Chapter one.
Gone. Edwards gone. He doesn't love me anymore, he probably didn't ever love me, vampires can't fall out of love, and I knew it never made sense for him too love me. But I've got to stay strong. For the baby. His baby. I was going to tell him today, I was surprised he hadn't seen my little bump forming.

I carefully dragged myself off the floor. I could still see my house and walked in the door, Charlie wasn't home yet. I grabbed my sock full of my tiny college fund and opened the fridge, I hadn't been able to eat human food lately, and my guess was the baby had a diet closer to his fathers. It killed me just too think of his name. I took a raw steak and other raw meats and dumped them in my plastic bag. I walked up the stairs and took out a back pack and packed it with clothes, not that I would be able to fit into them much later, I was surprised Edw- him, hadn't noticed, not that I had been changing in front him, apart from when he pushed his boundaries. Charlie had been fishing for the weekend, and I was meant to be sleeping at Ali-Her, house, but Edward decided to join me at my house. It went on from there...

That had only been 8 days ago, he had told me he loved me over and over that night, and in the morning more. Just because he 'hurt me'. Right now that would be like a bubble bath compared to this pain. Of knowing the only person I would ever love didn't feel the same way.
I walked down the stairs and got a piece of paper and wrote:

Dad, I'm so sorry, but I have to go, it's safer for me, and you. I didn't run off with Edward (I winced) I can promise you that.
I Love you,

My tears stained the paper as I wrote. I placed the paper on the kitchen table and walked out the front door with my bags. I got in my truck and slowly drove up to the Cullen's house. As soon as the house came into view tears started to fall down my cheeks. My chest ached and it felt like I was falling apart. I wrapped my arms around my torso to keep me together.
I got out my truck and walked slowly and walked to their house. I brushed my fingers across the wood and closed my eyes. It was killing me. I tried the door and surprisingly it opened. The house was empty. It felt strange, there was nothing left, and I decided to see if it was the same upstairs.
All the rooms I had checked were empty. The only room I hadn't checked was his. I knew it would kill me to see it, but I decided to go there anyway. It looked empty, all of his CD's were gone, his CD player, even his sofa. My knees buckled it hurt so much, I was thankful Jas- he wasn't here to feel this. I slowly stood up. I then noticed a piece of paper in the middle of the floor. Next to it there was a pile of money. I picked up the note first.
Bella, I'm sorry. Edward won't let me say goodbye, or look for your future but I had a feeling you would need this.
Love Alice
Tears fell down my cheeks again. I hadn't just lost my mate I also lost my Best friend, Esme- my mother, Carlisle-my father, Emmett- my big brother, I didn't know about Rosalie, but I knew I would miss her, I would miss Jasper as well, I didn't blame him, Edward didn't love me, I think he just sped up the process. At least I wasn't as far in as I could be, the pain might have been worse, but I couldn't imagine anything more painful than this.
I pulled out the blanket I packed and used the bag as a pillow. I dreamed of Edward... He ran out the forest and I tried to follow but I couldn't. I carried on looking but couldn't find him. I doubted this would be the last dream I would have of him.

I spent the next three weeks drinking the blood from the packets of meat I took. Strangely it tasted good. And smelt good, not like the usual rusty smell. It must have been the cravings. I was still at the Cullen's house because I could barely move; my stomach was huge, much bigger than a normal human baby bump would be. My stomach was black and blue from where the baby kicked me, and I was pretty sure I had a couple of broken ribs. But I didn't mind, because I loved this child, it was just a hardship of love. I didn't have a plan on how to survive it; I knew I would probably die, but I was mostly worried about them, what would they do for food if I was dead?

Suddenly there was a massive pain in my lower stomach, I started to smell blood. The room started to get blurry around the edges. Everything went black. I became aware of my surroundings for a minute and I remember hearing a baby crying before everything faded again.

It felt like I was being burnt, like I was being burnt at a post, like I was a witch. The burning somehow managed to get hotter. I screamed at the start, but it didn't help, I screamed for someone to put the fire out. It felt like it was when James had bitten me, only worse. I couldn't tell how much time passed, but I started to be able to hear, I could hear fast heart beats, faster than humans...

The burn in my fingers started to calm down so it just tingled. The burning slowly retreated from my arms, yet impossibly the burn in my cheat got worst, this again happened to my other arm. The same happened to my legs. All I could feel was the burn in my chest and one in my throat. I couldn't possibly be anything other than a pile of ash, could I? The burn in my chest burnt more, I tried to rip at my chest but the pain never stopped, my heart beat raced up and started to slow... this was it, my final heart beat before I die, I never got to see my child, I just hope they live. My heart gave out its final beat and the fire in my chest stopped. But I wasn't dead. I tried to open my eyes. What I saw was the ceiling. Clearer than ever. I saw dust floating around. I saw every tiny bump, every tiny crack. It was like when I was human I was looking through muddy water. I got up, faster than a normal human would. I spotted to baby cots. I looked down at my stomach, it was flat. I touched it to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I walked over to the baskets, but remembered my baby was part human. I smelt around, it caused my throat to burn, but not badly. I carried on walked. I sat down in front of one of the baskets. There was a note pinned to it.

You're a vampire now. I was looking for the Cullen's when I found you. Your children are half vampire, and half human, I think you would have noticed that your bump grew fast, well this will carry on. They stop maturing when they look about 18. They can drink blood, but also can eat human food. That's all I know, I saw something like this is south Arizona, so if you want to find something out about them I suggest you look there.

I put the note in my pocket. I looked in the first basket. There was a girl that looked 3 months, not days! That person said they grow fast...
The child, my child, was beautiful; she had my deep brown eyes and bronze hair like her father, she even had bit of Charlie in her with the curls. I looked over into the other basket. There was another child that looked the same age with green eyes with gold flecks in them. He had my deep brown hair. I remembered a conversation I had with Carlisle when I was still human. It was like looking through water in contrast to my new senses.

"Edward looks a great deal like her she had that same strange bronze shade to her hair and her eyes were exactly the same colour green." He had said.
"His eyes were green?" I had asked.

I felt the same pulling sensation on my heart and my eyes stung but no tears came. I picked up the little girl and she smiled. She placed a hand on my cheek and an image filled my head. A vampire with strawberry blonde hair was leaning over me as human, with blood all over me. She must have changed me. This must have been her gift I realised.

I kissed her forehead and whispered "Renesmee."
As in Renee and Esme together.

Nessie giggled to show she like it. I put her back in the basket and she pouted, it reminded me of Alice. I picked up the boy and started to blow raspberries on his stomach, he started to giggle.

"Sammy." I said to him and kissed his forehead. He smiled, he must like his name. Next to their cots there was a bag. I unzipped it and found milk, clothes and sacks of blood. I ripped a bag open and drank all of its contents, when I smelt it, it made me realise my thirst, I knew it was human so I wasn't going to have anymore, I would have to go hunting soon. I opened another bag and gave half to Nessie and half to Sammy.