This is just a short little one shot (at least I think it is, will someone please tell me what I've just written?) I wrote when I was supposed to be studying :-o Oh well... ;-)

Mocks are nearly over. Thank God. On with the... thing... yeah...

When Mirana Found out:

Mirana's POV:

I gave a yawn and a stretch. Not very lady-like to be sure but as it was 12:15am and I was alone in the kitchens (Getting a cup of milk) no harm was done. Getting up from my seat at the island counter I made my way towards the door, thinking absently about tomorrows visit to Snud where I was to give a speech. I stepped out into the dark corridor and made my way along the hallway. Just as I was approaching Alice's bedroom the door burst open with a bang. I flattened myself against the wall just in time as Tarrant Hightopp came rocketing out of the door and hit the opposite wall. (Giving a little squeak as he did so) He than shook his head and took off down the corridor muttering: "Chocolate sauce, yes yes: very good" as he went.

He turned the corner into the kitchens and all was quiet.

I wandered back to my room, pondering what I had just seen. I could only think of the same 3 questions that were running quite the cacus race around my head:

1. What in all of Underland was Tarrant doing in that room?

2. What was he doing running around the palace in nary but his hat, one sock and a pair of blue boxers with teacups on them?

3. And why didn't I get a proper look?