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Chapter 10 Preview:

Kagome had spent most of her time in her and Souta's room. Grandpa hadn't asked her to do any homework like usually, of course because she was still convalescent.
Truth to be told, she was feeling perfect but wasn't complaining when she could just lay on the floor and practise. In other words she was drawing, carefully bit by bit a picture of Inuyasha. She had started from his hair and and shoulders, now she was drawing his extraordinary ears and was glad to notice that her head didn't hurt yet. Kagome still couldn't understand how she could feel pain from seeing him but she now she started to believe that it was a fact that she could win.
She wanted to talk to him face to face.

Then she heard her brother's hello-yell from downstairs. Kagome barely had time to grab the paper and stick it under her shirt before Souta opened the door. He looked strangely excited.

"You still don't knock," was her greeting to him.

"This is my room too," he said it quickly, like he was planning to tell her something much more important. She was right; "Onee-chan, you-you can't believe what happened to me."

"What, are you alright?" she sat up, listening keenly.

"Yeah, yeah, listen!" Souta looked like wanted to jump up and down. Instead he sat down one her bed. "I... Me and Minami went to check that old church. He almost fell down from its tower."

"What? You went there?"

"Yeah but someone saved us," Souta grinned. "This probably sounds strange and maybe you don't believe me but... It was a man who had white hair and dog ears!"