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(General POV)

"Dad, mom what's wrong," Johnny questioned hesitantly walking further into the room.

Johnny's dad sighed and patted the spot beside him on the couch.

"Have a seat son."

Slowly, Johnny took a seat next to his father. He looked between both his parents not liking how tense they both looked.

"Remember that call I got the other day," Johnny's father inquired.

"Yeah," Johnny nodded, "it was from your job. Something about you we might have to move again."

Both parents looked at each other fearfully.

"But you said that we won't," Johnny chuckled nervously, "you swore to me that we wouldn't dad."

"I said that it wasn't likely," Johnny's father correctly gently, "I never said that it could never happen."

"W-What," Johnny stammered his face filled with dread.

"Your fathers office just called us an hour ago," Johnny's mother informer him, "they told us that his work was done here. They want us to move to Oregon."

"Oregon," Johnny repeated in shock, "they can't move us to Oregon!"

"I'm afraid they can son," Johnny's father sighed tiredly, "I really didn't think they would do this to us."

"Can't you just quit and get another job," Johnny asked his father desperately.

"Of course not," Johnny's father retorted, "you know I'm under contract. If I quit without notice I'll be sued for everything I have."

"So give them a notice," Johnny demanded obviously, "and tell them we're staying here."

"It's not that easy Johnny," his father told him pitifully, "it will take me no less than a couple months for me to work out everything so I could quit, and even then it's kind of tricky."

Johnny sniffled and buried his faces in his hands.

"Sweetie, I'm so sorry," Johnny's mom apologized sincerely.

Moving over to her son she hugged him by his shoulders

"I wish that there was something we could do," Johnny's mom whispered to him kissing him on the head.

"When do we leave," Johnny murmured lowly not raising his head up.

Johnny heard his father sigh again.

"They want us to leave as soon as possible," Johnny's father replied.

There was a brief moment of silence after those words were spoken. The only sound that could possibly be heard was Johnny's slowly breaking heart.

"I'm going to bed," Johnny announced stoically standing up and walking out the room.

"Honey, are you going to…,"

Johnny's mother was cut off by the slamming of Johnny's door.

"I feel like a horrible mother," Johnny's mother sniffled tears developing on her face.

"You're a great mother," Johnny's father denied adamantly sliding the couch over to hug his wife fiercely.

"We'll get past this," Johnny's father promised softly rocking his wife in his arms, "I know we will."

(Later that night)

It was two in the morning and Johnny was wide wake. He was still thinking about moving away from Tulsa.

Moving away from Ponyboy.

Tears were streaming down his face in disbelief. After all he went through to get his boyfriend, after all the obstacles they had to jump through together, this is what's going to break them up?

Although, this move didn't really have to break them up. They could have a long distance relationship. Those don't usually last long though. They could make it work though, couldn't they?

"God dammit," Johnny shouted yanking his pillow from under his head and throwing it across the room.

In a fit of rage, Johnny ran over to the pillow and started punching it.

"It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair," Johnny chanted with each blow to his pillow.

Why does everything bad have to happen to me, Johnny thought furiously? I finally get good parents, and then I have to leave my friends. I finally get the boy I love and then I have to move away from him.

"Why can't anything go my away just once," Johnny cried not caring how loud he was being.

"Why, why, why, why, why," Johnny fell to the ground in a helpless heap as his sobbing became more and more uncontrollable.

After a few more minutes, Johnny was able to cry himself to sleep, having nothing but nightmares the rest of the night.

Ponyboy was having a good day today. His first two classes went over smoothly and he was on his way to this third class.

"I wonder where Johnny is," Ponyboy pondered out loud.

Ponyboy had not seen his boyfriend all morning and to be honest he was starting to get a little worried. Johnny never misses a day of school.

Getting all of his things for his next class, Ponyboy rushed off to third period. However, as he was on his way he saw someone familiar in the mass of students around him.

"Johnny," Ponyboy smiled and walked up to his boyfriend.

