Author's Notes: This was supposed to be posted on Valentine's Day but I had so many things to do that it completely slipped my mind. It's a short Valentine's Day special, probably not more than 5 chapters. Without further ado, let's get into the thick of things. ^^

Part 1: Making a Gift

1 day before Valentine's Day

"What's all the excitement about?" a certain spiky haired young man asked, his bag slung over his shoulder lazily as he ran a hand through his charcoal coloured hair. Glancing around, he pointed at several excited girls that were looking at him. "Did I wear my shirt inside out or something?"

Aogami Pierce, his blue-haired friend's response was to smack him in the forehead with a finger.

"Ow! What was that for?" the man scowled.

"Kamijou-kun, how can you be like this?" Aogami Pierce said with a sigh, placing both hands on his waist in disgust, "don't you know what day it is tomorrow?"

Kamijou Touma pursed his lips in thought, "Ah… February 14th, why? Is it somebody's birthday?"

Aogami Pierce facepalmed, "Kamijou-san, how can you be so cruel? Even though you get the most chocolates and cards every year, you can't remember what day it is!" Aogami Pierce grabbed Touma and began to shake him violently.

"Oi…Oi!" Kamijou broke out of the shaking with effort, "I honestly can't remember!"

"Well, such is to be expected of Kami-yan, Aogami," Tsuchimikado remarked from the table behind them, "After all, the Kami-yan disease grows with each passing year, culminating in Valentine's Day tomorrow."

"OH!" Kamijou Touma laughed, "It's Valentine's Day huh?" he scratched his hair sheepishly. Having lost his memories a while back, he had not bothered to keep track of the dates. It appeared that Valentine's Day was tomorrow and he had a lot of fans, it seemed.

Aogami grabbed him by the neck, "You little brat, you always get the most chocolates, cards and blushing girls! Why can't I have more? Especially from tsunderes, yanderes, lolicons, onee-chans…"

Tsuchimikado's eyes glinted at the word "Onee-chan". Oh yes, he had plans for Kami-yan tomorrow. Plans that would involve Kami-yan having the time of his life while he spent some quality time with Maika.

"Well, you'd have more if you'd slow down on hitting on girls," Touma interrupted, "I didn't do anything to warrant this anyway!"

"Oh, you'd think so, huh?" Aogami began to laugh as a black aura rapidly engulfed him… until a small, high-pitched voice interrupted his black rage.

"Class… CLASS!" Komoe-sensei yelled, "It's lesson time, please get to your seats!"

"Haha, see it's lesson time." Kamijou Touma forced a laugh as he quickly darted to his seat before he pissed Aogami further. Aogami grinned suddenly and Kamijou knew that Aogami had just been kidding. "Fukou Da," he sighed, hoping that this day would not get any worse.

*** Tokiwadai Middle School

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko launched herself into the air, leaping straight at Misaka Mikoto, the Ace of Tokiwadai. Misaka twitched, a small bolt of electricity arcing upwards and interrupting Kuroko's descent. The Level 4 teleporter landed in a twitching, charred state on the floor rudely.

"So cruel… Onee-sama," Kuroko whimpered.

Misaka shot her kouhai an exasperated expression, "You've tried to attack three times already. Get a grip, baka-hentai!" she crossed her arms over her chest, looking down at the Judgment member.

"Ah but Onee-sama!" Kuroko was back on her feet in an instant, plastering herself to Misaka with incredible speed, much to the electromaster's shock, "tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Kuroko was simply setting the mood for the occasion!"

"Even so… there's no need to cling to me!" Misaka yelled, trying to pry Kuroko's marauding hands from her body, "Oi, where do you think you are touching… KUROKO!" the corridor flashed brightly for a split second and all the students quickly averted their eyes from the 'murder' scene.

Misaka sighed. Looking down at the paralyzed and convulsing body of her roommate, she gingerly patted herself all over to make sure that Kuroko had not teleported away any… essentials. "Baka. With all your plots every Valentine's, I'd be hard pressed to spend an afternoon with you," Misaka declared.

"Onee-sama… who else can you - *gasp*" Kuroko's eyes widened in abject horror, "Don't tell me you are going to look for that barbarian!"

