Renesmee P.O.V
Gym. I was good at gym, because, well, I was half vampire. But I had to play it down to not raise suspicion. That part sucked. I hadn't taken after my mum and got her human clumsiness. Luckily.
I started to change out of my top when I got a whiff of vampire. I quickly pulled on my top and went into the gym with the other girls. There was just one vampire on her own. She was petite and looked excited. She has black hair that flicked up at the ends. Her eyes were a light gold meaning she had just hunted.
Couch Jones said that we would be doing tennis and gave us a racket each. Unluckily I got paired with 'Alice' the vampire. When she looked at my eyes she gasped. I raised an eyebrow as she shook her head. She smiled and we started to play.
She was careful to not hit it to hard but didn't bother pretending to miss one. Neither did I. I've never been one for losing. Coach dismissed us and Alice took off, looking graceful, even for a vampire.

Bella's Pov

Math was its usual boring self. After going to high school for the fourth time I finally understood it. I was sitting next to a girl who looked a little nervous, yet confused. I couldn't blame her. Even though I was immune to the 'scariness' of vampires, didn't mean she was. Even if I was disguised people still got that feeling in the pit of their stomachs. Still didn't keep the boys from asking me out. I always declined and eventually left me alone. Unlike Mike had done in my human days.
Finally when the bell rang I raced out of my seat and to my final lesson before lunch. Science. It was going to be hard to not remember him, more so than usual. I stood outside the door and breathed in a deep breath. The scent of vampire was strong. It had a hint of a honey flavour. It brought back memories of Edward, I'm not sure why. The vampire obviously had their last lesson here.
I sighed and opened the door. Luckily, Mr. Davids, hadn't started the lesson. I handed him my slip. He signed it and pointed me too a seat. There was no one in the seat next to it, so luckily I might be able to do the work fast without waiting for the human to s-l-o-w-l-y do their part. Near my seat the scent of the vampire was strong, so he must have sat here for his lesson. Maybe the teacher sat me here, right at the back, like the other vampire because he felt the 'scariness' of us and didn't want to deal with us. Then again, it could just be a coincidence.
After an hour of complete crap, things I would have known as a human, the bell finally rang. Again I was first out the door, but I was careful to walk slower. One of the best things about being a vampire was I didn't have trouble walking over a flat surface. From what I could remember I was very clumsy.
I met Sammy coming out of his math class and we waited outside the gym. Renesmee was out first so we didn't have to wait long. She was walking quickly, and when she saw our questioning stares, she whispered "One of the vampires were in my class." We both nodded and kept up with her. We were first into the lunch room and quickly got out trays of food. Unlike me, they could actually eat human food without being sick. They also drank animal blood to keep their strength.
A heavenly scent filled my nose, not like blood, but more like... honey, mixed with something else. It brought back human memories of Edward. His scent was similar, I could detect, as much I could, as my memories were human and blurry. I sighed and rubbed my forehead with the back of my hand.
The vampires scent was getting closer, along with four others. None of those were as sweet. I could tell there were two females and three males. The girls both smelled of flours, one roses and the other one was a mixture, she smelt of fresh mowed grass and lavender.
The other two males smelt more masculine, but weren't that particular.
I heard them walk in, their footsteps gentler then humans, but kept head down. I sighed and poked my food.
If I could sense anything from their scent, they would be beautiful. I felt a twinge in my dead-heart, Rosalie was beautiful. I felt one of the vampires staring at me. I decided to look at them.
I slowly lifted my head and turned it around.
There, sitting at the table, were the five vampires I had wished to see again ever since they left. Just once. I stared at them, my mouth hanging open. Jasper looked amused, Rosalie looked smug, Emmett looked... well, like Emmett, and Alice looked at me... confused, yet warmly. Edward. Edward didn't even lift his head. And from what I could see, he was grimacing.
Sammy kicked my leg lightly. Giving me the 'What-are-you-doing!' look. I turned to them with wide eyes. They looked at me, alarmed by my expression.

Renesmee's Pov

Mum looked panicked. I looked at Sammy, totally confused. He looked the same. I looked at the vampires who she was staring at. There were five of them. They looked beautiful. Of course. All vampires did. The blonde female was looking at Mum in disgust, I found it hard to not growl. The other female, unlike blondie, looked slightly concerned, the big one with black hair looked amused and the one with head long blonde hair looked a mixture of confused, amused and annoyed. The last one, with bronze hair wasn't even looking. His hair reminded me of someones. Mine. He had Sam's nose as well. Then it made sense.
"Alice. Alice Cullen." I said, looking at Sammy. The Cullen's head shot up, even... his.
Sammy gulped "Wha..what?"
"It's the Cullen's. There here." I growled. Sammy then growled and turned around to look at them. He turned back around at me wide eyed.
"Shit. Shit. Double fucking Shit." He said. I nodded.
Mum had her head in her hands. I stroked her back and looked other at Sammy, asking with my eyes if we should leave. He nodded and we stood up. I could feel peoples eyes, including theirs, burning a hole in the back of my head as we walked out to the car park. Sammy opened the car door and helped Mum in who looked... dazed. I got in the back as Sammy got in the driving seat. Sammy was frowning as we drove home, and I wondered what he was thinking.

Home, Bella's Pov
I snapped out of my daze and looked into the face of my two worried children. I smiled at them and looked down mumbling "Sorry."
"You don't need to say sorry, mum. We understand." Sammy says. I sighed.
"We're going to have to move again." Said Renesmee, sadly. Sammy nodded.
"No. We're not." I said. I wouldn't move because of them. If Edward couldn't bare to see me, he could make his family move away from me. Again. That was, if he even found out it was me.
"What?" asked Renesmee, her mouth hanging open.
"'." I said, stubbornly.
"But..." Sammy started.
"No, I'm not moving for them." I said.
They nodded.
"I need to hunt. Are you coming?" I asked them. They smiled and nodded.

Renesmee's Pov

"We're going to have to move again." I said, sadly. I didn't want to move, but I understood it, even if I had never been in love or felt heartbreak, I saw my twin in that pain as well as my Mum. It was worst with Sammy, it was like I could feel it, too, he was my twin and we had a connection that only twins can have. I felt my heart-break a little bit more for my twin, I love him so much, and as much as I hated what he did, I know he did it for her. Sammy nodded at what I said.
"No. We're not." Mum said. I felt my mouth hang open. I knew they wouldn't know it was us, or that he was my father, but still my mum would have to see him and his family.
"What?" I asked, finally finding my mouth
"'." Mum said, in a voice that said 'finality'.
"But..." Sammy started.
"No, I'm not moving for them." She said. I could see the stubbornness in her eyes. We were definitely staying. Sammy could sense it to and so we nodded.
"I need to hunt. Are you coming?" Mum said. I smiled and nodded. I was a little thirsty. Sammy also nodded and smiled, thought I could see it was forced. Kara couldn't hunt with us and this reminded him.