By: 1000th Ghost

Object Writing: Write for 10 minutes on one word without stopping, editing, correcting, or judging what you are creating.

It was just a bug that was going around school, they said. Which made sense except that it did not go around school, it stayed exclusively with the two of them.

A raging fever and disabling weakness, and they were taken to the hospital. Separate rooms at first, but when she started to wander the halls clutching anything she could for support, deliriously trying to find him, they moved her twin bed next to his. It made it easier that way, caring for two patients with the same mystery illness in the same room. Decreased the chance of outside contamination too.

During the rare periods of lucidity, she would ask, "Arnold?" and he would mumble, and she would smile and then stop smiling because smiling made her head pound.

Once she awoke in the middle of the night to find that he was in her bed. She had no recollection of him being there, and when she breathed in his face to wake him up, his unfocused eyes did not remember either.

"I don't want to die," he said, and she half attempted to put her arm around him, musing that comforting was usually his area of expertise.

He wrapped himself around her, burying his face in her chest, his legs around hers, his arms tangled in her hair which was hanging loose and unkempt.

"You feel hot," he said, and she wanted to make a witty, dirty, hateful reply, but she was silent and let him take solace in her physical presence.

He kicked his socks off and said something that she couldn't quite make out but that contained the word "undressing".

She must have fallen asleep at some point, and in the morning, she was wrapped around him too.

The End