and whispered in his ear softly.

" Anything for you my love."

Maka's apartment 2pm

Chrona winced as Maka applied the band aid to his wounded head. Where she walloped him with the book just to remind you. Maka hummed a merry tune and her eyes squinted with concentration as she gently placed on the pink bandage with ease. " There you go! All better!" she chirped happily kissing the sore spot ignoring the wince it got out of Chrona. The pinkette noticed that her hair was down from its usual style. Her golden locks framed her face and poured down her back in silken waves. She looked a lot more like a women than the girl she still was and he could not help but blush. The scene was perfect. Sunlight streaming through the bedroom window and gave Maka a angelic glow, her eyes glittered like precious stones. Chrona gulped and looked away. Maka noticed his blush and giggled softly before deciding to get to the point

" Only two left Chrona." he nodded slowly. Had he really killed so many? The past few days had been a blur of activity and he never really thought about the future. He could see a light at the end of the tunnel and he felt as if he had been heading towards it since he was a child. Maka wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled his neck. Chrona held her close, a small tear trailed down his cheek. Maybe this why he was born.

He was created for her.

" Do you know their names?" he asked and she nodded into his shoulder and began to kiss his neck lightly. He knew she would not give the names to him and he understood. She could not get involved. The fear of feeling something for these monsters could hurt them and she wanted to only love Chrona. She kissed his lips. The warmth spread through them both. Their souls binding together. They did not see the small light slowly growing between them. Burning softly.

Ragnarok's place 4pm

Liz felt fate had gave her a decent set of cards. She had a good life living in the same house as her sister Patty. Though she rarely saw her due to the fact Patty spent most of her time at Kidd's place. She had great friends, Ragnarok the father figure, he kept the group together despite many hardships that they had been through, Arachne the women who was Liz's second mother and despite her fierce nature she loves them all, Spirit the goofy idiot and flirt was the only one of them who could make the group laugh and be themselves, then there was Chrona… even now she felt her heart flutter at the thought of that moron. Chrona had been there since the beginning she remembers the shy school-boy who sat at the back of class, his messy pink hair mad him stand out amongst the common brown and blonde students. Liz at first paid no attention to him, but then she started to notice the little things he did around school. The first thing was she noticed how he always fed the class guinea pig every day, his face pulled into a small smile. The next was that she spotted him mopping the corridors when the janitor was ill or on holiday. Liz found herself becoming curious about Chrona. Then she decided to talk to him. It was a cold winter morning when she spotted him sitting on the school steps waiting to be picked up from school. Liz quickly smoothed down her hair and checked she looked okay before heading over to him. The boy seemed to distracted by the light snow that had started to cover the ground and streets with a white coat. Liz realised his eyes where a startling blue. They shone with a innocence she had never seen before. She sat next to him.

" Hi." she said and he looked at her then, the blue orbs widened in surprise before his cheeks turned a light pink and he looked away. " H-hello." he stuttered shyly and Liz guessed he was not used to talking to girls. Chrona didn't know what to do! The most prettiest girl in the school was talking to him for gods sake! Okay Chrona remember what grandmother said. Introduce yourself is the first step.

" I- I am Chrona." the girl smiled.

" Liz." she replied the smile growing faintly as she offered him her hand. He looked at it cautiously as if it were a snake about to strike. He was surprised that her hand was warm as his fingers interlaced with hers. Liz blushed lightly as found herself holding his hand instead of shaking it. Why was she happy about this development? Liz felt heat rise in her neck as Chrona was looking at her hand strangely like he had never seen one before. " Its warm." he said simply and Liz turned away before he could see her face blush a deep crimson in embarrassment. Chrona noticed this and let go of her hand and stuttered a apology but Liz muttered something that made him stop his blabbering.

" Its nice." Chrona looked at her in shock at her answer. Liz turned slowly to look in the eyes. Chrona gulped. He was confused at her expression, her eyes seemed to brim with a emotion he had not seen before and to be honest…

He had no idea how to deal with it. Liz however found herself leaning forward. Chrona felt a knot in his throat as the distance closed between them. His first kiss was soft and gentle. Liz meanwhile was stunned that she even went that far as she pulled away. Chrona remained frozen before tilting his head to the side pale eyes locked on her own. "T-thank you."

Liz sighed to herself before smiling and curled up on the sofa, sometimes fate just made you smile.

Death city mall the next day… well afternoon.

Chrona felt something was wrong as he walked through the crowded mall. It felt as if something was watching him.

