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Presented and wrote by PalkiamaniacRK

Warnings: A slightly changed plot, mild violence, NO character death, future shounen-ai in the chapters and a bit of swearing. Remember, don't like yaoi/shounen-ai, don't read or flame me!

"Aah, twuenya… Bababe, chilala…"

The sun slowly rose from the darkness of night, lighting up a beautiful and vast savannah in the lower part of the African continent.

"Aah, twuenya… bababe gi, cilalo. Wenya, Mm, baba…"

The day started, as the wind blew upon a rhinoceros eating its breakfast, causing it to look up and start walking. The wind also blew upon a few antelope, also guiding them to a certain place. Several meerkats stood up on their hind legs, wondering what was going on with the other animals. A cheetah looked over the horizon at the top of a hill, spotting the animals and silently following them on their path.

"Hey, lala…"

Herons near a huge waterfall silently glanced at each other, before flying off towards the distance.

"Ziabu, bula…"

Herds of African elephants gathered near a unusually snowy mountain, traveling towards the same place the other herds were heading. Flocks of birds flew above several rivers, flapping as high as they could. Herds of Gazelles leaped over patches of savannah grass through a cloudy field, traveling where the other animals are going.

"From the day we arrive on the planet…

And blinking, step into the sun…"

A mother giraffe with her child gracefully walked out of the dark, the little child turning its head away from the light before getting used to it.

The child glanced down onto the wonderful scenery, where as a stampede of different animals, including giraffes, ran across the savannah grass. The two giraffes by the distance followed afterwards, running with their lean and long legs.

"There's more to see, that can ever be seen…"

"More to do, than can ever be done…"

Several flightless birds ran away for safety, but still followed where the other animals were going, as elephants slowly stomped across the rock. One of the birds behind the rest nearly got stepped on by the elephants stomping, flying a short altitude before landing on the ground in a rush.

"There's far too much, to take in here…

More to find that can never be found…"

At the end of the great river Nile, zebras charged and jumped as high as they could over the deep water, along with many other animals walking on it.

"But the sun rolling high, in the sapphire sky

Keeps great and small, in the endless round,"

All of the travelling animals finally reached their destination from their long walk, two rather large pieces of rock in a right angle, lots of boulders at the behind supporting it. Animals in the area call it the Pride Rock, as a group of lions is called a pride, and a group of lions happen to live in the large rock. Flying in the sky towards the huge rock, a brown bird with a very long and odd flick on its head flew in a hurry.

"It's the Circle of Life…

And it moves us all…"

The flying bird landed in silence in front of a very serious looking lion, gazing into the Outlands. The said bird bowed before a serious, but great lion. The great lion's name was Berwald, his mane shaggy and blonde and eyes just as serious as him, but as blue as the sky above. He was considered mighty because he fought many other lions with just brute strength and his axe, which he keeps now in a hidden place no-one knows about. After a second, the mighty lion finally noticed him, showing two white patches around his eyes.

"Your Highness, Heracles is on his way, is Ludwig alright?" The bird asked the beast in a formal way, addressing him like a powerful king.

"Y's, L'dwig 's fine. B't I'm w'nd'ring wh're Ivan 's…" He said with a very interesting, but hard to understand accent, what he called a 'Swedish' accent.

"Sire, I'm sure he will arrive momentarily. Speaking of arriving, it looks like Heracles is here!" The servant said cheerfully, looking at where the gazelles and ox are before flying off once again.

"Through despair and hope….

Through faith and love,"

The hairy ox bowed before the presence of a young, brown baboon, as he walked upon the land on his own two legs, carrying a stick with a couple of fruit with him. He smiled at the other animals, gradually looking ahead before climbing upon the rocks at the front. Once he climbed to the top, he dusted some rock shards off his fur before giving Berwald a friendly hug, Berwald slowly returning it, patting his back.

"Why hello, Berwald! I haven't seen you since you were a lion cub! Come to think of it, it's the only time I ever get to see you!" He chuckled, earning a little smile from the great Berwald.

"M' w'fe's th's way, come." He said before walking slowly into the mouth of the Pride Rock. Heracles quickly followed, carefully trying not to fall down the sides of the thin in width rock.

