Random Story

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Sango is ambushed by a pack of rogue wolves, while gathering firewood for the group at camp. She is unarmed and out of ear-shot.

Pairing: Inuyasha X Sango

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha.

Chapter 1

It was getting close to dark and Kagome noticed that Inuyasha wasn't stopping.

" Inuyasha! It's getting dark and we need to stop for the night! " Kagome shouted to the half-demon as she stopped in her tracks and stared daggers through Inuyasha's back.

Inuyasha didn't answer, he just kept walking. Making Kagome even madder.

Seeing this, Sango intervened, " She's right Inuyasha. We do need to stop. " She said.

At the sound of her voice, Inuyasha stopped and turned to look at the group. He didn't look at Kagome, he looked straight at Sango, his eyes were hard for a moment, but they soften a second later and he gave her a small smile and moved off of the road and into the forest. The others followed suite.

They stopped in a clearing where Inuyasha was sitting down under a large tree with a few low hanging branches covering over him. They began to settle in, got their beds out and unrolled them onto the ground, Kagome made a stone circle for the fire, but she noticed that there wasn't any sticks in the clearing.

" Hey Sango? Could you go and get some firewood? " Kagome asked as she turned to her friend.

" Yes. " Sango answered, she got up and walked over in the direction a little ways away from Inuyasha, who was now in his human form.

" Don't wonder too far Sango. " Inuyasha said quietly to her as she walked by.

" I won't. " She replied just as quietly.

Chapter 2

It took Sango awhile, but she had managed to gather quite a bit of firewood. But as she raised up from getting the last stick, she noticed that she had wondered too far away from the camp-site.

" I'm sure I can find my way back. I'll just retrace my steps. " She said out loud to herself. As she turned around and began walking back, she heard a rustling in the bushes around her.

She stopped and used her training to sense what was causing the noise. She didn't sense any demons.

" Just an animal forging. " She said to herself and continued on.

Back at the camp,

Inuyasha was tapping his fingers against his arm as he listened for Sango's return. The others noticed this and Kagome was not liking it.

" Don't worry Inuyasha. I'm sure your girlfriend will come back. " Kagome snotted off.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome with a glare, " She's not my girlfriend! I'm just getting tried of waiting on her to get back so I can have my dinner! " He shouted back.

' The nerve of that wench! But I do admit, I am starting to get worried. She's in heat right now and both demons and wild animals will smell the blood and her fertile scent. And it doesn't help that she went unarmed. ' Inuyasha thought as he looked over in the direction that Sango had gone, wishing that tonight wasn't the new moon and he could smell her out...' No, bad idea. I could listen for her and met her half-way and walk with her to the camp-site. ' He thought again.

Rustle Rustle.

' That's the third time I've heard that rustling. ' Sango thought as she heard the noise again. She stopped and shouted out,

" Whose there! "

There was another noise and finally a growling before a wolf jumped over a bush and stared the demon slayer down.

Of course since it was a wolf, Sango thought that Koga was near-by. " Koga! It's just me, Sango! " She shouted, thinking that Koga had ordered his wolves to protect his camp-site.

When she got no reply, Sango became concerned. And only got more concerned when five more wolves showed up, each one circled around her until they had her surrounded. Then another wolf came out, it was the biggest of the seven and defiantly the leader.

Sango dropped the sticks and got into a fighting stance, she may not be armed, but that didn't mean she could still fight.

" Ok. If you want me, come and get me. " She said as she waited for the first one to attack.

Here's ch./s 1 & 2! Hope ya'll like it!

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