(AN: maybe it's the audience that paid ten quid to see this movie)

He cruised through the shops. He bought nothing as he just wanted a day to himself and take a break from his hectic life. For some odd reason he was compelled to go into the movie store. The store was large and I mean large. It had three floors dedicated all to movies of every genre. Chrona entered the store and was surprised it was empty. The usual bustle of hundreds of customers was nowhere to be seen. Walking down the centre aisle he looked through the movies trying to ignore the creepy silence as much as possible. As he flicked through the films he found something very odd. He spotted his name amongst the titles. He picked up the article and was stunned to see himself staring back. He stood in the centre holding his famous black sword. Chrona looked more closely and saw Maka standing beside him with a small smile. He looked at the title and almost baulked at the title.

Chrona Gorgon vs. The World!

Said pinkette looked above the title and saw the faces of the Evil-Ex's and his mother; Ox, Black Star, Asura, the Witch sisters and Medusa. The last two faces were blackened out so Chrona could not see who they were.

" Every time you slay one of them, they shall appear on the cover." a smooth voice said behind him. Chrona turned abruptly and saw a youth standing before him. He was tall and Chrona judged him to be in his late teens, only the lower half of his face was visible due to the large floppy hat the boy wore. The pale lips curled upwards into a smile at Chrona's expression. "Don't fear. I am not one of them." he said kindly.

Chrona still stunned at the persons sudden appearance choked out a reply.

" Who are you?" the man chuckled to himself as if to find the pinkettes question funny.

" You will learn in time Mr Gorgon. Perhaps you have time for a chat. It gets rather lonely from time to time." Chrona could only nod. Who the hell was this guy? The man waved a hand lazily in the air and Chrona found himself sitting in a comfy chair. The man remained standing. " If your wondering how I did that I must sadly say I can not tell you but you have many thoughts of this league your up against hmm?"

" Y-yes." Chrona said quietly. The man clapped his hands in glee.

" Awesome. Well I must say you have done rather well though you had help. Though I am surprised Maka-Chan defeated Medusa rather easily. The power of love is a strange thing I must say Mr Gorgon.. Perhaps you may harness its power soon. Alas you have two foes left, they are far stronger than the others combined including your mother." he raised his hand to stop Chrona from speaking." I know it seems impossible, but you can do it all you have to do is ask yourself. Why?" Chrona looked at the guy like he was insane. If Chrona knew he was going to end up talking to a crazy person he would have stayed at home ( AKA: Maka's place) the man tilted his head lightly. Chrona guessed he was waiting for him to speak.

" Are you a crazy person?" the man chuckled deeply and replied

" You could say that. But you will thank me in the near future.. You better get going your next foe awaits." before Chrona could reply he blacked out.

He woke up a second later. Only to meet the soft features of Maka looking down on him in concern. Her emerald eyes shining. " Are you okay Chrona? you blacked out." she asked quietly worried about him. Chrona looked around and found himself in Maka's room. He remembers they were holding each other then.. He found himself in the mall. So it was a dream after all. He thought. Though it felt very real to the young Gorgon. Maka noticed his worried gaze and stroked his cheek, trying to sooth him. Chrona turned his head into her palm loving the feel of her soft skin on his. Maka giggled before lying back onto the bed, pulling Chrona with her. They did not notice the vulture watching them through the window, crimson eyes glowing with malice.

Death city centre 3 days later.

Maka let out a sigh of relief as she found a free bench to sit on. Exhausted from hours of shopping for Chrona's birthday present. She still had not found anything he might like. God boys can be difficult to shop for. Maka looked at her watch and saw it was 13:05pm. Chrona would be almost finished doing whatever he was doing. She smiled to herself not knowing hell was breaking loose only a block away.

With Chrona

Chrona whistled as he placed the small black box in his pocket. To say nothing could ruin his day would be a understatement. Suddenly the world blurred left. Chrona frowned only to realise the large hand had wrapped itself around his noggin. The pedestrians leaped out of the way as a pink and black blur tore across the ground ripping apart the cobble streets. Chrona felt the grip tighten and he was suddenly thrown into the air with horrifying force. He was thrown so high he could see Maka's place. Pain erupted in his back making him cry out as the same hand that had thrown him stuck his spine with the weight of a truck. Chrona coughed up blood as the ground rushed up to meet him. The earth shook as he collided with the stone streets sending a column of debris and dust into the air. The dust cleared and Chrona groaned in pain barley able to stand he stood up and watched the person who attacked him walk through the dust with ease. Chrona felt fear chill his soul and ice clenched his heart when he saw the attacker. The large insane grin they wore grew at seeing his fear. The stranger shook his large main of hair and his neck cracked.

" Lost your touch Chrona." he stated simply.

Chrona could only stutter.


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