This just popped into my mind one day. I have a whole story in my head but I'm not sure when I could get back to it. The amount of comments I get could change my mind though. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy it!

Note: This takes place seven years after the book / movie

Ronnie sat on the porch of the Blakelee family home catching up on her summer reading. The warm wind was blowing through the North Carolina trees causing the sunlight to dance on her skin. This is the first summer she had been back since Will and her wedding but Will was insistent that it was time to come home for a visit. Most of the year they lived in New York where she would play with local orchestras and Will would oversee the Blakelee brake shops.

Ronnie felt a flutter in her stomach and placed her hand on top of her rounded belly where Will and her child rested. A smile formed on her face while she enjoyed the movements her child made. It wouldn't be long before she got to hold their daughter in her arms. Ronnie put her head back and closed her eyes relaxing against the lawn chair. Moment like this made it all worth it. All the heartache she endured when her dad died had led to this moment where everything was as it should be.

"Ronnie, are you okay?" Ronnie opened her eyes to see Will trotting up the steps towards her. He was dressed in khaki shorts and a white shirt that was clinging to him from sweat. He had spent the day on the water with his dad deep-sea fishing. As he got closer he pulled the shirt over his head to display the most gorgeous body Ronnie had ever seen.

"I'm fine, just enjoying this weather." She smiled up at him when he placed a kiss on her forehead.

"You should enjoy it while you can. I heard it's supposed to be rainy the next few days." Will sat down in the chair next to her and took a sip of the lemonade she had brought out for herself. "I'm glad we got out on the water today. It was a perfect day for fishing."

Will's dad, Tom, walked up the steps carrying a package of fish," caught some good ones today. Some of us are going to be eating well tonight."

Ronnie stuck her tongue out playfully knowing he was commenting on the fact that she was a vegetarian. "Well, I'm glad you guys had fun."

"Where is mom," Will asked.

"She went in a little while ago. I think the sun was getting to her."

"I think I should get you out of the sun too." Will stood and offered her his hand knowing that she would need help to her feet.

"I remember this being so much easier," she laughed. Will put a hand on the small of her back and guided her into the house. "Why don't you go take a shower? I want to get back to that piece I've been working on."

Ronnie strolled over to the music room and took a seat at the Steinway piano that was the centerpiece of the room. Her music was still sitting on the top with her pencil she had used to make notes and change her mind; which she did more often than not. Pulling her hair back into a knot she placed her hands on the keys and let whatever was in her heart pour out. It was the song she had written for Will as a wedding present. The music wasn't really coming from the piano like most people assumed. The truth was music grew from a thought or idea that came to life throughout her body and landed in her fingers; which would dance on the keys like a ballerina.

Now that her fingers were warmed up and her focus was back she turned to the piece she had been writing and played the first few notes. "So far, so good," she commented to herself. When she hit the troubled spot she stopped and closed her eyes waiting for the right melody to pop into her head.

"You are so beautiful," she heard Will's voice break into her head.

Ronnie opened her eyes and saw him standing in the doorway leaning against the doorframe for support. "Fat you mean."

Will pushed away from the wall and went to sit with her. "No way. I might keep you barefoot and pregnant the rest of your life."

Ronnie rolled her eyes as Will started nuzzling her neck. "If you keep that up I might be okay with it." Will's hand reached up to support her neck as he deepened his kisses. She wanted to tell him to stop and that his parents could walk in at any moment but the feel of his lips on her skin made all coherent thought disappear.

"I think we should take this upstairs," Will whispered in her ear sending goosebumps rippling down her spine.

"Won't your parents miss us," she purred.

"I think they are getting dinner ready. We have time." And she was thankful for it.

The next afternoon the rain was pouring just as Will had said it would. The trees that had calmly swayed in the wind the day before were violently teetering back and forth reminding her of a drunk trying to stand. The rain came down in drops that were as big as quarters and the thunder shook the house. Ronnie's hand went instinctively to her stomach as the last thunder clap sounded. She now knew what they meant about maternal instincts.

The room they were staying in was darker than normal and Ronnie squinted from the glare coming from the windows. It was a gloomy day and lucky for her she wouldn't have to go outside much. In a few minutes they would all be heading to Megan's house for a visit but that was the extent of her adventures outside. Hopefully the rain would stop to allow them all to make it into the car without being soaked.

"Ronnie," she heard Susan Blakelee calling for her. Walking out into the hall she saw Susan all bundled up in a raincoat that was too big for her. "I found an old raincoat of Megan's."

