Prussia leaned back, kicking up his feet on the bar table. "I don't understand, Gilbird," he stated, looking at his friend. "How could he reject me? It's AWESOME me, after all." He tucked his hands behind his head.

Gilbird just shook his head. "I don't know, Prussia. There isn't anyone as awesome as you," he said.

"Or as good looking as me."

"Or as daring as you."

"Or as flat out awesome as me. Oh, we already said that didn't we?" Prussia shook his head. He didn't get it. He could have anyone in town. He quickly stood, slamming the chair backwards. "NO! I will have him. I will find a way."

Gilbird sat, stunned at the side, but he quickly moved to pick up Prussia's chair just as the man tried to sit back down. "But what can I do?" he asked, sitting down as if the stool had never fallen. "What can I do to persuade him? What does he care about most?"

Suddenly the door burst open, Japan rushed in. "Has anyone seen Canada?"

A collective "Who?" resounded around the room. Japan began pacing. "Oh god, we forgot him at Russia's house… That beast will find him and never let him go! Oh what have I done?" America strode in around him, placing himself at the bar to order a drink, ignoring his pacing companion. Japan stared at him in shock before quickly running out the door, apparently to find Canada.

Prussia laughed silently. "The yaoi-addict has gone nuts, Gilbird. What the hell is he muttering about a beast?" His laughter continued until he realized that Gilbird wasn't laughing with him. "Gilbird, that was funny, you can laugh now."

Gilbird shook his head, turning to his friend with a goofy smile upon his face. "Gone nuts, has he? Canada cares about everybody. If he finds out…"

Prussia's grin grew to evil proportions. "Yes… Japan was trying to help him. If he finds out that something has happened, then he's bound to come running!" Prussia stood, letting the stool fall again; Gilbird scrabbled back after it once more. "Gilbird, I know just the man to do it!" And with that, Prussia strode out of the bar, leaving a muttering Gilbird to pay the tab in his wake.


So, I know it's short, but I kinda wanted to just leave the suspense. I haven't been writing for a while and I had to reread a lot of what I had written thus far, hence why it took me even longer than normal to post. Anyways, I hope you like it. I should have the next chapter posted up within the month.