"Wha?" Misaka stepped back from the force of that accusation. Instantly, his image flashed through her mind and her face burnt up as she imagined him giving her choco- stop it! "There's no way I'm going to do that!" she retorted forcefully. Damn, why did Kuroko have to mention him now? She was doing such a fine job of not thinking about him today…

"Then it's true!" Kuroko went pale and Misaka swore than Kuroko had just lost all colour, "Onee-sama… how can you do this to me!" She was back on her feet again and once again, Misaka could only marvel at Kuroko's constitution. The way she recovered from her shocks was like no other. "I've even booked a reservation in a high-class hotel, with champagne and chocolates laced with aphrodisiacs!"

Misaka's blush disappeared. A vein in her head throbbed violently. "Aphrodisiacs… huh?" she repeated the word slowly, sparks beginning to fly everywhere. A black aura engulfed her. Kuroko took a step back, knowing that she had said something she was not supposed to blurt out.

"Onee-sama… I-"


*** Home Economics

Misaka gave an aggravated growl as she entered the class. Having dumped off Kuroko at her class, much to the teacher's dismay at seeing the Level 4 teleporter in a semi-comatose state, she had rushed to the class only to be given a strange look by everyone. Had they witnessed the travesty in the corridor just now? Misaka moaned as she went to her table.

"Now class," the teacher quickly broke off the stares directed at Misaka, "we will be doing something special today. I'm sure many of you have people you'd want to give a Valentine's to tomorrow. So today, I'm going to let you make your own stuff for Valentine's Day! The ingredients are all here, so if you need my help, just ask!"

"Hai, Shana-sensei!" the class responded, before exploding into a flurry of activity.

"Remember to think about the person you have in mind when making these treats, it'll taste all the sweeter and I'm sure they'll love it," Shana-sensei smiled as the class began working on their presents for their Valentine tomorrow. Nearly all of them were making chocolates, as expected.

Misaka frowned. "Think of your precious one huh?" Instantly, Touma's image flashed in her mind. Misaka felt her cheeks flame violently. Why am I thinking about him again? Someone else… NO! Touma's image kept flashing in her head and she couldn't seem to stop it. Misaka moaned silently. Damn that idiot, even when he's not around… Misaka gritted her teeth, before finally giving in.

As she worked on the chocolates, she was thinking of his reaction to it. Wait, was she really going to give it to him? Misaka blushed again before her stronger side snapped her out of it. Y-yeah, I'm just giving it to him cause he probably won't have any, that idiot! …I hope he likes it though…

"Wow, Misaka-san is working really hard, isn't she?" a student whispered.

"Yeah… you think it's for that guy she rendezvoused with outside school?" her partner whispered back.

"I think so… she's blushing so madly."

"They must really be in love~" she sighed dreamily

"Why do you think she would tackle him outside school in plain sight?"

The two students sighed again.

*** Misaka Network

"Misaka 13577 has found important information, Misaka reports to the network hurriedly as fast as she can."

"What is it? Misaka 10032 asks eagerly as she awaits the update."

"Apparently, tomorrow is February the 14th, which is Valentine's Day, Misaka reports," Misaka 13577 said softly over the network, "it is a time where lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, confectionary and cards to one another."

"Misaka 10019 is excited by the prospect of this news."

"Yes, Misaka 9955 agrees. It is the perfect to express ourselves to our saviour, Misaka 9955 pitches out."

"Yes, Misaka 11453 is intending to make reservations on a plane flight back to Academy City."

"WAIT A MINUTE! Misaka protests as Misaka tries to calm down her sisters hormones! All of you taking a flight back to Academy City is too suspicious, Misaka warns as Misaka tries to rationalize with Misaka's sisters," Last Order suddenly logged on the network, her tone indignant.

"Who allowed administrator access?" a Misaka asked.

"I did, Misaka admits without shame," said Misaka 10032 shamelessly.

"How could you! Misaka asks sadly as she tries to come up with an explanation to return!" Misaka 10019 protested.

"No, no, NO!" Last Order yelled, "Our saviour will probably be terrified if he sees all of us marching down the street to give him a valentine! We should just let a representative express our gratitude for us, Misaka states as Misaka crosses her arms hopefully," Last Order intoned.

"Our administrator has a point, Misaka 12567 admits reluctantly. That means our only representative is…"

"Misaka 10032, Misaka 9955 reports unhappily as 10032 is the only sister left in Academy City this month."