Johnny's eyes portrayed nothing as he walked through the school halls. He was bumping into people and not reacting in the slightest.

Ponyboy walked over to him and latched onto his boyfriends arm.

"Where have you been," Ponyboy asked curiously, "you never miss a day of classes? They should give you an award for punctuality."

Ponyboy's amusement turned sour at the look on Johnny's face.

"What is wrong with you," Ponyboy questioned getting a little concerned now, "you act like somebody died."

Finally, Johnny looked over at the young greaser. The dark circles under his eyes magnified the sadness protruding off his body.

"Johnny," Ponyboy whispered softly.

"Come with me," was all Johnny said before he practically started dragging Ponyboy outside with him.

"Wait a minute," Ponyboy protested struggling in his boyfriends hold slightly, "what about classes?"

"They can wait," Johnny responded stoically.

"Johnny," Ponyboy whimpered.

A couple minutes later, both teenage boys were sitting on the bleachers at the school's football field.

"Okay, were here," Ponyboy gestured to the football field, "now what was so important that you had to drag me to the bleachers?"

Johnny didn't answer he just continued to hold his head in his hands.

"Johnny talk to me," Ponyboy urged putting a hand on his knee comfortingly, "I can't help you if I don't know what's going on."

"I'm moving," Johnny mumbled into his hands.

"What," Ponyboy queried not hearing what Johnny said.

"I'm moving away," Johnny proclaimed louder.

Ponyboy's breath hitched in shock.

"What," Ponyboy asked in disbelief.

Johnny sighed tiredly.

"I said I'm…"

"I heard you," Ponyboy interjected his voice cracking slightly, "I just don't know what else to say."

"I know what you mean," Johnny replied quietly.

"What, when, why," Ponyboy blurted out obviously looking for some answers.

"The people at my dad's job want to move us again," Johnny explained wearily, "they said his job is done here and wants my dad to go work at Oregon."


The look on Ponyboy's face was one of anguish and frustration.

"Do you know how far away that is from Oklahoma," Ponyboy questioned incredulity.

"I know my states," Johnny glared at his boyfriend.

Ponyboy flinched and drew back into himself.

"When are you leaving," Ponyboy asked softly.

"As soon as we can get everything packed," Johnny replied indifferently.

Ponyboy breath was becoming heavier and heavier as he absorbed all the information that was being given to him.

"This is horrible," Ponyboy whispered with a hand over his face.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious," Johnny grumbled smartly.

"Johnny, please don't act this way," Ponyboy pleaded with his boyfriend.

"Act what way," Johnny retorted ripping Ponyboy's hand off his knee and standing above him angrily.

"What, you don't want me to act angry? Do you expect me to just be strong and just get over? Is that what you want me to do?"

"Johnny stop," Ponyboy whimpered as his eyes started watering.

"No, I won't stop," Johnny shouted heatedly, "this is hard for me Ponyboy. I really need some support right now and you're not exactly helping me by just repeating everything I say back at me!"

Impulsively, Ponyboy reached out punched Johnny clear across the face causing him to fall onto the bleachers. Looking up, Johnny just now noticed the tears running down Ponyboy's face.

"I'm sorry for not putting you above myself," Ponyboy sniffled crossly, "I thought you were telling me this because you wanted me to be the first to know, but you just want me to feel sad for you and only you!"


"Go to hell you jerk," Ponyboy barked slapping away Johnny's hand that was reaching for him, "next time you want to throw a pity party for yourself do it without me."

Without another word, Ponyboy grabbed his book bag and ran off of the school premises.

Johnny, realizing his mistake, ran after his boyfriend.

"Ponyboy wait," Johnny shouted after him, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to act like that."

Either Ponyboy couldn't hear him or he just ignored him, because he just kept on running.

Out of breath, Johnny fell onto a sidewalk. There was absolutely no way he could catch up with Ponyboy, and even if he could he doubted that the young greaser wanted to see him right now.

