The Power of Four

By Mike Douglas

Special thanks to nezabudka1 for help with editing the story.

Rating: R (Adult Language)

Disclaimer: Luke, Noah, and all related characters, plots, and locations are property of As the World Turns, Telenext Media, and CBS Television. No profit is made from this fan creation. No copyright infringement is intended!

Summary: First comes marriage then comes . . . or does it?

Chapter 1:


"We have to do it now, Luke," Noah voiced nervously. "We can't put it off anymore. We need to tell them."

Luke reluctantly picked up the phone and called his parents. Lily answered the phone on the second ring as Noah picked up the extension.

"Mom, it is Luke and Noah."

"Hi dears."

"Mom, we need you, Dad, Grandma and Grandmother to come out to Los Angeles as soon as you can."

"Is there something wrong?" Lily automatically asked.

"No, um . . . nothing's wrong." Luke knew he slipped up as soon as the words came out.

"That doesn't sound too convincing, Luke."

"It's not anything like that Mom, honest." Luke tried to reassure his worried mother while giving Noah a shaky glance.

"This weekend okay for you?"

"Sure, Mom," Noah spoke up.

"Noah dear, there you are," Lily sounded relieved. At least it looks like it's not a Noah problem, she thought to herself.

"Oh, we moved. We will email you our new address."

"Moved? When did you move?" A mother's instinct is never wrong and her radar was flashing that her son was hiding something from her.

"We moved last week. We've just been so busy lately. We do have something to tell you but it is good news," Luke volunteered.

"Are you sure everything is okay?"

"We promise," replied Noah. "Oh and bring your bathing suits if you want to swim, we have a pool now."

"A pool? Okay, we will see you then. Bye." Lily hung up the phone. "I wonder what's wrong?" she asked herself. She thought the worst of course but shook it off as she called everyone to make plans to go to Los Angeles.

Noah walked over to Luke and pulled him into a hug. "I know you are scared. I am too but we have to tell them," Noah knew it was the right thing to do. "Frankly, we can't wait much longer."

"I know. I just hope they take the news well," Luke approached Noah snaking his arms around his waist, planting a soft kiss on Noah's lips.

"They will be shocked but they will be fine with it. I'm positive." Noah was sure.


Friday afternoon, Luke received a call on his cell from the limo driver telling him that he was a mile away. He thanked the driver, hit the button to open up the driveway gate and went to get Noah. As the limo pulled up outside the front entrance, Luke and Noah walked out of the front door, hand in hand, down the front steps to the limo in the driveway.

The doors on the limo opened and four shocked people stepped out. Nobody could believe what they were seeing. It was like a tropical paradise. Palm trees, tropical plants and lush gardens all over the property. The house was huge and the landscaping was immaculately kept.

"Welcome to Beverly Hills!" Luke greeted his shocked family.

"I see you guys like our new house," Noah snickered.

"You guys bought this?" Holden asked as he was looking at all the splendor of the grounds.

"We moved in last week," Luke hugged his dad.

"Beverly Hills is the only place to live, darling," Lucinda teased as she took off her large black Chanel sunglasses to look around. "It is beautiful darling. It looks like a tropical resort. Much better than the dump you lived in before."

"Grandmother!" Luke was shocked by her declaration. He knew she didn't like the plain townhouse he and Noah shared for the past couple of years.

"We are still trying to find things," laughed Noah rolling his eyes. "Hi Mom." Noah gave Lily a quick hello kiss and turned to Emma.

Lily froze from the shocked reaction of Noah's words. She always considered Noah part of her family but hearing those words from him felt good. "Did you call me mom, Noah?"

"Yes," replied a cheerful Noah, hugging Emma.

"What's going on you two? We've been worried sick since your phone call," Emma just couldn't take it anymore.

"We can talk in the house," Luke replied, embracing Lucinda while trying to keep his worried and curious family calm.

Once the greetings were exchanged, they started walking up the steps to the house.

"How big is this . . . um . . . place?" asked Holden, mentally calculating the square footage in his head while the rest of the family followed Luke up the steps of the house.

"There are six bedroom suites in the main house, theater, lounge, game room, wet bar, dining room, kitchen with fireplace, mosaic glass tile resort pool and spa with safety cover, solarium, gym with a bathroom, two two-bedroom guest houses, tennis court, nine car garage, pond and a waterfall and a few fountains." Luke was almost out of breath as he finished.