"Till we find our place, on the path unwinding…

In the Circle, the Circle of Life…"

Inside the mouth of Pride Rock, the whole pride of lions was there, waiting and watching the every movement of the ceremony. Nearest to the entrance, was a bright yellow lion named Tino, but some lionesses call him Timo. His mane was messy and blonde just like Berwald's, but his eyes was a pure brown colour. Looking downward in his arms, he was holding a yellow fuzz ball looking just like him.

"Why, hello, Heracles. How are you doing today?" Tino asked the young baboon, his carrying stick waving around the little fuzz ball.

"I'm fine, thank you. But, would you mind waking up little Ludwig for me, please?" He asked nicely with a sweet smile. Tino happily obliged and licked the back of the tiny cub's head. As soon as the tongue licked a certain spot on the head, the cub suddenly turned around, opening his eyes to reveal eyes just like his father's, all serious but blue as the sapphire sky. Heracles gradually smiled a gentle smile, reaching for his stick. He waved it around the little cub again, the fruit attached to it jingling with their seeds inside of it.

The lion cub, known as Ludwig, completely stared at it, mesmerized at both the sight and sound of the baboon's stick. While a claw quickly appeared on his left paw, he tried to claw it out from the air, which he failed to do, the claw shrinking as fast as it came.

The wise baboon carefully picked one of his stick's fruit and, gently as he could, split the fruit in half. Inside it, was a cross necklace made of some sort of iron, incensed with the fruit's juice. He wiped off the juice off the iron cross and made little Ludwig wear it, which was still curious of what the baboon was doing.

"The Knight's Cross…" The young, but wise baboon whispered quietly to himself.

"Wh't d' you me'n, Heracles?" Berwald asked, staring at the iron necklace his son has.

"Ah, the Knight's Cross." Heracles started. "It shows that a brave and strong lion may emerge within. Your son might even be a hero one day!" He then chuckled, the lioness also giggled inside, causing echoes to bounce off the walls of the cave. After a second or two, he pulled himself together and then said "Without further do, I will continue with the service."

He gently picked up baby Ludwig by the arms, slowly letting him rest on his shoulder. His left hand supported him by the behind and the right to hold him still. He nodded at the couple, who nodded at him back. As slow as he could, he walked on his own ape feet back to the edge of the Pride Rock where all the other animals were, impatiently waiting to see the new member of the pride of lions.

Heracles slowly walked nearer to the edge of the impossibly huge rock, adjusting Ludwig to face the front, towards the sun. All the animals gradually looked up to see a baboon walking to the close edge while staring at the sun.

"It's the Circle of Life,

And it moves us all…"

All of a sudden, he lifted little Ludwig to the direction of the blazing Circle of Life and held it in that position. Nearly at the same, all of the animals cheered at different levels, stamping their feet, cried out, waved their arms around like crazy, so on. Even hordes of elephants blew their trunks to the new-born. While all the animals cheered, the quiet lion cub stared down at the scenario below, trying to recognize every creature's face, like all new-born cubs do.

"Through despair and hope,

Through faith and love…"

The sunlight suddenly burst out the thick clouds, shining on the wise baboon and Ludwig. At that moment, the zebras started to kneel right before the new-born, the other animals joining afterwards. Giraffes gradually moved their long necks down until it nearly reached the ground beneath.

"Till we find our place,

On the path unwinding…"

Berwald and Tino started to walk to where their son was, lying down to the light in front of them.

"You know Berwald, have you seen Gilbert anywhere?" Tino asked his husband in a quiet volume, trying not to break the atmosphere.

"I s'nt h'm b'ck to h's d'n so h' w'n't b'ther the c'rem'ny." Berwald quietly answered back, nuzzling into his feminine husband's mane.

"In the Circle,

The Circle of Life"

"Cool, I get to have a totally awesome brother who got shone on by some sunlight! That's totally awesome, I need more awesome siblings!"

