Pocket Full of Fanfics

Requested by: Wolf Master Uchiha

Pairing: Sasuke/Temari

Theme: Love

Song: Crazy in Love- Eminem

Word Count: 1729

Can't you see what you do to me baby,
You make me crazy, you make me act like a maniac
I'm like a lunatic, you make me sick
You're truly the only one who can do this to me

You just make me get so crazy
I go schizo, I get so insane I just go schizophrenic
One minute I wanna slit your throat the next I wanna sex
You make me crazy
The way we act like two maniacs in the sack
We fuck like two jack rabbits and maybe that's a bad habit
Cause the next day we right back at it
In the same exact pattern

'What the fuck does this woman do to me?' Sasuke thought as he remembered his past and current years with his girlfriend, Sabaku no Temari. Whenever she was around him, his emotions swirled inside him, making his stomach fill with butterflies and himself feel giddy, like he was high. Sometimes when their personalities clashed with them both being arrogant, stubborn and hard headed, they ended up fighting.

'She makes me fucking crazy..'

She was the only one who could do it to him, the only one who could make him go crazy or act like her youngest brother Gaara and be a maniac.

"What are you Sasuke? A fucking schizo?"

Their fights always ended up in sex, Sasuke's emotions flew during those fights, first feeling murderous and wanting to kill the blonde beauty and then that would soon be taken over with down right horniness and a need for sex, which then would lead them to the bedroom and a sex filled couple of hours.

They fucked like rabbits on ecstacy, no denying that, it was a bad habit of course but neither could get away from the other, they were like drugs to the other, oh so addictive.

The patten repeated during their relationship, fight, sex, make up and then normality for a while. Scratch that, normality didn't exist in their relationship, it was blocked out.

For all the trouble she was worth, Sasuke still loved the golden haired woman.

What the fuck is the matter with us
We can't figure out if it's lust
Or if it's love which that is attractin us to each other
They say that every man grows up to marry his own mother
Which would explain why you're such a motherfuckin bitch
But I stay and still stick it out with you
Even though I just hit you today but you deserved it
You hit me first and provoked me to choke you
Just cause I came home late last night
Crawled in bed and I woke you

"Sasu-kun, do you love me?"

"Of course Tema-chan."

Only did he love her, was it love, or was it lust. The two were confusing and Sasuke just didn't know the answer, so he just embellished the truth and said yes.

What did attract him to Temari?

Sasuke would say her eyes, hair, attitude, everything about her drew him in, even her scent.

"Sasuke, every man grows up to marry his own mother, so watch out."

Sasuke could barely remember his mother, only knowing from his brother that their mother was stubborn and arrogant, which instantly made the blonde hair and teal eyes flash in his mind.

'Shit, I did marry my own mother..close enough to her anyway.'

Even with all the downs in the relationship and the disapproving families and villagers, Sasuke stuck it out with Temari even though they had had another fight.

"All I fucking did was wake you up bitch! By accident!"

"I have to get up fucking early tomorrow you bastard, it's 3 A.M, where the fuck have you been?"

"I've been out, having some fun that I've earned seen as I pay for most of this fucking house!"

"Like I haven't been trying Sasuke!"
"Your not fucking trying hard enough!"


Temari had struck Sasuke on the face and glared at him angrily, Sasuke snarled and wrapped his pale hands around her throat, immediately squeezing, preventing her from breathing.


She choked out his name and Sasuke realized what he was doing, he released her and exited the bedroom, leaving the blonde behind with a red ring around her throat.

But if there's one thing about you that I admire
It's baby, because you stay with me
Maybe cause you're as crazy as I am
Cause when I look at you

I can see an angel in your eyes but if I look deeper inside
I see a freakish little side, like a devil in disguise
You're always full of surprises
Always pullin devices out your personal vibrators and dildos
You've fucked yourself so much you barely feel those anymore
You're only 24 but you're plenty more mature
Then those other little ho's who just act like little girls
Like they're in middle school still you're crazy, sexy, cool
Chillin' you play your position you never step out of line

Sasuke admired Temari's will to stay with him, even through all the continuous fights they had, she stayed for the good times, were they would just act like lovestruck teens again and share tender kisses, not exchange blows.

