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This is based on the song "Dear Diary" by Pink, because I had it stuck in my head and I totally suck at songfics.

Sam Puckett had a lot of secrets. Secrets no one knew, that ate away at her all the time. And she desperately wanted for somebody to know, somebody to share her pain. But she knew it was impossible. There was no one she could trust to keep them. Not even Carly, who knew practically everything about her, could know her deepest hidden secrets.

For so long, she had been a bad girl. She was mean and abrasive, and that drove almost everyone away. It had driven Freddie away. And she missed him. She didn't know how to get him back. He would never want to be her friend again—because that's what they had been. Friends.

Or her dad. Her dad had been living with them when she was little. Both her and Melanie had been close with him, Sam more so than Melanie. She'd looked up to him, and then one day she'd woken up and he'd been gone. Left. Her mom had explained to them that Daddy was never coming back, and when Sam had started crying, her mom had snapped at her, "Quit your whining. Men come and go. Puckett girls don't cry—and especially not over a man." She'd hardly ever cried since; whenever she wanted to or felt like she was going to, her mom's voice, from all those years ago, floated through her head.

And since that day, too, she hardly lets anyone in. She's learned that if she does, they'll probably leave. And that's the real reason she's so aggressive and didn't talk to many people; she fears letting anybody get close to her. When she met Carly was just before her dad left, which was why it was so easy to become friends with Carly; befriending Freddie had been so much harder, and not because he hated her. She had picked on him so they wouldn't become friends, because she was afraid, and pretended she hated him so he would hate her. Against all odds, though, they cared about each other. She'd just taken her teasing too far, and now he would probably never speak to her again.

She'd tried to mend her ways, to fix things, but it didn't work. She'd tried everything, but she had gotten herself in too far, too deep. But she'd learned her lesson; she trying to turn herself around. She would try to be nicer to people, to not drive people away.

It was Carly who'd taught her how to do that. Carly, sort of like her guardian angel, was probably the only reason she wasn't in juvie, jail, prison, or dead.

But the secrets still haunted her. So she went out and bought a small, blank notebook with a yin-yang symbol on the cover. She took it home and sat on her bed. She lifted a pen.

Dear diary,

I want to tell my secrets. You're the only one that I know who'll keep them. I know you'll keep them, and this is what I've done.

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