~The Nation's King~

A tiny brown mouse quivering with hunger scuttled out of the darkness of his little home, searching for any kind of food. He sniffed around for a little while, before scuttling forwards a little bit. He stopped to clean his ears, but he sensed something big was coming. He sniffed around the area for something before-


He was trapped in a giant white paw, tail sticking out of one of the gaps. The mouse was slowly lifted up, struggling in mid-air. He was now held face to face with a giant white lion with violet eyes, who had some-sort of a sad, but sadistic expression on his scar-endowed face.

"Life's not fair, is it, da?" He said in a low voice, almost sad in some-way.

"Please sir, l-let me go…" The little mouse quivered and shook with fear of the giant lion.

"Hahaha, you are very funny, da" He chuckled sarcastically, showing his big, white and bare teeth. "Now you will never see the light of the day~" He opened his mouth to prepare eating the trembling mouse when all of a sudden, he was interrupted.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" The same brown bird with the unusual curl spoke in a spiteful manner to the white lion. The huge lion sighed a pitiful sigh.

"Da, what do you want?"

"Well, I'm here to announce that the Great Berwald is coming this way," He announced to the white lion, still trapping the hungry mouse. "So you'd better have a good excuse for him…"

The mouse, managing to escape from the furry prison, scuttled as quickly as lightning towards his little cave, not looking back. The violet-eyed lion noticed, staring at the little creature run away to his little cave just nearby.

"Oh, look here Roderich; you made me lose my new member to the Soviet Union…" He made a small pout, quivering his lips to add the effect.

"Oh, Soviet Union that! That's what happened to the so called other 'members'. Katyusha should take care of you, not me. But the king will do worse than that when he gets through with you!" He loudly complained for a little while.

"Oooh, I'm so scared~ I think I'm quivering with fear, da…" His voice lowered, changing into a much scarier voice.

"Now now, Ivan, don't look at me that way…" He worried, taking steps back from the now prowling lion. The brown bird flapped his wings, trying to get away from the hungry lion, who growled in anticipation. The lion pounced at the brown bird, trapping him inside his mouth.

"Iv'n." The serious Berwald said in a plain tone. All Ivan could respond back was a,


"P't h'm do'n."

"Impeccable timing, you majesty." Roderich's beak popped out of Ivan's big lips, before spitting the servant out of his mouth. The servant's landing was face-first on the rocky floor, while he was covered in Ivan's saliva. He desperately tried to get it off, cursing German words in disgust in return.

"My, my, if it isn't my cousin who went to mingle with the other commoners~" He provoked the blonde lion, in return of a more angry expression.

"Tino 'nd I d'dn't see y' at th' pr'sent'on 'f Ludwig." He said plainly again. Ivan sarcastically gasped when he stopped on his bed, which was just a rock slab on the wall.

"That was today? Oh, I feel simply awful…" Ivan groaned, positioning his claws on the rock slab before bringing them down to create an ear-splitting screech. Since Roderich's small ears were so sensitive, hearing the screech must have nearly made him deaf.

"Must've slipped my mind, da~" He then said after Roderich's problem, waving around his newly sharpened claws.

"Yes, well," Roderich started after his ears fixed themselves. "As the King's half-cousin, half-brother, you could've been first in line!" The white lion clamped his teeth together, his cheesy smile frightening poor Roderich away, behind Berwald's huge front legs.

"I was first in line…" He leaned down to Roderich, who was still hiding behind Berwald. "Until that little hairball was born!"

"Th't ha'rb'll is m' s'n," The great lion said in Ivan's face. "'nd yo're fut're k'ng."

"Oh, I shall practice my curtsy~" He held up a 'phone hand', turning away from the blonde lion.

"D'n't t'rn yo're b'ck on m', Ivan!" He shouted at his half-brother, bearing his white fangs.

"Oh no, Berwald." Ivan stopped in his tracks, looking back at the mighty lion. "Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me."

At that sentence, Berwald roared, charging after the escaping Ivan and stopped right in front of him.

"Is th't a ch'llenge?" He growled angrily right in front of Ivan, baring his white fangs once more.

"Ooh, temper temper…" He told Berwald off, shaking his head from side to side. "Wouldn't dream of challenging you~"

"Pity, why not?" Roderich asked the violet-eyes lion, eyeing him carefully.

"Well, as far as brute strength goes, I've got the lion's share," His face then changed into scowling. "But when it comes to having everything…" He sighed pitifully.

