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After a very long and refreshing sleep, both Gilbert and Ludwig were welcomed by the morning light of the next day. They both yawned and stretched their tired muscles, in attempts to wake themselves up for the day of more fun ahead. But before they got out of their cosy cave where the whole pride lived in, their huge Uncle Ivan stood at the exit of the cave.

"Ah, my little nephews. Going out again for today, da?" Their uncle asked. They both looked at him with rather sleepy eyes. "I guess that's a yes, maybe a no. Well, before you do, come have a walk with me. It will entertain you for a bit, da?"

The still rather sleepy cubs looked at each other, before they looked back at their uncle, nodding very sleepily.

"Good, good."

~A Nation's King~

Right at the corner of the Midlands, there was a great, deserted Canyon which the wildebeest loved to hang around near it. As the white clouds rolled over the land, Ivan and his two nephews were seen padding to the nearest tree.

"Now, you boys wait here. Your father has a marvellous surprise for both of you!" Ivan said with a bit of joy in it.

"Oh, vhat is it?" Ludwig asked, not groggy at all from sleep. Gilbert was still a bit tired though.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it?"

"If you tell us, ve'll still act surprised." Ludwig answered back, nudging Gilbert, who was now perched on the rock, lying down and closing his eyes.

Ivan laughed at that point. "Ha, you are such a naughty boy…"

"Come on Uncle Ivan!" Ludwig protested, hugging his uncle's left front limb.

"No, no, no. This is just for you, your brother and your dad. You know, a son-to-father thing." The white lion explained to the two cubs. One of them was sulking and the other was sleeping soundlessly. "Well, I'd better go get him now. You two just stay here, ok?"

"Ok Uncle Ivan. But vhat should ve do vhile you're gone?" Ludwig asked.

"Well, I think you should work on that roar you both have. A king does need to have a very good roar." And with that, their uncle was off to go and get their father.

While the two were 'waiting' for their father, Ivan sneaked off and climbed to the highest point in the canyon where he could see the very large herd of wildebeest, which were happily eating away at the green grass below them. Nearly at the edge of the grass field was a little rock formation which shaped a little triangle. Inside the little formation were three very hungry hyenas. One of their bellies rumbled very loudly.

"Argh, I can't help it! I'm so hungry…" One of them rambled one, who was Sadiq. "I gotta have a wildebeest…!"

The only female of the trio pushed him back. "Stay put!"

"Can't I just pick off one of the little sick ones?"

"No. We wait for the signal from Ivan." Bella commanded the two, waiting for Ivan's signal.

At that exact moment, Ivan appeared slyly on one of the edges of the canyon, smirking evilly at the hyenas.

"There he is! Let's go."

~A Nation's King~

Back with the two cubs, Gilbert was still sleeping while Ludwig was grumbling on about his roar. He had an idea and turned to his brother, who was still fast asleep. He smiled and playfully pushed Gilbert off the rock in attempt to wake him up. It worked.

"Gilbert, vake up! Dad and Ivan might be here shortly, and I von't let you sleep right though our surprise!" Ludwig exclaimed to his bro, who was on the verge to seriously scratch Ludwig just because he pushed him off his cosy rock.

"Argh… I don't care, I'm just really sleepy. And I don't vant to be disturbed!" Gilbert growled slightly. He doesn't know why he's so sleepy. He just is.

"Well, you can sleep aftervards. But ve need to practice our roar first!" Ludwig insisted, receiving a sleepy groan from Gilbert.

"Fine. You first though…"

"Alright." And with that, Ludwig took in a deep breath, and with all his might, let out his still working roar. It was a mix between a squeak and a lion who lost its courage to roar very loudly. But it was still loud enough to echo all through the canyon, which Gilbert was pretty impressed of.

Suddenly, there was a slight rumbling sound. Both cubs looked around fearfully before looking at the tiny pebbles beneath them. They were jumping around the dry ground for some reason. After that, they both heard a bunch of bird calls which resulted them being engulfed in fear as they turned towards the birds. Just after the flock of birds flew out, the stampede came running down into the canyon.

~A Nation's King~

The whole herd were stampeding out of control down into the now dusty canyon. They canyon was very wide, and the wildebeest came from one side, heading to the other side. And Gilbert and Ludwig were in the way. Fighting the fear out of his body, Gilbert, with huge eyes full of fear, screamed one word at Ludwig.


