"Please! I'll do anything! Just take that-that…that thing back!" Alfred threw himself at Matthew's feet with a dramatic wail. The unusual amount of attention startled the northern country. That and the large amount of tears the US was shedding.

"T-take what back?" Canada mentally ran through everything he might've left at America's house. Socks? No, I'd know if those were missing. Kumajiro? No, he's right here. Can't be syrup, had that for breakfast.

"That nightmare! It's everywhere! I can't go outside with seeing it!" Alfred clung tighter to Matthew's legs as he whispered in horror, "I think I'm starting to like it."

Matthew looked around and finally settled on the source of America's horror. He proudly managed to keep the smug smile off his face. "I told you, no refunds on Justin Bieber."