A/N: Slightly shorter chapter than the previous ones, but better than nothing, which is what you've been getting for a while... Sorry! I will finish this. This chapter contains spoilers for s4 ep 1.

"Nimueh! Nimueh! I've got arms!"

"All the better to carry out our evil plans with."

Cenred smiled proudly, putting his hands on the empty space where his hips ought to be. "Ooh!" he wiggled his elbows. "These match my hands and fingers perfectly!"

Nimueh rolled her eyes.

"Do you think I should paint my fingernails black? To capture that 'rebel without a cause' look?"

"No," answered Nimueh simply.

Cenred felt slightly deflated for a minute, and then he simply began to fold and unfold his arms, before breaking out in some freestyle disco dancing.

"Don't do that."

"Do what?" asked Cenred, moving to hide behind Nimueh, and continuing to groove like John Travolta.

"You know what I mean, Cenred. You look ridiculous."

"I resent that."

"You're useless. I don't know why I picked you to be my evil sidekick in the first place."

"Because there wasn't anybody else?" suggested Cenred, whilst hand-jiving.

"Oh. Right. I hate my life."

"Afterlife. You hate your afterlife."

"That's what I meant."

At that very moment, before they could discuss the topic any further, there was a thunk.


Nimueh promptly slapped Cenred. "How dare you call me by another woman's name?"

"Ow!" Cenred rubbed his newly-acquired cheek. "That wasn't me! Did that sound like me to you? Honestly! Women…"

They both turned towards the source of the noise, looking curious, awkward, and curiously awkward.

Morgause was sitting in a grumpy heap on the floor, largely mirroring their emotions.

"Oh," she huffed. "I suppose I'm dead, then. Whoopee."

"Morgause!" squealed Nimueh, scurrying towards the other woman and picking her up the floor. "Long time no see!"

Cenred, however, was not quite so eager to see his ex, and the woman responsible for his current situation, conversing with his… well… whatever Nimueh was.


"Goodness!" Nimueh assessed Morgana's appearance. "What happened to you?"

Morgause huffed. "War. It ages a woman."

Nimueh tried not to snort. It wasn't as if she hadn't endured her fair share of skirmishes during her time, and she'd managed to maintain a skin regime.

Cenred, who was standing watching them, then observed the phenomenon that will unsettle any man: both of the women, who were talking in hushed whispers that he could not hear, turned to him and stared, before bursting into giggles. Cenred decided he did not like having Morgause here with them at all.

"I think you're going to have to leave, Morgause," he told her, looking grumpy.


"I don't trust you; you've already tried to kill me once already."

Nimueh looked between the two of them and frowned.

"But Cenred…" Morgause purred, stepping closer and smirking at him. "I thought you liked me…"

Cenred twitched.

Nimueh decided she definitely didn't like this. "I'm in charge here. As nice as it's been to see you, I think I'm going to have to agree with my minion. Cenred and I are a little busy at the moment, and we don't need anybody else around, distracting us from our evil plans. Off you pop then. I suggest you go and find your own stretch of nothingness."

Morgause huffed and promptly disappeared, muttering to herself in the distance.

"So…" Nimueh turned to Cenred, looking most seriously displeased. "How do you know Morgause?"

"Errm, it's a bit of a long story, really."

"Oh, I think we have enough time."

Cenred stared uncomfortably at Nimueh for a while, before opening his mouth to answer, only to be interrupted by Morgause reappearing from the opposite direction to the one she'd walked off in.

"Yes, yes! I know! I'm supposed to be going!" the witch grumbled. "But if you just keep walking you end up back where you started!"

Cenred ran his hands through his precious hair and growled. There was no way having Morgause prowling about could possibly be a good thing.