Johnny kicked a tree furiously.

"How did I screw that up," Johnny asked himself in his frustration.

Turning around, Johnny leaned on the tree with his head buried in his hands.

"How could I do something so stupid," Johnny mumbled to himself.

Ponyboy ran to his house as fast as he could, not once looking back.

Ripping open the front door, Ponyboy ran to his room, and threw himself onto his bed. He sobbed uncontrollably into his pillow, tears falling from his eyes like rain drops.

"Oh Johnny," Ponyboy sniffled, "I love you. Why did you treat me like that?"

Ponyboy spent the next couple of hours in his room. Not once did he come out, or leave his bed, for anything.

Everything was dead quiet in the Curtis house until there came a loud knocking at Ponyboy's door.

"Ponyboy are you in there," Ponyboy heard his oldest brother ask.

Ponyboy gave no response.

"I got a call from your school saying that you skipped your last couple of classes. What did tell you about skipping school?"

Again Darry got no response from his youngest brother.

Impatience getting the better of him, Darry tore the open. He looked over to find his Ponyboy on his bed with his face buried into his pillows.

"Well," Darry held his arms out expectantly, "don't you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Leave me alone," Ponyboy muffled into his pillows.

Darry looked down at his brother in confusion.

"Ponyboy get up."

As Darry moved to grab Ponyboy's arm, it was violently pulled away from him.

"Please Darry leave me alone," Ponyboy sniveled pulling his head from under his pillows briefly.

Darry, seeing some of his little brothers tears, instantly got protective.

"Ponyboy what happened," Darry asked sitting next to his brother on the bed.

Ponyboy moaned into his pillows in response.

"Come on little brother, talk to me," Darry urged rubbing Ponyboy's shoulder.

Still sniffling a little, Ponyboy sat up some facing his older brother.

"Johnny's moving to Oregon," Ponyboy confessed sadly.

"What why," Darry questioned in alarm.

"Because of his dads job is forcing them to move," Ponyboy explained.

"Wow," Darry didn't know what to say.

"And he was being a total jerk to me at school," Ponyboy growled in sorrow, "he thought that I should only feel sad for him and only him, and that he was the only one that was going to suffer over this."

"Oh Ponyboy."

Darry collect his little brother in his arms and held him protectively.

"Sometimes people say stupid things when there frustrated," Darry explained, "I'm sure Johnny was more pissed off at the situation rather than you."

"You think so," Ponyboy looked up at his older brother vulnerably.

"I know so," Darry nodded amusedly, "just give him some time and everything will be alright."

"I don't have a lot of time," Ponyboy replied in panic, "they could leave any day."

"Then go see him tomorrow," Darry offered, "I'll call the school and tell them that you're sick in the morning."

"Thanks Darry," Ponyboy cuddled into his brother's arms.

"Sure, but don't get used to it," Darry told him sternly, "I'm only do this because this is a special occasions.

"I know, I know," Ponyboy nodded happily.

Later that night, Ponyboy was in bed with Sodapop helping him get to sleep.

"Are you and Johnny going to do the whole long distance thing," Soda yawned wrapping his arms around Ponyboy.

Of course, Ponyboy had told Soda everything about Johnny's moving and the argument they had earlier that day. They tell each other everything.

"I don't know," Ponyboy sighed.

He honestly hadn't thought about it until now.

"Do you think it would work," Ponyboy asked fearing the answer.

"Most long distance relationships don't work," Sodapop told him.

"Why," Ponyboy asked innocently.

"You want my opinion," Sodapop looked down at his little brother cautiously. He didn't want to over step his boundaries.

Ponyboy looked up at his older brother like he was crazy.

"I've been taking your advice for the last fifteen years of my life," Ponyboy reminded him in amusement, "why wouldn't I want it now?"

Sodapop grinned at his little brother before getting serious.

