He was her Romeo

Liddlle was staring blankly at the starry night sky. She was sitting on a bench on the balcony. Her and kitty her brown haired brown eyed roommate were lucky that they had a dorm room that was on the top floor. Which had the best view. They were both in their senior year and this meant this was their last year at the academy. Kitty however told her parents about liddlle and her 'so called adopted father' decided that she will live with kitty after graduation. All senior and juniors were participating in a event. 'the so called event' made th senior prank juniors and vice versa. So what made her even luckier was that she could go out on the balcony without getting prank. Liddlle turned her attion to her best friend kitty and her cat/tuath doll dayna who both were sleeping.

Loue I- wish I could tell you how much you meant to me you were like Romeo no we are like Romeo and Juliet only… I rembered everything like it was a distant memory

Aquell Dorothy kaguya lyra Hansel Gretel Alice you everyone….

Did you know that me and kitty were able to make sky fragment (A.N: powerful potion that is almost imposable to make if used the user can have one wish granted)

I never see you.

Oh I gave the sky fragment to Sara.

Did you forget me?

I love you

Liddlle got up to wake up kitty and dayna to tell them they had a test today and need to hurry to class. However she felt something watching her she whipped around and her long blond hair would have smacked anyone who was brave enough stand next to her. However disappointment and sadness showed in her violet eyes as there was nobody there never mind her thinking loue would be standing there smiling his kind smile.

She has had enough of waiting this would be the last year and his last chance to see her after that she would be gone.

She stood there. In her eyes you could see crystal tears threatening to fall.

"Loue I hate you" finally mange to choke out as she continued to cry. She was heartbroken and nothing changed that she fell to the ground on her knees.

"Well that wasn't what I was expecting" a voice told her.

Liddlle finally lifting her head out of her hand turned to see a familer figure at the door. The sliver haired red eye man wearing a cape he had pale skin just like any other vampire.

"Loue" was all she could choke out in shook

"yeah that was my name last time I checked" the loue told smiling his caring smile.


"Hey what was that for" he cried cover his head with his hands to protect it from liddlle's pumpkin umbrella

"LOUE YOU'RE AN IDOIT I HATE YOU I HATE YOU" she kept repeating.

Then she slammed her lips to his and kissed him it lasted a few seconds and then she pulled away. Leaving Loue standing there clueless as she walked to the door.

"What just happened" he mange to find words to say.

Liddlle stopped in front of the door and spun around.

"Loue… you are my Romeo and my Romeo alone" she told him

"Liddlle I…" he tried to find the courage to say the words he wanted to.

Liddlle put her head down figuring that he probably didn't like her I mean aquell likes him and she was a mermaid and a princess everything liddlle wasn't.

"You're my Juliet and my Juliet alone" he told her before lifting her head up and kissing her.

But both knew it was their last time together because tomorrow she graduated and went to live with kitty.

And when the night ended and the dayna and kitty soon to wake up in a hour he had to leave.

"Don't come back here I will be gone so this is the real goodbye."

And with those words they left with heart break. Because just like Romeo and Juliet they end in tragedy…..