"What do you guys need with all this room?" asked Lily, taking in the scenery as she walked up the steps to the house.

"With all the Snyders around, are you kidding?" laughed Noah, trying to lighten the mood for the nosy family.

When they reached the front door, Luke opened it, walked through the foyer and into the living room.

"I cannot believe this place. It is huge," Emma was clearly shocked as she looked around.

"How did you get this decorated so fast?" asked Lily.

"There is a story to that. The owners came home while we were touring the house. They told us that they decided on buying a victorian style house, so virtually none of the furniture would really fit the style of the house. We loved the house and how it was decorated, well mostly, so we offered to buy the furniture off them. We really do not know how to decorate a place this lavish so it seemed to make sense. Muffy, the previous owner, even helped us replace things that she took, like the beds, their heirloom furniture and such," replied Luke.

"That woman can shop. We were exhausted and poor when we finished," laughed Noah.

"It's gorgeous!" Lucinda was clearly impressed.

"Thank you, Grandmother," Noah nodded proudly. As if on cue everyone turned their heads to look at Noah, causing him to chuckle. "What we've always been family, I'm just finally admitting it out loud."

The length of the trip was beginning to take its toll on everyone when Luke showed them to the living room and they let their bodies sink into the comfortable couch. "Oh wait, I have tea." Luke got up, walked through the hall and into the kitchen. Emma followed him, curious to see what the kitchen looked like.

"Wow!" Emma was taken aback when she saw the huge kitchen.

Lily, Holden and Lucinda got up after hearing Emma exclaim and followed her into the kitchen. Noah giggled and went to join them.

"This is some kitchen," Lily couldn't believe her eyes.

Holden was still quiet. He knew something was being held back by Luke and Noah and it worried him. Lucinda was looking at everything, almost jealous that her kitchen did not look as good.

Emma stood there staring at the ten burners, four-oven gas stove with a built in grill and hotplate. She felt like she had died and gone to stove heaven.

"We wanted to make sure you had enough space to make pies and cookies," Luke chuckled at her as he took the kettle off the burner and poured it into the mugs sitting on the island.

Emma laughed, "The things I could make with this." She ran her hand over the metal to make sure it wasn't a mirage.

"That's something I would like to find out, Grandma," added Noah.


Holden finally spoke up after he heard Noah call his mother Grandma. "Okay, out with it. What's going on?" Lily, Emma and Lucinda all moved close to the island where Luke was pouring the tea.

Luke and Noah quickly glanced at each other with the look in his eyes that was only reserved for them . . . a look that said it is now or never. Noah shook his head at Luke in defeat. He stepped up next to Luke and put his arm around Luke's waist for support.

"Okay. Well, Noah and I got married on Saturday." Luke smiled.

"You what?" Lily was angry. "How could you get married and not tell us?"

"We had to . . . ," Luke knew he said it wrong as soon as it came out of his mouth. "Um, we wanted to get married right away."

Holden noticed Luke's flub. "Had to?"

Sensing the rising tension, "If you will all calm down . . . ," Luke began but was cut off by everyone complaining.

"We will not!" Emma replied in an irritated voice matching Lily's annoyance.

"What is really going on here?" Lucinda added to the chorus of angry voices.

"Stop it!" Noah yelled. Everyone ceased their shouting and looked at the source behind the loud voice. It wasn't very often Noah raised his voice. "This is nothing to be angry about. Just let us explain and you will understand."

Inhaling a deep breath, everyone tried to calm down and decided to listen to the boys before chastising them.

Holden just couldn't stay quiet. "What do you mean had to? When someone says they have to get married they are . . . but that's impossible."

"Darling, this is California!" Lucinda said in a careful voice, eliciting a hearty laugh from everyone. The laughter didn't last long as smiles disappeared, quiet set in and the seriousness of the situation returned, Noah handed a picture to Lucinda and Lily.

"A sonogram?" Lily asked in shock.


"You're going to have a baby?" Emma voice was full of excitement as she crowded around Lucinda to look at the picture.

"Yes. You're going to be a great-great-grandmother," Luke announced proudly.

"If you will just let us . . . ," Noah tried to take back control of the discussion.

Lily noticed something strange on the sonogram and grabbed the picture out of Lucinda's hand.

"Lily was that really . . . ," Lucinda started to complain.

"Wait . . . ," Lily rambled, "There's more than one."