And they ran.

Tens and thousands of hoofed beasts came running down the canyon slope, with three grey spotted hyenas came running after them, snapping their jaws at them like cowboys herding cows. The trio stopped at the edge of the slope, but the two cubs running for their lives at the bottom didn't.

Meanwhile, at the distance, Berwald and Roderich were scouring their kingdom daily when the brown bird noticed something very dusty and big.

"Look sire, the herd of wildebeest is on the move."


But then, Ivan came out of no-where, with an extremely worried face. "Berwald! Stampede in the gorge… Gilbert and Ludwig are in there!"

Berwald was devastated at the fact. His sons were in a raging stampede! Without a word, he leaped off the huge rock and ran towards the canyon gorge.

Ludwig and Gilbert were still running for their lives. And they were getting tired. From that, the wildebeest then easily out ran the two cubs, their hooves flicking the flakes of the dry ground as they ran. The siblings were running out of breath fast, and they were already in the middle of the stampede. At that moment, Gilbert spotted a dead tree branch nearby, and he beckoned his brother to follow him, as he was out of breath and too tired to speak words. They clawed the branch to hold onto their dear life as the stampede trampled over everything in the gorge. Ludwig held onto the near edge of the poor branch, Gilbert was at the near start section on the branch, his face clearly showing that fear has engulfed him entirely.

While everything the siblings did happened, the two adult lions pounced and ran towards the doom of the gorge, one of them trying to save precious lives, the other… Well, you'll know soon. Roderich flew ahead of them, as his light bone structure helped him fly very fast unlike most of the times he just glided slowly. The hornbill scouted the area very quickly, and found the subs within seconds of starting, diving towards the struggling brothers.

"Roderich, help us!" They both screamed and shouted at the same time, wanting to just get out of this mess fast.

"Berwald is on the way, hold on while you can!"

"Hurry up!"

Not far, Berwald and Ivan skidded down a small slope leading into the gorge. The plastered face on Berwald was both scared and angry. Milliseconds after they went in, Roderich flew beside them and shouted

"There! On that branch!"

Berwald's eyesight followed where his wings were pointing. He saw everything.

"Hold 'n guys!"

The branch began to snap. "Dad!"

Quickly, the mighty king leapt down to the stampede and his doomed sons, joining in with the stampede, running towards them with all of his speed. On the previous spot, Roderich was having a panic attack.

"Oh gosh, what do we do? I know, I'll go get some help right now, yes I'll do that. I'll go-"Before he can even start, Ivan slapped him into a rock wall, slamming face first and undergoing unconsciousness.

Running with the stampede and then against the stampede, Berwald stumbled as some of the wildebeest did not notice him and kind of leaped over him, making the king duck or even struggle a bit. He still kept an eye on his sons, when suddenly a wildebeest rammed into the dead tree, destroying it as the royal siblings were flung into the dusty air. And with a giant faith leap, Berwald managed to catch both sons, which I will not explain how. With claws intact, Berwald then ran, planning an escape plan at the same time. At the long edges of the gorge, Ivan eyed the high royals carefully with alluring eyes which were filled with greed.

Back to the three relatives, again, another wildebeest rammed into the father, losing his grip on his sons, who were flung to the side, miraculously avoiding some trampling hooves while at it. Looking around in shock and fear, before they could move a step, Berwald yet again grabbed both of them impossibly and ran for their lives. Leaping again towards a very low but high enough edge, he planted his two sons there for safe keeping. But as soon as he was about to get up on the ledge himself, he was carried off by some stupid wildebeest again. His boys shouted for him, one calling his name every chance he can take, while the other scoured the area he had fallen in. It wasn't long until the king did, yet again, another leap of faith, digging his claws onto the rocky cliff. Using that advantage, he climbed up the cliff using his claws. With that, Ludwig and Gilbert smiled at that. But seeing that the ledge they were on was too small and far, the king just climbed up further. Wanting to see his father at the top, the two brothers also tried to reach that spot.

At the near edge of the cliff, Berwald struggled to get himself up now. He looked up to see his faithful brother.

"Iv'n!" He struggled to say, about to fall off any moment. "Br'ther, help me…!"

