Sam had just dropped Aubree of at Carly's for a playdate. and was heading into Kelly's when she heard arguing coming from the alleyway. "I don't want to hear any of your stupid excuses." Lucky yelled as he turned away from the nurse.

"Lucky, please you don't understand."

"You slept with my brother Elizabeth." Lucky argued as he turned the corner and bumped right into Sam, "Sam?" Lucky replied as he steadied the women.

"Lucky, you can not just walk away from our family." Liz pleaded as she rounded the corner, only to stop when she saw Sam, "Great. Why are you everywhere I turn?" Liz asked as she crossed her arms.

"I was just meeting Lulu for lunch." Sam tried to explain as she backed away from Lucky's grip.

"Why don't you go be with your own family or did you forget that Lucky and you are no longer married."

"From the sound of it, you and my brother wouldn't be for long ether." Lulu announced as she joined the group.

"Lulu it's been two years you are going to have to get used to Lucky and I being together."

"The only reason my brother is with you is because you did what you do best pray on men when they are weak. Lucky and Sam were in love and have a beautiful daughter and you had to destroy that. Using Lucky addiction to pill to worm your way into his bed."

"It's not my fault Sam was too busy whoring herself to the local mobsters to satisfy her husband."

"Still sticking to that story?" Sam asked, "We both know you are the only whore here." Sam snapped as she turned to head in the dinner.

"Elizabeth enough." Lucky snapped as he walked toward the pier.

"Looks like my brother is finally staring to see who you truly are."

"We will forgive me, he always does." Liz smirked, "Sorry to burst your bubble."

"Getting pregnant won't solve this problem." Lulu spat as she turned around and walked into Kelly's.