"In my opinion, one of the biggest things that make a strong relationship is how much time two people spend together. The more time two people spend together the stronger the bond is. I'm not taking about big dates or anything. I'm talking about the two of you just sitting around together doing nothing but being around each other. It's those small moments that make the big dates have more meaning. You with me so far?"

Ponyboy looked up at his brother slowly absorbing all the knowledge he was gaining.

"Go on," Ponyboy urged.

"In a long distance relationship you can't really have any small moments. Both of you have to be on the go constantly, never really stopping to enjoy the little things in life. Oregon is no less than a thousand miles away from here. You'll barely even see each other, if not at all. Talking to each other will be even worse. You two will be lucky to catch each other on the phone, and your post cards will always be late no matter what. And there's no way in hell we could afford to send you to visit him."

"So your saying that we should break up," Ponyboy cast his eyes downward.

"Yes," Sodapop replied instantly, "but not just because of what I said. If two people love each other it won't matter how much distance there is between them, they'll make it work because they care about each other."

"Johnny and I love each other," Ponyboy insisted, "we could make it work!"

"But your just so young," Sodapop informed his little brother.

"What's that mean," Ponyboy looked a little bit insulted.

Sodapop sighed and pulled his brother closer to him.

"You're too young to be tied down in a long distance relationship," Sodapop replied softly, "they are a big commitment. You'll have to give up a lot of the freedoms you've had before. You won't be able to cry on his shoulder when you're sad. You won't be able to celebrate with him when you ace a test. You won't have sex anymore. I just don't think that you should have something as big as a long distance relationship on your shoulders. "

"You're only fifteen Ponyboy," Sodapop reminded his brother softly, "you shouldn't be tied to anything so heavy at your age. You should be enjoying your life and not having any big responsibilities."

Ponyboy looked at his brother with watery eyes.

"I'm not telling you what you should do," Sodapop wiped his fingers around Ponyboy's eyes, "I just want you to be happy."

"I know," Ponyboy nodded, "thanks for being honest Soda."

Both brothers hugged each other tightly.

"Do what's best for you Ponyboy," Sodapop whispered in his ear, "even if it might hurt."

The next morning, Ponyboy found himself walking to Johnny's house at a slow pace. He had so much on his mind and a big decision to make.

Can I handle a long distance relationship, Ponyboy asked himself. That was the question that was floating across his mind.

Ponyboy and Sodapop a very different from each other, but the one main characteristic they both share is how affectionate they are with the people they are close to.

Both have hugged, touched, and even kissed the people they are close to at one point or another. They just couldn't help themselves. Doing those things signify, at least to them, that they have a special bond with the person they are being touchy feely with. What they are basically saying is 'I care about and I'm going to prove that by hugging you.'

It's just one of the ways they show affection.

Not being able to touch enjoy, at all, makes Ponyboy feel like they won't really be having a strong relationship. Almost as if they don't have a relationship at all.

"I don't know what to do," Ponyboy shook his head in frustration.

Ponyboy keeps going back and forth with breaking up Johnny and not breaking up with him. He loves Johnny so much but at the same time feels that a long distance relationship just won't work for them.

He made it to Johnny's house in no time flat. He noticed that their family car was gone. Johnny's parents must be out.

Cautiously he rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer the door.

"Who is it," Ponyboy heard Johnny asked through the door.

"It's me Johnny," Ponyboy called out softly, "can I come in?"

Violently, the door was swung open and Ponyboy was pulled inside the house.

"Johnny," Ponyboy breathed as he was pulled into his boyfriend arms.

"Oh Ponyboy."

Johnny crashed his lips onto Ponyboy's passionately. His tongue slipped into the young greaser's mouth letting Johnny feel inside his mouth. Ponyboy wrapped his arms around Johnny's neck bringing the two of them closer together. Without warning, Ponyboy broke away from his boyfriend.

"Johnny wait," Ponyboy tried to talk but was being distracted by the kisses Johnny was raining down neck.

"No right now," Johnny muffled by his kissing slowly, "please, let's not talk right now."