With a moment of aggression and rage, Ivan grabbed his brother's paws with his claws, digging them into his flash as hard as he can. With a roar of pain from Berwald, Ivan said his final words to him,

"Long live, the king…~"

And he let go, pummelling down into the death stampede below, with the background screaming from the two boys.

~A Nation's King~

Not even noticing that his uncle Ivan committed the murder, Ludwig and Gilbert raced down to the clearing stampede, in hopes to find their father still alive. From the dusty remains of the gorge and a million and one wildebeest, they looked around the area with near tears in their eyes. They called out to him. They got no response, but a moment later, they heard some fast steps coming in towards them. In hopes that it was their dad alive and well, their eyes were filled with a bit of hope. But it was just a lone wildebeest left behind the herd.

What they did find, though, was at the dead and broken tree branch, was something long and thin hanging from it. Curious on what it is, they crawled slowly towards it. Gilbert gasped at this point. It was a tail. Their father's tail. And with just that, Ludwig just cried out, tears finally in his eyes and dripping down into the dry land.

"Help!" He cried. "Somebody… Anybody!" And Gilbert too, cried his eyes out.

To comfort them both, he placed a paw on Gilbert's back, pushing it down to make him lie down. Ludwig then proceeded to comfort his crying brother in many ways, also in tears. And then that moment ended. Their uncle Ivan appeared from the dust clouds. Looking at the disembodied and slightly bloody tail, he smirked slyly before erasing it from his face and finally breaking the special bond moment Ludwig and Gilbert had.

"Ludwig… Gilbert…" He said slowly, grabbing their attention. "What have you done…?"

"There… were wildebeest… and he tried to save us…" Ludwig spoke for the still teary eyed white lion cub. "It was an accident though… I didn't know it could happen…"

"Of course, of course you didn't. No-one ever means for these things to happen…" He said caringly, going a bit closer towards the sad boys, stroking Gilbert on the head softly. "But the king is dead. And if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive."

With that, Gilbert grew even sadder that it was his fault, plus Ludwig's as they both have to share the same problems.

"What would your mother think…?" Ivan asked with a surprised tone.

"… What are we going to do…?" Gilbert finally spoke, not wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Run away." Ivan suddenly said, making both of the cubs back away in both shock and fear again. "Run away and never come back." And they both ran at that point, too scared to even look back a tiny bit.

Then, the trio of hyenas appeared suddenly before Ivan, running towards the fleeing cubs with only two words from their leader.

"Kill them."

Entering a steep slope in the gorge, they both looked around for clues to get up. But their time was getting shorter as they both heard the distant hyena chuckling. But as the hyenas were just behind them, Ludwig found a way out to the open areas, with Gilbert following behind him, narrowly evading a deadly hit from Sadiq. Sprinting towards a rocky cliff which reflected the red sunlight, they stopped into a screeching halt to look down. At the bottom of the cliff were thorny bushes and spiky branches sticking out of the ground. With last words, Gilbert said,

"Goodbye Ludwig. Don't be dead when I see you again…!" And he jumped down roughly, but landing safely and miraculously in the thorny bushes.

Ludwig couldn't think of what to do. But when the hyenas were just behind him, he had no choice. He just leaped down without thinking, having some rolls while he was at it. While the small edge was there to break his fall, he landed safely in the spikey bushes, now making his way through them and squeezing through small gaps.

"Whoa!" Sadiq cried out, screeching to a halt. But as the other hyenas didn't know when to stop, they just stopped and bumped into each other, making Sadiq fall into the pit of thorns. Seconds later, he released a howl of pain, springing up into the air very high, followed by some very high hyenas who were laughing their heads off. He reappeared with a million thorns in every inch in his body, wincing in pain in every step he took.

Bella looked off at the distance, smirking with glee. "Hey, there he goes! And there's the other one!"

"So? Go get them." Sadiq said, pulling out a couple of thorns with him teeth.

"There ain't no way I'm going down there! I don't want to appear just like you, cactus butt!" At that remark, Sadiq spat out some thorns at Ceasar.

"But we gotta finish the job!"

"Well, they're as good as dead out there anyway. And if either one of the comeback, we'll kill them!

Sadiq smirked. "Yeah! You hear that? If you ever come back, we'll kill you!" Ending it there with a little of echoed laughter.

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