Title: What to Make of Me

Revenge of the Fallen AU

Summary: The Matrix brings Optimus Prime back to life - as a femme. Now in a femme frame, Prime struggles with the emotional and practical challenges that result, and the weight of his responsibilities to his people.

Characters: Optimus, Ironhide, Ratchet


"Tell me the prognosis, Ratchet." Ratchet shifted uncomfortably, then sunk slightly into the sand from the weight redistribution. They'd set up a temporary headquarters at the base of the destroyed pyramid, and humans, both local and from NEST, scurried around with the bodies of the dead and injured.

"I don't think removal would solve the problem, Prime. The reconfiguration has already occurred – removing the Matrix might change some of these energy readings, but would not, I doubt, return you to your…previous form."

"I see." Optimus said gravely.

"When we return to Diego Garcia, I might be able to do some refitting to your, ah, altered interfacing equipment, but, I don't think anywhere on the planet would have the scale of metalworking facilities necessary to completely replace your limbs or chassis."

Optimus nodded, but said nothing. He turned and looked out over the battlefield of the previous morning. A desert sandstorm had begun already to erase the traces of the battle, Cybertronian footsteps filled in and spilled blood and energon absorbed. The ruins of the once great solar harvester and pyramid, great tumbled blocks of sandstone, had sand creeping over them. In another generation of his people, they would probably be completely buried and forgotten by the humans. If there was another generation of his people.

"No, Ratchet, I think that will be unnecessary. The Matrix, much like the Allspark cube, works in ways beyond our understanding – but I do not believe in coincidences, and clearly this transformation is to serve a greater purpose." Ratchet nodded brusquely

"Now tell me, when will the Autobots be ready for sea transport back to NEST headquarters?"