Bella's Pov, hunting

"Lets split up," I said looking at them.
They nodded and Renesmee ran in the direction of a mountain lion. I smiled at Sammy, he manage to smile at me, though it was obviously forced.
I ran after a grizzly, it wasn't my favourite but I was hungry, and seeing Emmett reminded that I hadn't had a grizzly in ages, and they were going out of season next month.
I leapt on its back, snapping it neck, I couldn't be bothered for a fight today. I knew vampires couldn't sleep, but it didn't mean we couldn't get emotionally drained.
I sunk my teeth into its neck, draining its still-warm blood. I pushed its dead body off of me and stood up, following the scent of an elk. I caught another scent. That rich honey scent. Panicked, I called Renesmee and Sammy. I heard them hollow back that they were coming, and I felt my appearance change, but it was too late. 10 meters in front of me were all the Cullen's, Carlisle and Esme, included. Renesmee stood on my left, as Sammy ran to my right. Renesmee crouched down, Sammy rolled his eyes but did the same.
"We saw it was you, Bella." Rosalie said my name as if it would kill her just to say it.
I sighed and looked at Sammy. I felt my cover come of felt exposed, letting my Ex-family, just stare at me.
Rosalie snorted at I heard Renesmee growl. I gave her a pointed look, even if Rosalie was a bitch, she was still Ness and Sammy's Auntie.
Renesmee frowned at me, obviously annoyed I had gave her that look. In the background I could hear Esme talking to Rosalie.
I looked back at the Cullen's, careful not to make eye contact with Edward. I didn't want to know what his eyes held. It wouldn't be the love I used to see. Or imagine. I was scared it would be hate. Or annoyance, so I didn't bother looking, I would rather just think about the possibilities then actually find out. Because, I was scared. That emotion was the only thing keeping me from looking in his eyes. I knew once I looked I would be stuck. Transfixed in his eyes. But I wouldn't look, even if I couldn't blush they would know then, for sure, that I, the foolish human girl, still loved Edward. And I couldn't let them find out. Even if Jasper knew, and so Alice would know, it didn't matter, as long as Rosalie didn't know. Or the rest. It would be easy for him to pick it out of their heads, but I knew Alice would be careful, and would ask Jasper to be careful too. I silently thanked her. She smiled in my direction, a glint in her eyes, obviously getting my thanks.
When Rosalie caught that the Cullen's were laughing she snorted. Again, Renesmee growled. Rosalie rolled her eyes. Renesmee closed her eyes, trying to keep her cool. After she opened them I nodded my head at her. She grimaced, obviously hating to be nice to Rosalie.

"Dumb blonde." I heard Renesmee mutter. I rubbed my forehead in annoyance.
"Children not all it cracked up to be, is it, Bella?" Asked Rosalie in a fake sweet voice. How did she know they were mine? I knew they looked like me, but if it was that obvious to her, wouldn't she see they were Edwards? I met Sammy's and his eyes held the same panic mine contained. Again Rosalie snorted.
"We all know. We knew since you left the pregnancy test lying around."

She said snidely. They knew. They knew. Yet they left.

Before I could contemplate anymore Rosalie said "We all know you cheated."

My children instantly looked furious, as did Alice and Esme. Most of the Cullen's face held disbelief, probably at their daughters outburst.

Alice looked as if she was about to say something, but was interrupted my Esme "How about we finish this conversation... humainly... at our house?"

She smiled at me, a real smile, not fake. I took in a deep breath and nodded. If I didn't, it would end up an argument, and that's not what I wanted, also, it would give me time to think. I didn't know what to do, I could say I didn't cheat, and tell Edward that they are his, or I could say I did, and keep Renesmee and Sammy a secret. We all began to run, and most people looked as if they were thinking, but Renesmee still looked angry at Rosalie's outburst. I sighed, she had no chance of not being stubborn, because me and her father were just that. Stubborn. I chuckled, and although it was just a whisper on the wind, all of them stared at me. I shook my head and almost everyone turned back around. The twins didn't, both of them looked concerned. I mused that it might be for my mental health, I would be concerned too if someone else was laughing after being accused of cheating, and all that had happened.
When we reached the house, Nessie rolled her eyes.

"Of course." She said.

I hadn't told Sammy and Nessie who's house it was, and they hadn't questioned me as they could barely remember it. They were only 10 days old when we moved away because people would recognise me, even though I had changed so much.
When we entered the living room, everything had changed, accept Edwards piano was still there in the same place. The walls were a dark cream, and one had a modern painting hanging up. It had blue, cream, brown and badge squares on it. The couches were the same brown as the painting, and the carpet the same badge. I was certain Esme based the whole room around the painting.
Esme pointed her hand at the sofa, inviting us to sit down. After me and Sammy sat down, Renesmee joined us, but didn't look very happy.
"So... Bella, who changed you?" Carlisle asked.
"All I know is that she was a strawberry blonde..." I said remembering the image Renesmee had placed in my head, just after I had just got changed.
He nodded.

"She also said she was looking for you." I said recalling the letter.

"Sounds like someone from the Denali coven..." He said, thinking.