Temari's eyes.

Teal pools that let Sasuke read her every thought, they made her look like an angel when combined with her blonde hair that framed her face like a halo, if he took the time to look deeper into those eyes, that image was immediately replaced with a new devilish Temari, that glint in her eyes that meant trouble.

She was full of surprises, the biggest one, when Sasuke looked through her bag for a pen and found a pink dildo and a purple vibrator in it. Temari came home to see Sasuke with them, smirking at her with that infuriatingly sexy, erotic smirk, her face was flushed red for the entire night.

He loved Temari because she was mature as well, she knew just how to handle him, unlike those hoe's who hung around him in school, Karin,Sakura and Ino, always screaming his name down his ear, annoyingly devoted to him.

Temari kept her cool around Sasuke, not letting herself act like a fangirl or hoe.

Even though I stay in your business
You've always kept out of mine
I wonder what's on your mind
Sometimes they say love is blind
Maybe that's why the first time I dotted your eye
You ain't see the sign
Or maybe you did maybe you like me in charge
baby cause we're crazy in love...

Another thing he loved about the girl.

She never interfered in his business at all, never indulged herself in his own actions with his friends, she trusted him enough to know he wouldn't cheat. Sasuke kept a discreet eye on her business though, only discreetly.

"Love is blind, you've gone blind Teme."

He wondered why they stayed together after they first exchanged heavy blows, landing punches on each others bodies.

Maybe Temari was a masochist?

Maybe Sasuke was a sadist?

Maybe they were crazy in love?


You are the ink to my paper
What my pen is to my my pad
The moral, the very fibre
The whole substance to my rap
You are my reason for being
The meaning of my existence
If it wasn't for you I would never be able to spit this
As intense as I do, and the irony
Is you rely on me as much
As I rely on you to inspire me like you do

You provide me the lighter fluid to fuel in my fire
You're my entire supply of gas, the match and igniter

She was everything for him, a passionate, dependant fire burned inside of his heart whenever she was near.

Sasuke had found his talent in rap, rapping about his life and other things that sparked interest. Most of his raps, were focused on Temari. Sometimes she was flattered, others enraged.

Ironically, as much as Sasuke needed her to keep that passionate flame burning , she needed him too, though neither would admit it. Sasuke needed her love, support and inspiration for his music, Temari needed him for love, excitement and adventure in her life.

The only way that I'm able to stay so stable
Is you're the legs to my table,
If you were to break I'd fall on my face
But I'm always gonna make you feel
I don't need you as much as I really need you
So you don't use it to your advantage
But you're essential to me

You're the air I breathe
I believe if you ever leave me
I'd probably have no reason to be

They dreaded the thought of one leaving the other, sure they had threatened to, even done it once or twice, but it was never permanent.

Temari supported Sasuke, held him steady in his chaotic life.

Who was their when his mother died?

Who was their when his father was murdered?
Who was their when Itachi murdered the rest of the Uchiha family?
All through it one person continuously supported him and helped him through it.

Sabaku no Temari.

She was needed for his existence.

She was like air, he needed it to survive.

So if she left him, he would cease to exist.

You are the Kim to my Marshall, you are the Slim to my Shady
The Dre to my Eminem, the Alaina to my Haillie
You are the word that I am looking for when I'm trying to describe
How I feel inside and the right one just won't come to my mind
You're like the pillar that props me up, the beam that supports me
The bitch who never took half, the wife who never divorced me
You are like the root to my evil
You let my devil come out me
You let me beat the shit out you
Before you beat the shit out me

Temari was everything to Sasuke, was all of him and vice versa for Temari. She was his angel, devil and all of the in between. She caused his nice and evil side to come out.

Whatever Sasuke gave to Temari, she gave back to match.

Sasuke loved her.

Temari loved him.

He hated her.

She hated him.

They really were crazy in love.