''You're late, Potter.''

''I'm sorry sir.''

''Let's begin. 1, 2, 3''

Harry on his broom for the first time, Harry standing in Dumbledore's office with Umbridge, Harry and Draco in a broom closet, leaning in, so ! Snape wasn't supposed to see that!

Harry was on his knees, he was cursing in his mind, mad that he let him see that.

Snape stood there with a smirk on his face. He was both, proud of Draco for finally confessing his feelings for Harry, (he caught him wanking off on Harry's picture in a bathroom once) and surprised that Harry was actually gay. It wasn't a long time ago when he saw him kissing that Chang girl. Oh well, fate has its own ways.

''Interesting Potter, you couldn't find a better place than that broom closet? I'm disappointed.''

''Please, sir. I'll do anything, just, please don't tell anyone what you saw. I, I, I… please.''

''Very well Potter, I won't. For the sake of young Draco. Now, I have other important things to do, take your things and leave.''

''Y-yes sir.''

Harry stood up and left the room shaking. He needed to find Draco. Well he wasn't looking for a long time. He was walking a corridor on 2nd floor, when a mysterious blonde slytherin pulled him in a closet.


''Shh stop screaming!''


''Stop talking and I'll remove my hand from your mouth!''


''Oh you like that don't you?''

''Mhmm. Draco I need to tell you somethi-mmm''

''Not now.''


''What? Snakes? Ohh yes, you know how parseltongue turns me on ohh.''

''NO DRACO! Snape! He knows.''

''Wha-hat. He knows what? Potter what are you talking about?''

''He saw my memory, we were in a closet and and i'm sorry. I know you didn't want anyone to know you're gay. By the way, have you ever considered maybe calling me Harry since we're fucking and all?''

''Oh that's all the fuss about? Of course Snape knows. Who do you think thought me all this stuff that make you moan my name? Oh grow up Potter.''

And with that, Draco licked his lips and Harry watched him leave with his jaw on floor and eyes wide opened.