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The two heroes

Chapter one the varock hero

One day in a town of varock there is a hero in red combat shirt and pants. And a long black sword in hand his name is toonspider. And he is the town hero for a week and he is the talk of the town. That he is ok with but he want to be something more. Toonspider walks to the bank to put the gold in there to the big pile of gold. Then some one said to toonspider "are you toonspider". then he looked at the man and said "yes I am" then the man ran out then toonspider looked at the door and said "what was that" with a sad look he walked out of the bank and go were the wind takes him .

Then the man that was at the bank said. "Toonspider of varock when the time comes you with the other hero will save not your world but his". With that we walked to the east and were gone.

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