Susan handed her the coat and Ronnie put it on making sure that it would cover her baby bump. Luckily it just made it. "One more month and this wouldn't have fit."

"Well, I can't let my favorite daughter-in-law get all wet now, can I," she asked in her drawl. It was funny how time changes people. From the first time she met Susan she believed she would hate her for the rest of her life. Not only had Ronnie kicked Ashley out of Will's life but she had also been one of the reasons Will had transferred to Columbia.

"Are the lady folk ready yet," Tom called up from the front door.

The ladies walked over to the second story landing and looked down on the two men in their lives. It was easy to see that they were becoming impatient.

"I'm ready," Susan answered.

"I need to use the bathroom before we go," Ronnie blushed aware of the fact that she had used the bathroom five minutes ago.

"Hurry up," Will called out to her.

"It's not my fault. "

Ronnie used the restroom and then washed and dried her hands on the teal washcloth. The Jack and Jill bathroom was neat and decorated with matching teal tile and cream-colored walls. She was hoping that when they got home they could redecorate the baby's bathroom with rubber ducky wallpaper and yellow tile.

"Come on momma," she heard Will say.

Ronnie took off at a fast clip knowing that her husband was getting restless. She picked up the birthday present Will and her had picked up in Greece for Megan and headed towards the bedroom door.

At the top of the stairs she looked down on her family. "All ready." But as she took the first step she lost her footing and fell down the stairs blacking out when she hit the bottom.

Will sat in the lobby of the local hospital trying to stop the panic that had taken over since watching his wife fall down the steps of his parent's house. One minute everything had been fine and then she was at the bottom and not responding.

"Tom, maybe you should go see if they can tell you anything," his mom suggested. She had been standing behind Will for the last half an hour whispering words of encouragement and rubbing his back.

Will put his head in his hands and took a few steadying breaths. What was he going to do if something happened to her? Ronnie was his whole life. Down the hall the door opened back into the ICU and he looked to see a young nurse heading his way. He waited holding his breath but she walked right past him. That had been the third time someone had walked past and not given him any clue about what was going on behind the locked doors.

"I can't wait much longer," he heard himself say in a voice he didn't recognize.

"Everything is going to be fine, honey," his mom spoke up.

Again the door opened and another nurse walked out. Instead of the times before she walked straight towards them. "Are you Mrs. Blakelee's family?"

Will stood to his feet," I'm her husband."

The nurse smiled at him and he felt some of the weight lift off his shoulders. "Your wife is going to be fine. She took a few bumps and bruises from her fall and has a slight concussion. She may have headaches for a while but nothing life threatening."

"Thank God," his mother breathed a sigh of relief.

"What about the baby," Will asked as the smile left the nurses face. He knew from her body language that this wouldn't be the good news he wanted.

"I'm sorry sir." That was the only thing he heard before sinking down into the chair behind him. He was aware that she was explaining what had happened but what did it matter when it all added up to a loss. What now? As odd as it was to him, he thought first of the doctors appointment he would have to cancel when they got back to New York. It would have been the appointment when they got a picture of their baby.

"I'll send someone out to get you when we have her settled in a room," the nurse patted his shoulder.

"Thank you," his father said allowing the nurse to leave them.

Hours later Ronnie woke up feeling disoriented. She wasn't exactly sure where she was but there was an annoying beeping noise coming from beside the bed. The room was dark with a dim light overhead and an IV pole beside the bed. How did she get to the hospital?

"Will," she called out into the room

She heard a rustling on her right and found her husband huddled in a chair looking as if he had been sleeping. His hair was in disarray and his clothes were wrinkled more than he normally allowed. "Hey baby, how are you feeling?"

Will leaned over the bed and smoothed her hair down. She closed her eyes and relaxed against the pillow. "I'm a little sore. What happened?"

"You fell down the stairs at home. Banged yourself up pretty good."

Ronnie smiled weakly," first day with new feet. Nobody ever said I was the most graceful person. I'm sure my OB/GYN is not going to be happy about this."

As soon as she said this tears popped into Will's eyes. "They did all they could babe but…"

Ronnie's hand flew to her stomach where her daughter had been resting earlier. The bulge was gone and in its place was a pouch of fat. "Will, please tell me I didn't kill our child."

The first tear fell from Will's eye and landed in his lap. He took her hand away from her stomach and brought it to his lips. "It's not your fault. It was an accident."

Ronnie curled up into a ball and cried for the child she would never hold in her arms.