"I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the dream pool…" He padded around the mighty lion, wandering off to the savannah field across the rock of his den. Berwald looked back at him, wondering why they were related.

Roderich sighed a very long sigh after the huge, white lion left.

"There's one in every family, is there? Too bad for me, you're the only family I've got! But, That one person always manage to ruin a special occasion…"

"I'm 'lways w'nder'ng wh't I'm go'ng to do w'ith h'm…"

"He'd make a very handsome, but scary throw rug!"


"Just think, whenever he gets dirty, you would throw him outside and beat the hell out of him!" The two chuckled, padding outside Ivan's den and heading for the main den to the Pride Rock. In the main den where Tino was silently waiting for the return of Berwald next to his sleeping son, the lionesses were chatting endlessly on how the ceremony worked out. Tino sat there, listening to them for the last five minutes, which seemed like five hours to him. He glanced at the outside of the den, noticing the tiny black clouds at the far distance.

"Wow, we haven't had rain for a while… this will be refreshing." He said the last time before falling asleep with his new-born son.

About an hour later, it started to rain across the lower African continent. Different animals tried to find shelter from the quick rain, so they wouldn't get too cold. The clouds grew thicker and thicker by the minute, a sign that more rain is to come. But the rain wasn't always bad. It refilled the several small rivers across the savannah.

Minutes after the first rainfall, thunder and lightning started to strike. It wasn't common that thunder and lightning stroke across the savannah grass. But while the two elements had their fun, a sum-what upside-down planted tree gave shelter to a certain wise baboon in the land.

Heracles was hand-painting an image of Ludwig, using his fruit's juice and rock dust to create it. He was doing it so he can keep track of what Ludwig will become in the future. He muttered chants of Greek language before looking back at his art. He reached out for one of his fruit's encases, dipping his thumb into it, chuckling at the same time. Just then, he rubbed his thumb over the painted Ludwig's forehead before quietly muttering,


~Nation's King~

Morning rose, as the sun's radiant colours shone down on the African continent, exciting two energetic cubs. The cubs watched the scenery before them, silently discussing with one another before returning quickly to the main den.

One was fully white and had red-eyes with a white steel necklace around his neck, shaped like a cross, and taller than the lion beside him. The other was fully blonde and had serious blue eyes. He also had a necklace, made of iron and also shaped like a cross.

"Yo, ve need to vake up our awesome Vati!" The white one said to the other, trying to keep his voice down at the moment.

"Vhat for?" The blonde questioned the bigger cub.

"Just, come on!"

As soon as the cubs entered the main den, they shouted for their dad, who was sleeping at the far end.


The two cubs separated while pouncing and trampling over the sleeping lioness on the floor, groaning in response as they were jumped on their stomachs once. They leaped over the high rock slab, skidding as they landed to reach their Dad, the great Berwald. Berwald was still snoring away in dreamland, still sleeping like a huge rock as Gilbert and Ludwig called for him repeatedly.

"Urgh… Your sons… are awake…" Tino groaned as he stirred awake, yawning and stretching his front legs. He did that before changing his position of sleeping.

"B'fore s'nr'se, th'yre y'or s'ns…" Mumbled the sleeping Berwald, also stirring awake from his two son's ranting.

"Vati!" Gilbert stopped, trying to reach for his father's ear. "Come on, Vati!" He then pulled his dad's ear by his mouth, trying to get him up. Usually, he used all his strength to pull his dad's ear, so when he let go, he stumbled. He crashed into what sounds like a skeleton pile, before getting up again to head-butt him by the side. In all of that commotion, Ludwig just sat there, awe-struck. Berwald suddenly popped an eye open to see when his son planned a next attack.

"You promised!" He glared at his waking up dad, who also looked at his youngest son just sitting there, staring at Gilbert with his mouth open.

"'K, 'k, I'm 'p." He stuttered, his one eye still open before both opened completely.

"Yeah! Come on, Ludwig! Don't just daze around there, let's go zee it!" The white lion cub shouted rather excitedly over to his frozen little brother, who just snapped out of his trance. "Race 'ya!" And they towards the rising sun, Berwald following soon afterwards.

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