A/N: I wrote the original Chinese version of this story on Valentine's Day but just didn't have enough time to translate it into English on the same day. It's kinda late for Valentines now but anyway.
: don't expect Ventus to be your typical sweet and innocent Uke in this story. He's very OOC in this one. The best term to describe him in this story will be "Yandere". If you don't know what it means you can look it up on Wikipedia, it's actually in wiki (right above 'yaoi' xD). Well, the story is not a very happy Valentine story, in fact it's quite dark and twisted, so you are warned. (I just got inspired by a fan art on Pixiv site.)

Also this story is not beta'ed, sorry if it's full of mistakes. I'm not really in my right mind when I wrote this…

Angels and Demons
~Happy Valentine's Day~


"Poor Vani, you are so poor, aren't you?

"No matter how badly I treat you, you'll never leave my side, you can never leave my side.

"Don't you think you are so pathetic?"

The blonde teen yanked a fistful of black hair as he forced another raven-haired boy who was curling up at the corner of wall to lift his head up. He was smiling innocently, like he didn't know or care how much pain his action would cause to the other teen.

"But at the same time, you are so cute~"

The charming smile on the beautiful face of the blonde boy was too angelic, anyone who saw that smile would think it was so pure and beautiful. Anyone who saw that smile would associate the angelic blonde boy with such words as "Pure Light" or so. However the raven boy was an exception, he was untouched by the too-perfect smile. Contrarily, he turned his head to side, not wanting to look at the fake smile pretended in that pair of perfect cerulean eyes.

He moved up his right hand trying to wipe off the blood around the corner of his mouth, but his hand was only quickly slapped away by the other boy. The blonde boy then slapped him hard on his face, making his already bruised cheek swollen even worse. More blood was now spilling out from the corner of his mouth. But the black-haired teen said nothing, did nothing. He bit on his lips, simply closed his golden eyes, and turned his head to side again.

"Does it hurt bad, Vani?"

Not allowing the other to ignore him, the blonde teen leaned his body over to the raven, he reached out both his hands to turn and cup the other's bruised face. He moved his fingers ever so gently to caress the raven's cheek that was covered with bruises and scratches, so gently that like he indeed wanted to expel the pain away from the raven by this gentleness, like he indeed cared for him. The soft voice was full of caring affections that could melt anybody's heart upon hearing it. But he was an exception.

The corner of the raven's lips curled up, forming a smirk, his body started shaking as if he was laughing, but there were no laughing sound coming out from him, you could only hear some hissing-like noises as if it was squeezed out from his windpipe as his body shaking spastically.

"You know, if you were being a good boy as you should, it wouldn't have had to hurt that bad-"

The hands that were cupping his face were now moving down to his neck. The blonde suddenly tightened his grip on the other's neck forcefully, successfully ceased the inaudible laugh the raven was making as he was choking him.

"And I hate it when you're laughing like this."

The raven's features twisted in pain from the suffocation as his head was forced to lift up. He narrowed his icy golden eyes, glaring into the crystal blue eyes.

But he didn't see 'hostility' or 'hatred' in that pair of melt gold, what the blonde saw instead was just 'pity', he was pitying him, he dared to pity him.

He loosed his grip. The angelic smile now turned into sad frown.

"You love me. I know you love me. But then why did you just have to accept the chocolates from those girls!

"Does it make you so happy to receive chocolates from other people?"

The blonde boy lowered his head, turned his eyes to the trash-looking chocolates lying on the nearby floor. The package was all smashed and broken, one could only tell it was used to be a cute looking package from the lovely red ribbon that was still attaching to it loosely.

Dark jealous has consumed him.

He slapped the raven teen on face again, suddenly grabbed the other's wrist and violently smashed the raven's hand against the wall.

"Why? Just why do you have to accept their chocolate with this hand? Mine is enough for you!"

The raven gnashed his teeth in pain. Except the hissing from pain, he still hasn't said anything or did anything to resist.

"I know you love me, and only me! Then why you still accept other's chocolate! Answer me Vani, answer me!"

Tears started to slid down the blonde's beautiful cheek. The deep sadness in those crystal blue eyes made him look so vulnerable and weak, anyone who saw such eyes would feel heartbroken themselves. But, he was again an exception.

The raven's shoulders were shaking again. He was laughing silently, he once again was laughing.

"See? You can't speak! You can't even laugh!"

The blonde straddled himself onto the raven's lap. He shoved the other's upper body against wall with his own body. He moved his hand to the raven's neck again, two long and fine fingers started to stroke the raven's Adam's apple and his collarbone ever so lightly, slowly drawing invisible circles. When he knew he had successfully stopped the other's laugh and caused the other's body to shiver because of his teasing gesture, he smiled, another shining angelic smile showed up on his face.

"You know Vani, you are a defect. You are a defective freak -…"

He kept caressing the raven teen's Adam's apple gently, and he knew the vocal cords behind there were too broken to make any sound anymore –

"A freak like you, who do you think would truly care for you? Who do you think would truly LOVE a freak like you?"

The blonde leaned to the side of the raven's head, lightly blowing air into his ear, while he was whispering vicious words into his ear with sweet and soft voice.

"Only me. I am the only one who truly loves you and you know that, don't you Vani?"

A/N: well, it was supposed to be a one-shot but my brain just died, couldn't do any language translating anymore. I'll finished the rest tomorrow...or at least I'll try.