Not Mine.

Sunday morning came, Buffy ignoring the newspaper she'd set off to the side of the table as she made a quick breakfast. Working against her, this morning was going slow, nothing to rush off and get taken care of. Nothing to distract her from the damn pages.

As she waited for her breakfast to finish heating up in the microwave oven, Buffy found her eyes drifting over to the folded up paper more often than she would have been willing to admit. Her fingernails made a tapping noise as they were craving to go over there and snatch it up.

But no, no. She needed some self control.

God, what was that man doing to her?

That thought put a frown on her face, then silently, Buffy told herself she was being ridiculous and needed to concentrate on something else.

So she did.

For, let's say, a whole minute and a half.

She was about to give up her struggle, go over there and tear to the right section when her food dinged.

Buffy shook her head, laughing at herself, then gathered up her quick meal and walked over to her tiny table to have a seat.

Somehow, she managed to eat her breakfast, nibble on a donut as a treat, and finish her coffee before finally picking it up. She tried to read through it but she couldn't keep her mind focused long enough so eventually she gave up, flipping through it until flashes of colors came before her. Her eyes skimmed the heavy pages of the comic section until she found the one she was looking for.

Buffy's eyes widened and her mouth fell open slightly, a blush crept up on her, staining her cheeks as she read his latest addition.

Sure enough, there she was. There he was. There even the barista she'd spoken with last week was. He'd put their second meeting from the coffee shop right out there for the world to see, with his own spin on it, of course. She found herself literally laughing out loud, a hand coming up to cover half of her blushing face, her head shaking at the cartoon.

The last bubble he let her know he was looking forward to their next meeting. Once gathering herself up, Buffy figured she shouldn't keep him waiting.