The Gods made life. The Gods made feelings. The Gods made love. Two creatures would meet and fall in love, live their life together happily. And all living in the universe would be good. That was the meaning of love.

But everything has changed. The respect between all living things is gone. The true love is fouled. It is fouled with cheating, hurting, breaking. Violence and curses, and death by killing. Everything what Gods did not create but the universe did. Angry at careless and heartless, Gods decided that there would be that one day. One day when two special souls would born. They would grow to a man and a woman, living like all the others.

Destiny would make them meet each others. Destiny would make them fall in love. Their souls would be meant for each others.

But her, woman's body and his, man's body would repel each others. There would be pain and destruction when their bodies would encounter. For them and for the two opposite worlds. Their bodies would not be meant for each others. Tragedy would be full of complexities, sadness and suffering. Love in its purest form but within a heartbreaking ache.

The Gods will not feel mercy. Two souls would carry alone the causes of worlds' plagues till the eternity.

It was written in the stars


I made this one a long before my other stories, I hadn't even wrote anything at that time. I remember I was laying on a couch, trying to read for test but then I just fell asleep for a moment, I guess. When I woke up this plot just came into my head and I thought about it the whole afternoon. I even started to make lines for it. You can guess how the test went. I think that was two or three years ago and now I'm finally posting it here. Thanks for reading & comments are welcomed!