Don't read this and think it's going to be a boring, generic story; the introduction is just a lead in, not a reference to other pairings or story features.

The wind whispered through the trees like a silent spirit trailing its hands through the leaves of the towering pines and oaks of Lethe Forest. The birds' songs drifted from every corner as Mavi rested in the fork of an enormous oak tree. It might have been just Mavi's own emotions but it seemed to her as if the forest was growing happier as Alph and Lucia's wedding approached. The group of them had all changed since their battle against Zehaal four years previously.

Alph and Lucia were twenty and Alph's hair had begun to turn as white as Lucia's to the point that it was a close call between his armour and his hair in the glistening sunlight. They had passed through an hour ago, taking a walk in the forest, so deeply in each other's company that they didn't even notice Mavi's spot high in the tree. They had grown up so much from the days of their arguments. They seemed… happy all the time and despite Mavi's outward attitude that she was fine alone, she was beginning to wish that she could be like them as well.

Leon and Cecille had finally begun dating after an odd turn of events. In the face of Lady Claire's lack of self-faith, Nikolai had actually begun to be a positive influence, as much as she hated to say it about the swine. The constant fawning had led Claire to be more outgoing and the two of them had worked things out between them to the point that they became a couple.

For everyone else, however, things were a little bit simpler. Heath and Saki had continued to sort out the armies and the disastrous wake of the Zehaal business. Kai had worked with Pollon to create a squad from the previous armies to build a basis for the future of man, manatee, dragon and witch-kind alike. It seemed that Pollon had finally got to be a hero after he was publicly knighted by Heath, the temporary ruler of humankind, and began his new job.

Theo had changed.

A lot.

He'd outgrown the poncho and shorts years ago and he'd grown up. He now sported an armoured vest and shorts with the poncho design now on the outside of his legs as an extra layer. His hair was shorter, while still gold and fluffy and he now sported a single earring that made him look like a pirate wannabe. He'd also outgrown the hero-worship thing with his brother and had begun to be himself a little more, moving away from Alph to study with Master Papa about his Rym powers.

Vivi and Mel hadn't really changed. Mel had started to teach little human kids magic and had made some friends her own age and she seemed happy. Vivi still lives in her tree but rumour had it that she had a boyfriend who liked tag and didn't mind spending a lot of his time waiting for her to wake up and it was a topic of permanent conversation as to who it could be.

Vanessa had continued chasing after Theo but he had stoically refused her time and time again as he tirelessly pointed out that if she was trying to steal Alph from Lucia then being her Rym wasn't certain and that he really wasn't interested.

As I was entranced in my own thoughts, Theo had entered the clearing near my tree. He drew his bow and tied a wooden slate to a tree, ensuring that he didn't damage it. Mavi smiled at the fact that, although Theo looked and acted different, at heart he was still a compassionate kid who took his training seriously.

Mavi watched in silence for a while until a wandering band of minnopi, who had repopulated after a campaign by Mavi in the wake of Zehaal's doom, stumbled into the clearing. Mavi was almost out of the tree, fearing Theo might kill them as practice, when he walked up and patted it on the head and the minnopi smiled. She wondered at Theo's ability to associate with it but she felt guilty for distrusting him and made her way quickly back to the village before he noticed her watching him.

Claire was training a series of humans in the ways of magic as a means to help create harmony and a stronger nation, unable to be crippled by a disaster such as that wrought by the church. As Mavi passed, one of them broke off from their training regime and jogged over. "Hey, Mav, how's it going?" Dylan, a former brawler who was now practicing nature magic, asked.

"Not so bad. Are you looking forward to the wedding?" Mavi asked as they walked towards her hut.

"Sure am, every one'll be there. Plus, I'm happy for Alph and Lucia, they're totally perfect for each other," Dylan replied honestly.

Mavi chuckled as she replied, "Yeah, they sure are. Where are you going?"

"Nowhere special. Wanna do something?" he asked.

"Sure… I could annihilate you fighting, or were you planning on something that doesn't involve being beaten by a girl?"

"We could finish planting those trees," he suggested, referring to a pet project of Mavi's, planting trees in the barren wastelands created by Zehaal. She smiled, not only at the thought of finishing her project, but at spending time alone with Dylan. He might be arrogant on occasion and cocky as anything but Mavi was still happy in his company.

They exited the forest suddenly, reaching a barren space filled with gleaming sunshine. Mavi could plant the trees by hand but Dylan suggested they practice using magic and Mavi gladly accepted.

After two hours, they lay back in the grassy hillocks to admire their handiwork and bask in the afternoon sun. They talked for hours more until finally, Dylan made a bold move and tried putting his arm around Mavi.

Instantly, she jumped and there was a sharp crack as she slapped him across the face.

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