"But Johnny…"

"Let's just love each other," Johnny whispered tenderly moving up and looking deep into Ponyboy's eyes, "while we still can."

It was then that Ponyboy understood what Johnny meant. Ponyboy nodded and let Johnny lead him into his bedroom.

The removal of clothes and preparation was nothing but a blur for the two of them. Slowly they made love to each other.

Johnny's thrusts were precise and deep, not once did he miss his boyfriend's prostate. They didn't take their eyes off of each for a second. Their faces were mere inches away from one another's.

With each thrust of Johnny's hips, Ponyboy let out a breathy moan each more passionate than the last. Ponyboy's grip on the sheets below him was tight and strong.

Neither of them said a word as they expressed their feelings for each other psychically. They let their bodies do the talking.

As Ponyboy's moans started to pick up, both of them knew what this meant. Johnny's attached his lips to his boyfriend's kissing him softly, his thrusts picking up only slightly.

They both moaned into each other's mouth as they both came together.

Carefully, Johnny pulled out of Ponyboy but didn't move from on top of him. Even as the aftermath of their orgasms subsided they still were kissing each other fondly.

"I love you," Johnny said into Ponyboy's mouth.

"I love you to," Ponyboy replied back.

After a couple minutes later they finally separated their lips from one another's. Johnny stared down at his boyfriend his eyes filled with sadness.

"I'm sorry for what I said," Johnny apologized, "I didn't mean any of it."

"It's okay Johnny," Ponyboy reassured him rubbing his arm comfortably.

"No it isn't," Johnny denied adamantly, "I had no right to treat you that have. I was being a jerk and only thinking about myself and my pain."

"It's okay Johnny," Ponyboy insisted kissing him on the cheek, "I understand. You've been through so much. It's only natural that you would lash out eventually."

Johnny smiled down at Ponyboy wondering what he did to deserve such a great boyfriend like him.

"I love you so much," Johnny kissed him on the lips briefly.

"Enough to let me go," Ponyboy asked quietly.

Johnny looked down at Ponyboy intensely. His eyes expressing the sorrow he felt from those words.

"We don't have to break up," Johnny informed his boyfriend.

"I don't want to break up with you," Ponyboy added.

With a sigh, Johnny rolled himself over so he was lying beside Ponyboy.

"We're going to break up aren't we," Johnny asked looking up at the ceiling.

"I can't handle a long distance relationship," Ponyboy admitted, "phones call, postcards, those will be our only means of talking to each other. I want more than that. I want to able to touch, to feel you, to be around you all the time. Be away from my boyfriend for months upon month upon months will just make me depressed."

"I feel the same way," Johnny nodded, "and I don't want you two be depressed because of me. I want you two be happy, even if it's not with me."

"Oh Johnny," Ponyboy laid his head on Johnny chest, "I feel so weak right now. Plenty of people have long distance relationship and they turn out fine."

"Plenty but not a lot," Johnny corrected, "you have to remember a lot of those people are older and more mature than us. It's not like the people whose long distance relationship failed because they didn't love each other they just couldn't handle the pressure. I don't know if were doing the right thing or not, but I don't what we have to end badly and both of us ending up disliking or even hating each other."

"I guess it's kind of like Romeo and Juliet," Ponyboy suggested, "even though two people love each other, some romances are just not meant to be."

Silence was the only answer to Ponyboy's statement.

"Life sucks," Johnny chuckled humorlessly.

"Yes it does," Ponyboy agreed, "but we'll get through it."

"Even if were not with one another."


(One Week Later)

"This is it," Johnny breathed into Ponyboy's ear as he hugged him fiercely.

"Yeah it is," Ponyboy sniffled, hugging Johnny just as hard.

All of the Dauber's stuff was packed and they were now leaving Tulsa.

"Promise you'll keep in touch," Johnny looking at the young greaser pleadingly.

"Of course I will," Ponyboy swore.

"It's time to go Johnny," his father informed his son.