"Misaka 10032, you must convey our wishes to Kamijou-sama as clearly as possible," Misaka 11453 said stonily.

"Yes, Misaka will not let her sisters down," Misaka 10032 said serenely, "I will not let Onee-sama succeed as well."

"So that's settled, then?" Last Order heaved a sigh of relief, "Misaka sighs in relief as Misaka will not have to handle to load of seeing the airports clog with Misakas."

"Hai, Misaka 10032, we must discuss what we should get Kamijou-sama." A Misaka said.

Last Order logged off as the heated debate began once again, sighing to herself at the antics of her older counterparts.

*** Last Order

"Oi, why are you so noisy, brat?" Accelerator demanded as he got up from his bed, "Can't you see I was sleeping?"

"Misaka was discussing matters with her sisters, Misaka reports as Misaka looks at Accelerator expectantly," Last Order replied cheerfully.

Accelerator blinked. "What?"

"Are you not going to buy a present, Misaka asks as Misaka tries to hide her intent," Last Order pressed.

"Why on earth would I buy a present?" Accelerator asked, looking at Last Order as if she were mad, "It's not your birthday or anything."

Last Order pouted, "Ohhh… Accelerator is a baka! Misaka whines as Misaka points at the calendar to give him a hint about tomorrow."

Accelerator glanced at the calendar nonchalantly, "February the 14th. So? What's so special about it?" grabbing his cane, he hobbled unsteadily to his feet.

"Wah! Accelerator is a dummy! Misaka yells at how clueless he is, Misaka scowls as Misaka leaves the room angrily!" Last Order huffed as she ran out of the room.

Accelerator stared blankly at Last Order's running figure, then back at the calendar. "What's her problem?" he asked with a sigh as he picked up the calendar to peer at the circled words.

"Valentine's Day? What the hell is that?"

*** A certain hotel.

"Um… Angese-san, why are we with Itsuwa and making chocolates?" Sister Angelene asked timidly as Agnese stirred the brownish mixture.

"Yeah, I mean, it's Itsuwa that wants to give her precious Kamijou-kun homemade chocolates," Sister Lucia complained.

"Urasai (shut up)!" Agnese scowled, turning away with a blush, "this is just to thank him for saving our lives. You two volunteered rather eagerly too!"

Angelene and Lucia blushed. "Well, we wouldn't let you screw up, Agnese-san," Sister Lucia replied with a huff, "You have no experience making chocolates for men, after all."

Agnese twitched, "Urasai!"

"But, look at Itsuwa," Angelene whispered, pointing at Itsuwa. Itsuwa, at this point, was multi-tasking fearsomely. Several chocolates lay strewn over the magical carpet, having failed her test as she rapidly stirred up yet another mixture in one bowl and another mixture in yet another bowl. "She's really serious about this. She hasn't even noticed us talking."

Agnese felt something hot and furious in her chest that Itsuwa would outdo her. Furiously, she stirred the mixture harder and glared at her subordinates. "Well, what are we waiting for? We can't lose!"


Itsuwa dabbed a finger into her mixture, tasting the texture and sweetness of the chocolate carefully. "Hmm… not good enough," she mused as she dumped it away and began another.

"I'm sure he will love the final taste," Itsuwa thought happily as she steadily improved on the taste. There were many things the Supreme Pontiff would beat her at: looks, breasts, sex appeal… but if there was one thing Itsuwa was certain the Saint did not excel in, it was cooking and machines.

"I will defeat all opposition and win Kamijou-kun's heart!" Itsuwa declared to herself, her eyes alight with the fires of determination as she focused on making the perfect chocolates.

*** Kamijou's Apartment.


Index sighed as her stomach gave a rumble. "I'm so hungry…" she moaned as she picked herself up from the floor lazily. Sphinx mewled, stretching itself as awoke with her. It bounded over to the tray and began eating the food Touma left for it.

"Touma… when is he going to come back?" Index complained as she opened the fridge. Two sandwiches lay in the fridge, prepared by Touma to stave off her insatiable hunger. Unwrapping them frantically, she wolfed down both sandwiches so quickly it was as if they were swallowed by a black hole.

A knock on the door made Index wonder if Touma had returned early today. Bounding over to the door joyously, she flung open the door to reveal… Tsuchimikado Maika. "Ah! Maika-san?"

