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By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Sango is ambushed by a pack of rogue wolves, while gathering firewood for the group at camp. She is unarmed and out of ear-shot.

Pairing: Inuyasha X Sango

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha.

Last Time,

Inuyasha tried his best to not inhale her scent, but it was rather hard. She was in heat and fertile, and she was hugging him, his demon instincts were starting to surface.

He slowly raised his arms and hugged her back. He breathed in her scent, he moved down and began to nuzzle her face and neck.

" Uh..Inuyasha? Why are you doing that? " Shippo spoke, breaking the hanyou's attention to the female hugging him.

Growling low in his throat, Inuyasha let go of Sango, got up and walked away from the small group to go find a river to bathe in before they started back on the road. Unaware that a certain demon slayer was following him.

Chapter 9

Inuyasha walked until he found a river. He took off his clothes and slowly walked into the cold water. It was slowly calming his heated body from what happened earlier. He took in a deep breathe and dove under the water.

Sango had seen him go into the water, a deep blush on her face as he disappeared under the water. She stayed there until he resurfaced.

" Ahh. " Inuyasha sighed as he came out of the water. He stood there for a few minutes and realized that his body was getting warm again and his arousal returned once more.

" Damn her scent. It's really getting to me. " Inuyasha said outloud as he tried to think of something other then Sango and her scent. It didn't work, it only got worse. Instead of trying to forget, he only seen her beneath him. He closed his eyes and moved his hand down until it reached his member, his hand wrapped around it and began to move up and down.

' What the? ' Sango thought as she watched him. She heard him growl and grunt as his hand moved in front of him, her blush returned as she realized what he was doing. Seeing it was time to leave, thinking that he was thinking of Kikyo while doing that.

But she stopped when she heard him say her name.

" Sango. " He said as he grunted.

Gasp! This time, she did gasp outloud and that caught Inuyasha's attention, causing him to stop what he was doing and look towards the bushes, where Sango was hiding.

Chapter 10

" Whose there? " Inuyasha exclaimed as he looked at the bushes.

Seeing as she was caught, Sango stood up and walked to Inuyasha. She saw his glowing yellow eyes grow wider as she came closer.

' Oh no! She saw me! ' Inuyasha thought as she now stood in front of him.

" Ho-How long were y-you there? " He asked nervously.

Sango didn't answer, but her blush told him that she had been there long enough.

" I'm so sorry Sango! I couldn't stop myself, your scent was getting to me and I really tried not to let it get out of hand and...What are you doing? " Inuyasha exclaimed.

Sango had began to undress herself as she heard him, by the time he had noticed what she was doing, she had completely discarded her kimono and stood in front of him completely nude and walked towards him.

Inuyasha was frozen to the spot, he couldn't move and he couldn't breathe. Sango came up to him and looked up into his eyes.

" Is that the only reason? " She asked him, raising her hand up and placed it to his cheek.

" No. I want you. And I really can't stop my instincts when your this close to me. I didn't want you to think I was disgusting for thinking like this. Your a demon slayer and I'm here doing this and wanting nothing more then for you.." Inuyasha explained but didn't get far.

' He wants me? ' Sango thought as she heard him, she thought it rather cute that he was so flustered about being caught for something so natural. She knew what she felt for him, but she also knew that she shouldn't feel that way because like Inuyasha had said, she was a demon slayer and should not feel this way for a demon, even if he was only half.

' Oh the hell with it! ' She thought as she reached up and kissed Inuyasha fully on the mouth.

Chapter 11

' What is going on? ' Inuyasha thought as he felt her kiss him. His eyes closed as he relaxed and returned the kiss.

' That's easy. She wants us to make her ours. She didn't want that monk, she had wanted us all along. Now let me out! I want to be with our mate first! ' Inuyasha's demon said to him.

' No! ' ' YES! ' They argued as they continued to kiss Sango, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. He heard her gasp as she felt his harden manhood hit her stomach.

Hearing her gasp, Inuyasha and his demon stopped arguing and just let their body take over as they merged as one.

Sango wrapped her arms around his neck and moved them down and rubbed around his arms, his sides, and back. He moved his hands up to her upper half, moving across her slender arms and across her chest, causing her to gasp and breathe more erratic as Inuyasha moved down to her neck and began to nip and gently bite her as he moved further down to her chest, licking and teasing her there before getting to her stomach, he licked and bit her there for several minutes before going back up to her lips.

Sango, not wanting to be out done returned the attention. She moved to his neck and began bitting onto his shoulder and the front of his neck. Her right hand went to his ear, her left hand went down to his manhood. She grasped it and moved up and down like he had done to himself earlier, but it felt alot better then when he did it himself. She was also rubbing his ear, causing him to growl deeply in his chest as he felt the pleasure that her hands were to doing to him.

He moved his own hand to where hers was on his manhood and stopped her movements. She looked up at him, but he only smiled and lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and he moved to where a rock was a few feet away. He placed her back to the rock and looked into her eyes as he slowly moved inside of her.

As he did, her face showed a bit of pain, and he stopped and was about to pull away, but she stopped him.

" Please don't stop. " She pleaded as she put her hand to his cheek.

" As you wish, my love. " He replied breathelessly as he slowly went back inside of her until he was all the way inside of her.

They stayed still for several long minutes both reminesing the feeling of being this intimate with one another. After another three minutes went by, Sango moved against him and Inuyasha began to move as well.

Their grunts, moans, and growls blended through out the night.

" Ohh, keep going! " Sango pleaded as he went faster. She matched him with each thrust he made into her.

" I can't hold out much longer! " Inuyasha exclaimed as he kept thrusting into her. His thrusts got harder and a little bit rough, but Sango didn't care, she loved him and every second of it.

A final thrust was made and both Inuyasha and Sango came at the time. Inuyasha's fang's lengthen and he bit Sango in her neck.

As they came down from their high, Inuyasha walked them out of the water and onto his and her clothes. He manoverd around a bit and Sango now had her back pressed against his chest and his arm around her waist.

" Good night Sango. I love you. " He said to her as he nuzzled her neck, before he slowly fell asleep, he heard Sango say,

" I love you too, Inuyasha. Sweet dreams. "

The End.

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