Johnny looked to Ponyboy sorrowfully. He looked as if he was asking permission to leave.

"I'll always love you," Ponyboy told him softly kissing Johnny on the cheek, "don't ever forget that."

"I have something for you," Johnny replied reaching into his coat pocket and pulling out a familiar book.

Ponyboy's eyes widen in shock.

"The book I gave you when you left the first time," Ponyboy whispered in awe.

"I always kept it to remind me of you," Johnny smiled sadly, "now I want to give to you to remind you of me."

"Oh Johnny," Ponyboy took the book, 'The Listener by Taylor Caldwell', and held it to his chest protectively.

"I'll never forget you," Ponyboy told him.

"Goodbye Ponyboy," Johnny slowly started to walk to the car.

"Goodbye Johnny," Ponyboy waved at him, "please be happy for me."

The two boys got one last look at each other, before Johnny got into his parents car and sped off into the distance.

Johnny sighed heavily.

"Are you going to be okay son," Johnny's mother asked hesitantly.

"I have to be mom," Johnny expressed sternly, "I just have to be."

You are leaving Tulsa

Johnny looked at the sign sadly.

It seemed just yesterday was look at the welcoming sign and now he's riding past the leaving sign.

Time flies by so fast.

(Two Years Later)

A nineteen year old Johnny Dauber slammed the door on his car in satisfaction. He was in Tulsa again!

It had been a long drive but he finally made it here. Luckily he was on break from his classes at Oregon State University and was able to come to Tulsa for a little mini vacation.

Why was he here you ask? Well, the answer should be simple.


It had been so long since he had been in contact with the young greaser. It's not that they intentionally stopped calling/writing each other, it's just that they have been so busy with school and life in general. It would be nice to see him again.

Although, Johnny wanted to make it clear that he wasn't here to get back with him. No, Johnny had long since moved on. He was single at the moment, and loving it mind you, but he did have three relationships during the past two years.

However, as much as Johnny cared for the people he date, they still were no Ponyboy.

Johnny was currently walking into the nearest convenience store looking for something to snack on. He was walking through the isles when he accidently bumped into someone.

"Ow," they both cried out.

"I'm sorry," Johnny apologized, "I should watch where I'm going."

"It's okay," a melodious voice reassured him.

When Johnny got a look at the person he bumped into his jaw almost hit the floor.

This person was absolutely stunning.

His hair looked like was a mixture of brown and red that flowed perfectly down his face. He had a gorgeous face with a nicely proportion muscles all over his body. His eyes were a beautiful emerald green that looked like they could hypnotize even the coldest man. The only flaw I could find on him was the large scar on side of his neck

Wait. Emerald green eyes? It couldn't be.

Before he could ask the question on his mind, a fourteen year old looking boy popped out from behind the gorgeous man. The kid had a huge scar on the side of his face, it looked strangely familiar to the one on the gorgeous man's neck.

"You better be sorry asshole," the kid glared at me fiercely, "you can't just bump into my Ponyboy like that."

Johnny's eyes widened in shock.

"Justin behave," the now revealed Ponyboy looked down the kid sternly.

Justin pouted and folded his arms together.

"Ponyboy," Johnny asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, that's my name," Ponyboy giggled and rubbed his head, "my parents were kind of weird."

"It's me Johnny," Johnny pointed at himself with a smile.


Ponyboy narrow his eyes at him before his eye widened in shock. Impulsively, he pulled Johnny into a hug.

"It's so good to see you again," Ponyboy chuckled.

"Ditto," Johnny said rubbing his back.

Justin stood off to the side looking completely lost.

"It's been so long how have you been," Ponyboy asked eagerly.

"I've been doing good," Johnny nodded, "really good."

"Curly," Justin yelled loudly, "get in here! Some guy is hitting on Ponyboy!"

"Justin," Ponyboy reprimanded sharply.

"What the hell is going on in here," I heard a deep voice say from behind me.

