Far Away

Chapter 22

"Where have you been?" Maxie questioned as she looked over the drenched man that stood in the doorway. After a moment she walked over towards Sam and handed her the bag that held the ice-cream.

"A freezing tundra." Damion snapped as he walked into the living room, slamming the front door behind him.

"That's a sucky place to go on vacation." Maxie offered as she set her purse and the DVD onto the couch and turned her attention back to the man.

"It was not my first choice." Damion countered, "I was under the impression that I was going on a tropical getaway."

"What would give you that idea?" Sam asked from her place in Jason's arms.

"There was already packed bag in my hotel room, with a note from Emily saying to meet her at an airport gate." He started, "The gate attendant said that Emily was running late and would catch the next flight."

"So, you blindly took a note, air plane ticket and a note and then took a plane to an unknown location?" Maxie asked as she tried to get the story straight, "How the hell are you still alive?" The blonde asked shocked.

"I was trusting my girlfriend, little did I know that she was sending me off to a frozen place with only shorts and tank tops." He defended as he shook the water out of his hair.

"I will get you a towel." Sam offered as she hurried towards the kitchen, with Jason hot on her trial.

"So, how was Iceland?" Maxie asked with a huge grin.

"It was Greenland."


"So, that's where the plane tickets where for?" Jason asked with a smirk as he walked to the laundry room which was off from the kitchen.

"Yeah." Sam sighed as she pulled a spoon out from the draw and opened the ice cream, her real reason for coming into the room.

"You didn't come in here to get him a towel, you just wanted to eat your ice cream." Jason observed as he popped his head into the kitchen.

"It's nice when we are on the same side for once." Jason replied as he came into the room with pants and a black shirt on and an extra pair of sweats in his hand, which he handed towards Sam, who in return held out a spoon full of ice cream.

"He betrayed me and you know we always get even with people who betray us." Sam smiled as she slid on the pants, "I am going to have to come clean."

"No." Jason said quickly as he walked up behind her and pulled her towards him, "It will all work itself out." Jason assured her as he placed a hand on her stomach, just as the baby kicked.

"She knows your voice." Sam smiled as she placed her hand over his.

"She is going to be here before we know it." Jason said as he placed a kiss on Sam's neck, "Three more months."

"She is also going to need a name." Sam laughed as the baby kicked once again."We are going to have three kids and a teenager." Sam thought out loud, "We are getting old." Sam laughed.

"You are twenty eight, I am the one whose thirty one." Jason corrected.

"Your right, you are getting old." Sam laughed as Jason pinched her side.

"I'm surprised I don't have gray hair yet." Jason smirked, "With you and your siblings."

"You know you are going to be outnumbered." Sam said after a moment, "This baby is going to break the tie, it's going to be four to three. Girls rule."

"Don't worry, we will make up for it, next one will be a boy."

"Oh, no I am not having this baby, just to be knocked up again. At least two years."

"Keep telling yourself that, the rate we go I am surprised you aren't having twins." Jason laughed, just as there was a scream from the other room.


Maxie dove behind the couch as Emily threw the remote at the wet men this time, which hit him right in the head. Emily had come into the room a second earlier at first she was ecstatic to see the man, that quickly turned into anger a second later, "How dare you leave without saying anything to me." Emily yelled as she tossed a pillow at him, which he dodged, "I though Jason had killed you."

"You sent me to Greenland." Damion countered as he caught the vase.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't act dumb, you and my sister are two of the most insane women I have ever met. You both have way too much time on your hands."

"Excuse me?" Emily yelled as she ran at the man, only to be caught by her brother.

"Emily didn't send you to Greenland and Damion didn't leave without a word." Sam started as she handed the dish towel to her brother.

"I tricked him into going, I set it up so he thought it was a trip for the two of you." Jason interrupted.

"Why would you do that?"

"I was upset by all the time Sam was spending with you, I used to be the one who Sam could come to with her problems." Jason explained as he kept his eyes on the man.

"How dare you Jason?" Sam shot as she understood where this was going, "That is my brother."

"I vote we ship him off again." Maxie offered as she popped her head over the couch, "One less person to contend with for God baby." Maxie smiled.

"Jason, I can not believe you." Emily started as she rushed towards Damion and hugged him.

"I am a horrible person, I am going to go upstairs and think about what I have done." Jason frowned as he held out a hand to Sam, who had gone back to eating her ice cream.

"I am going to go yell at him, you start the movie." Sam added as she was already halfway up the stairs.

"Why did you just take the blame for me?" Sam asked once the couple was in their room.

"You are my wife and I didn't want to sit through a three hour movie with your sister, my sister and your brother." Jason answered, "I would rather spend the little time we have alone." He answered as he kicked the door close and quickly moved towards Sam. Who he quickly picked up and make his way towards the bed.


Two days later, Maxie and Robin stood outside the front door of Sam and Jason's house both carrying bags from Kelly's . Maxie glanced at her sister a huge grin on her face.

"Will you wipe that off your face." Robin ordered as she rang the doorbell.

A minute later, the door opened to show a tried looking Micheal. "What the hell are you doing here this early?" Micheal questioned as he turned his attention to the blonde.

"It's Monday." Maxie explained, "The three of us always have breakfast on Monday mornings."

"Why are you here so early?" Micheal questioned again as he opened the door wider so everyone could come in.

"Micheal, it is nine in the morning." Robin explained.

"What?" Micheal asked shocked as he looked at the two woman who were like aunts to him.

"I take it you lost power in last nights storm." Maxie smiled as she walked towards the kitchen, "Looks like you could use this coffee." She added as she came back in the room, shoved a cup into Micheal's hand and then headed back into the kitchen.

"I am so late." Micheal gasped before he darted up the stairs.

"Why are you in my house so early?" Jason grumbled as he came down the stairs in only a pair of sweats.

"Your power was zapped last night, it is nine o'clock in the morning." Maxie explained as came back into the room with a news paper and Jason entered the living room.

"Is that the truth or is this some crazy plan?" Jason asked not knowing what to believe.

"It's the truth." Robin answered.

"Don't worry we didn't date late savings time you. Though this is something that I am going to file away for later." Maxie mused out loud.

"What is with all the slamming draws upstairs?" Sam asked as she came down to join the others, with Alex in her arms.

"I had almost forgotten what my dear sister looked like." Maxie said with a frown, "We where supposed to watch a movie, then she just disappeared."

"You will get over it." Sam promised as she gave Jason a quick kiss before she handed Alex over to him and went to greet Robin."Are you girls early?"

"No, your alarm clocks did not go off." Maxie offered as she shoved the paper into Sam's hand.

"Maxie, now is not the time." Robin frowned.

"Jase, where is Emily?" Sam asked as she looked up from the paper.

"I don't know, she isn't talking to me since the whole Greenland thing. Why?" He asked as he walked over towards his wife.

"No, reason." Sam smiled as she put the paper behind her back.

"No, this is really good and a little weird too." Maxie smiled as she pulled the paper from Sam held it up in front of him.

"This is not funny Sam."

"I had no part in this." Sam spoke as she grabbed Alex from Jason, out of fear that something might happen to her son.

"I am going to kill him." Jason muttered as he stomped out the door,

"How long before he relies that he doesn't have any clothes?" Robin asked.

"You know he did this as retaliation." Sam spat, "Announcing on the front page like that, getting engaged is a good thing. An amazing thing. But announcing it like this is going to get him killed."

"You know that we need? A plan." Maxie clapped.