Maple And The Beast

This was a strange place. It seemed vaguely familiar. It reminded him of his father's land. Especially as the 'bonjours' were thrown from windows toward other window's inhabitants. He sighed, making his way through the town, determined to find out how he got there.

"VITAL REGIONS!" An exclamation was the only warning given as Matthew was tackled to the ground by an albino.

"PRUSSIA, GET OFF ME!" Canada yelled, wiggling away. What was Prussia doing in his father's land?

"But your vital regions must be invaded!" Gilbert exclaimed, trying to hold onto Matthew. Matthew squirmed and yelled, but no one came to his aid. In fact, the only one he saw around was Gilbird. Oh Maple, why me? Canada asked himself.

After quite some time, Canada had finally managed to get away, Prussia's own reflection having distracted him. He ran back in the direction he had originally started from. He couldn't quite remember how he'd gotten there, but he figured anywhere was safer than with Prussia. He had lost himself in thought and didn't realize how very far he had walked. A yawn escaped his mouth and he recognized how tired he actually was

Up ahead, there was a little cottage and Canada determined that was a decent place to stop and rest. As he reached the front door he held up his hand to knock. The door quickly swung open, revealing Japan wearing reading glasses.

"It's about time you got home, Canada!" he exclaimed. "You took longer in town than expected. Did Prussia get ahold of you?"

Canada shook his head, staring in disbelief. Home? What was going on here? He decided that it wasn't worth it and began to play along. "Yes, Prussia did get ahold of me. It was terrible, Japan…"

They began walking down the hallway before entering a small office. Japan settled behind the desk, beginning to flip through the book. "Oh, Prussia isn't that bad. He's quite handsome. Maybe you should try dating him."

"Prussia? Japan, are you feeling okay?" Canada asked, moving closer to put a hand on Japan's forehead.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. But, I don't think I'm going to be ready for the convention. I don't think this manga will do!" he complained, looking at the book in his hand.

"Let me see it. I'm sure it's fine…" Canada said, taking the manga from his hand. He began flipping through the book. "M-maple! Japan, this is yaoi!"

Japan chuckled. "Of course. That's what the convention is for! If you had such a great reaction, I'm sure to sell a few copies. Okay, I'm off to the con! America is giving me a ride." He shot up from his chair, taking the book, clearly empowered by Canada's reaction. "I'll be back in a few days!" Canada sat, sighing. What else was there to do but wait for Japan's return? He didn't even have a clue what was actually going on.

Not long after Japan left, there came a knock on the door. Canada walked to the front door, laying down the book that he had taken up. He glanced through the eyehole. "Oh, Maple…" he sighed before slowly opening the door. "What do you want, Prussia?"

"Hello, Mattie. I'm here to finish what we started in the village," Gilbert stated, walking inside the house. He turned, smiling at Canada before pushing him up against a wall.

Canada gasped, and pushed at Gilbert's shoulders. "Get off me, Prussia!" he yelled.

Prussia chuckled. "Is it too much awesome-ness for you?"

Canada shook his head, slipping from Prussia's arms. "No, it's just that… aren't you too awesome for little old me? Nobody even sees me most of the time… You'd better just find somebody that's just as awesome as you are." As he spoke, he made his way toward the door, leaning against it, ready to make his escape at any moment.

Prussia lunged at the quiet male, missing as Canada swung open the door, letting Prussia tumble out. And straight down the stairs into the waiting mud pit. Gilbird tweeted a greeting before a clump of mud was launched in his direction. "Shut up."

Canada quickly closed the door, making his way through the house. He gathered a jacket and headed out the back door, hoping to get away before the obnoxious albino remembered the existence of the back door. He made his way across the meadow, following the path that Alfred's car had disappeared down earlier. He wasn't quite sure where he was going, but he presumed the path wasn't too terrible since Japan and America had already taken it.

It wasn't even an hour later when he heard the engine of a fast-moving vehicle. A familiar car rounded the bend ahead and came screeching toward him. "Maple, Alfred!" He screamed at his brother as the car stopped inches from him. "Watch where you're going!"

"But, Mattie, Mattie, Japan's in trouble. We-were-in-the-woods-when-Japan-got-out-to-try-to-ask-direct-…" America's words flowed together quickly as he tried to get the information out.

Canada quickly interrupted, "Alfred, slow down. I can't understand a word your saying!"

The Hero took a breath before looking at the other male. "KIKU IS IN TROUBLE!" Canada stared at him for a moment before dashing around to climb into the passenger's side.

"You can explain on the way, let's just go get Kiku!"

"So you see, he got out to ask directions at that creepy-ass castle because we were lost and then he didn't come out! FOR HOURS!"

"Okay, so we have to go in and get him! Something terrible might have happened to him!" Canada exclaimed.

"B-But, we can't go in there… there might be ghosts!" Alfred cowered in fear from the castle. Canada rolled his eyes before climbing out of the car.

"Fine, stay here, but I'm going to go save Kiku," he stated. So much for Alfred being the hero.

"Somebody has to guard the car!"

Canada stepped into the dark castle, shivering in fear. Or was it the freezing cold of the Siberian waste land? After all, all he had was his flimsy jacket. What was this place? Alfred seemed to be under the impression that Japan had disappeared into the mansion, but Matthew saw no signs of life.

"Hello? Anyone here?" he asked, glancing around the entryway. "I'm looking for Japan…"

"Who are you?" A voice sounded from behind him. Canada flailed, spinning around to see a familiar white bear.

"Kumaji? Is that you? It's Canada! The one that feeds you!" he said, leaning down to scoop up the bear.

"Canada?" he asked, squirming to get out of his arms. "Who is that? Russia is the one that feeds me." The white bear hit the floor and waddled away as Canada stared in disbelief. Russia?

Another familiar voice sounded from a neighboring room, distracting Canada from his thoughts. "Francis! Not here! You saw Japan wandering around the halls! He'll try to make us part of his next novel if you keep this up!"

"Oh, but mon angleterre, you are just too cute to resist!" Canada rounded the corner to see his father pressing Arthur to the wall, ravaging his neck. Arthur seemed to be biting back some words, or sounds, before he saw Canada.

"Matthew?" His voice sounded embarrassed as his cheeks coloured. "Francis, will you bloody well get off me, you frog. Canada is here!"


To be continued.

Author's note: So, my roommate and I watched Beauty and the Beast tonight and began compiling a list of which characters were who. Really, it all started with the resemblance of Lumiere and Cogsworth to Francis and England. And then this story developed. I had to write it as everything began clicking in my head how well this worked with Hetalia. I do believe I'll do the entire story. My encouragement is currently coming from my roommate who insists on reading it. But, it will probably be a slow update sometimes.