I turned around what was obviously Curly Shepard. He hadn't change much, although did get a hell of a lot more muscle. Walking beside him was the now two years old dog, Tosh.

Justin threw a smirk on his face that said 'oh yeah, it's on now'.

"Cade," Curly recognized Johnny immediately.

"It's Dauber," Johnny corrected him.

"Whatever," Curly rolled his eyes coming over to Ponyboy side, "what are you doing back in town?"

"Just came to visit everybody," Johnny said.

Curly raised an eyebrow at him.

"We're leaving town for a bit," Curly gestured to himself, Ponyboy, Justin, Tosh, "we just stopped here to get something to snack on for the road."

Johnny mood deflated slightly. He really wanted to catch up with Ponyboy during his vacation.

"Could you guys give me and Johnny a minute," Ponyboy asked quietly.

"No," Justin responded instantly.

"Curly," Ponyboy sighed.

There was brief moment of silence as Ponyboy and Curly stared into each other eyes. Grabbing him by the waist, Curly pulled Ponyboy into a deep passionately kiss. He whispered something into the younger greaser's lips.

"Five minutes," Curly informed them sternly, "we got to get on the road."

"You want to leave Pony with him," Justin asked in shock.

Curly sighed tiredly.

"Tosh," Curly ordered.

Obeying the apparent command given to him, Tosh started nudging Justin out of the convenience store.

"Dammit Tosh why do you always have to listen to him over me," Justin complained, "what's he got that I haven't got."

"A brain," Curly smirked.

"Screw you," Justin hissed as they both walked out of the store.

"Interesting little group you have," Johnny chuckled lowly.

"They are something," Ponyboy smiled in their direction fondly.

"So you and Curly," Johnny asked.

"Yeah," Ponyboy confessed softly, "I love him so much and he loves me."

Johnny thought that he would be jealous but he wasn't. If he could pick anyone that would take care of Ponyboy it would be Curly.

"I'm happy for you," Johnny told him.

Ponyboy looked over and gave him a heartwarming smile.

"Thank you Johnny, that means a lot," Ponyboy nodded in appreciation.

Suddenly, there was a loud honking coming from outside.

"That's probably Justin causing problems for Curly," Ponyboy sighed, "I better go before they kill each other."

"Alright," Johnny nodded before he thought about something, "wait where did that kid come from?"

"That's a long story," Ponyboy smiled and took out a piece a paper and gave it to Johnny, "here's my new number call me any time."

"Wait, how did you and Curly get together," Johnny asked as Ponyboy started to run out the store.

"That's an even longer story," Ponyboy laughed, "goodbye Johnny."

"See ya Ponyboy," Johnny waved as Ponyboy ran out the place.

Johnny sighed and flicked the number in his hand with his finger.

Glad to know Ponyboy turned out okay, Johnny told himself soothingly. He seemed to have created a nice little group for himself as well.

Curly and Ponyboy looked so happy together. Maybe I should start dating again, Johnny thought to himself.

"Naw," Johnny smirked, "bachelor life is too much fun!"

This story has certainly been something special. I can't tell you guys how much I enjoyed writing it.

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I realize that the end of this may upset some people but just try and think positive about it. Both Johnny and Ponyboy are happy and are making the best out of life. Ponyboy's happy with Curly and Johnny is content being single. Life takes you through so many twists and turns and you never know what's going to happen. A person could be your best friend in high school and then come college you both fade away from each (life sucks like that).

Sequel Talk: I hope some of are excited. I believe I did say something about a sequel to this story, but what I have planned isn't exactly a sequel. Why?

Because it's a CurlyxPonyboy's story! A lot of things happen in those two years. Want to see what happened? Curious as to how Curly and Ponyboy got together? Wondering why Ponyboy has a scar on his neck? Do you want to know who the hell Justin is?

Then look out next week for 'Life Choices 2: Forming Bonds'.

Hopefully, you'll look for it and read it. It will be in the Curly and Ponyboy section and rated M.

Goodbye! I love you all so much!