"Hee!" Maika smiled at the nun happily, "What are you doing Index? Are you preparing a gift for Kamijou-san?"

"Why would I do that?" Index tilted her head questioningly.

Maika sighed, spinning atop the rotating cleaning robot without any dizziness, "It's Valentines Day tomorrow, you know?"

Index's eyes widened. "Ah! It is! Oh dear, I didn't prepare anything! I don't have money to buy chocolates or cakes! Oh no!" Index babbled incoherently, racking her brains for any ideas to give Touma a good Valentine's Day present.

"Heh heh," Maika giggled at Index's disproportionate response, "Lucky for you that maid-in-training Maika is here! Come with me! We shall prepare some delicious confectionaries for our valentines!"

Index's eyes lit up. Scooping up Sphinx, she ran after Maika after closing the door, asking the maid-in-training many questions on what they would be doing.

"Ha, don't worry, Index!" Maika said, "We'll make stuff so delicious that our valentines can't help but be addicted to our food, ahahaha!" Maika grinned, "Onii-chan will be pleased, tee-hee!"

*** After School

"Well, I'd better head home. Otherwise, Index will probably bite my head off again," Kamijou Touma said as he began his jaunt home, "See you guys tomorrow." With that, he took off.

"Ara, that Index nun sure has him around her finger. I wonder why he lets her stay in his apartment like that, that lucky bastard," Aogami Pierce muttered, before his attention was captured by a passing beauty.

"Well, he's like that, nya~" Tsuchimikado Motoharu replied, "Well, see ya. I've got a call to make."

"Ok…" Aogami Pierce took off with incredible speed.

Taking out his phone, Tsuchimikado dialled a number and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not routed to an international line. A wicked grin graced his face as the person picked up the phone.

"Ah! Nee-chin!"

*** Another Hotel?

"Tsuchimikado?" Kanzaki Kaori, Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Chruch, groaned silently as his voice came over the phone. "What do you want?"

"Nya~ Nee-chin, why do you sound so defensive? Could it be that you came back to Academy City to give a Valentine's Day present to Kami-yan?" Tsuchimikado asked with a smug undertone.

Kaori's face flamed red and she sputtered her response out, "Wh-What? No, what are talkin g about?" she denied hotly.

"Nya~ Nee-chin. You don't have to lie to me," Motoharu said placidly, "I know you relished his attention in that fallen angel outfit! Come now, would you rather Itsuwa win his heart?"

"H-Hey! He's only 16! There's no way-"

"Ha, as if age matters, nee-chin. Kami-yan prefers onee-chan type girls you know? Even though you are 18, you certainly look the type! If you go for it, there's a good chance he might reciprocate!" Motoharu continued genially, "I'm sure that your confectionaries are hand-made of course!"

"Ah, no, I'm not very good with baking-"

"AHA! I knew it nya~! You have admitted it that you are giving him a Valentine's Day present!" Motoharu seized on her words gleefully.

Kanzaki blushed violently and mentally berated for not choosing her words more carefully, "That's not it! You-"

"Come now, nee-chin. I'm a spy. Your words do nothing more than aggravate your guilt," Motoharu revealed blandly, "besides, half of England knows you are interested in Kami-yan anyway."

"How many times do I have to tell you all I'm not interested?"

"Then why are you blushing nya~" Tsuchimikado said knowingly, "your heart is beating faster at the prospect of spending Valentine's Day with him. You keep asking me for debriefing details even though you can directly your church… Nya~ if this isn't the sign of a developing love, I don't know what else to call it."

"Urasai! Urasai! Urasai!" Kanzaki yelled as she slammed the phone shut. Taking a calming breath, she looked worriedly at the chocolates she had purchased on an impulse for Touma. She knew she should throw it away but something in her heart clenched at the prospect of that.

"Oh, dear God. What is wrong with me…" she moaned as she sank onto the bed wearily.


"You have no idea how much you sound like a Tsundere, nee-chin," Tsuchimikado grinned as she slammed the phone and cut the line, "Or maybe a Kuudere would describe you better nya~ Acting so out of character around him… anyone can tell it's a crush."

Tsuchimikado grinned. Well, if all went well tomorrow, Kami-yan might just find himself beating off a lot of women.

"Let the games begin, nya~"

To be continued~

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