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(Johnny's POV)

I stared at the sign as we passed by it.

Welcome to Tulsa.

Never thought I'd be back here again. It seems like yesterday that my dad was driving us away from this a sign and now here we are, four years later, driving past it.

I suppose I should be angry at my adopted parents, the Dauber's, for bringing me back here but I really can't be, I owe them everything.

When I was twelve my real dad bashed me over the head with a beer bottle and knocked me out cold. When I woke up I found myself in a hospital bed with little Ponyboy beside me. With him here I assumed the rest of the Curtis' to be there to. As soon as I thought that, Mr. Curtis immediately walked in and told me that my parents were being hauled off for child abuse.

I was amazed that they were able to do it this time. The Curtis' have been trying for as long as I can remember to stop my parents from hurting me, but nothing they tried worked. They tried talking to my parents, only to get the door slammed in their faces every time. They tried going to the cops but could never get any proof to haul'em off. The situation left them feeling powerless but they didn't give up.

Every time my dad beat to the point I needed to go to the hospital, either for stitches or patchin up, the Curtis' would bring me in. I can't remember the amount of times they took me here. I guess this time the cops they couldn't ignore what was happening anymore.

The cops told me that since I don't have any relatives that can take care of me I was going to be put up for adoption. At first I was kind of happy because I though the Curtis' were going to take me in. I always thought of them as the ideal parents, but I was devastated when they told me they couldn't. At the time I didn't understand how hard it was to get by, but I know now. I know that they simply couldn't afford to have another child, even though they did want me.

The first family I went to was the Dauber's and boy howdy did I make this harder than it should have been. Not once did I give them the impression that I was going to be a good kid, I even snapped at them a couple times. But, they never lost faith me. They would always complement me and try to help me in every way possible. It was a tough run, but finally I broke down and learned to accept them as my new parents. They day I became Johnny Dauber was the best day of my life. Unfortunately, this happiness came with consequences.

Due to my new dad's job we had to move Maine. I was going to have to say goodbye to the Curtis', Steve, and Two-Bit, the people I considered to be my only family for the longest time.

The goodbyes for Steve, Two-Bit, and Darry were short, but everyone else's was long. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis hugged me for the longest time until I told them I was suffocating. Soda was same, but he made me promise to keep in touch. Ponyboy's was the most heartbreaking. He latched on to me me and begged me not to go. His eyes were overflowing with an endless amount of tears. Mrs. Curtis had to actually pull him off me to try and explain to him why this was happening. Having calmed down a little, he finally said goodbye to me and gave me his favorite book to remember him by. I swore to him that I would keep in touch, and left right after that.

Now we were moving back to Tulsa because, once again, dad's job calls for it. I was a little excited to be back, but scared at the same time. I wonder if everyone will recognize me. I wonder if they'll remember me.

"Okay John we're here," mom told me sweetly. I smiled to myself. I love how she always called me John.

Gazing through the car window, I saw we had arrived at an average middle class house. Getting out of the car I looked at it more closely. I could tell just by looking at it that I was going to like living here.

Dad tossed me the keys to the house. "Alright Johnny go up and pick a room."

I grabbed all of my stuff, opened the door, and headed up stairs. Like always, I went into the first room I could find. It was kind of small, but I loved it nonetheless.

I dropped threw all my stuff on the floor and went back outside with my parents.

"You found a room so soon," mom asked me amusedly.

I grinned at her. "You know me Ma. It doesn't take much please me."

She shook her head at me. "Don't I know it."

I looked around the neighborhood. "Hey I'm gonna walk around a bit okay?" I didn't feel like staying in the house.

She nodded at me. "Alright but don't stay out to late, I'll be make lunch in a couple hours."

"Alright," at with that I started to explore a little bit.

I walked around for the longest time just taking in that old Tulsa charm that I remember so well.

I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going, which wasn't too smart of me. You never know what's going to happen around here.

Suddenly I heard giggling. I looked to my left to see two guys making out on a bench. The older was a tough lookin greaser who had blond hair and looked kind of elfish like. The youngest one looked really stunning. He had skin that looked smooth as silk which complemented his perfectly shaped body. His hair was light brown, and was squared off in the front and looked a little long in the back and sides.

I was literally just standing their ogling him. As the tough greaser moved to kiss his neck, I saw him open his eyes slightly and was blown away. He had the most beautiful set of green eyes I had ever seen in my life. They looked like the closest I would get to seeing emeralds. Now I was not only staring at him, but my mouth was open slightly.

I must look like a complete idiot.

As if sensing me, his eyes snapped open to meet mine. A blush made it onto his cheeks as he notice I must have been watching him. God he looked cute.

Noticing the boy's lack of attention, the tough greaser stopped kissing on his neck and looked down at him annoyed.

"What's the problem," his eyes traveled to see me standing there looking at them. His blue eyes ignited with anger as he slowly stood up and made his way toward me.

"You gotta a problem kid," he asked me casually but I could hear the maliciousness behind his tone.

"Uh Uh," was all I could get out as I awkwardly tried to back up. I just know this is going to be trouble.

"Kid you got two seconds to speak up before I beat the tar out of ya," he glared at me menacingly.

"Um, I wasn't, um, I just," I couldn't even get one sentence out.

The boy suddenly jumped up and moved to look at me with narrowed eyes.

"Johnny," he said hesitantly.

How did he know my name? I don't remember him at all. I think I would remember someone that looked like him.

"Ponyboy, what are you doing," the guy snapped at him.

Wait a minute.



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