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They had just finished dinner and put the baby to sleep. Suddenly, Bill felt that he was being shaken again. Someone was trying to wake him up. He fought it. Eventually, he could feel he was lashing out, until someone caught his hand and he woke up, flinging his arm one last time. He saw he struck Laura to the floor, but he didn't care.

"Why did you wake me up?" He roared. He began to mutter off strange laments, "This is the last time. I can't wake up anymore…" And he began digging through his belonging. Laura lay shocked on the floor, listening to his tirade. "First I lost Carol Ann, we were never the same. And I was so alone. And then we lost Zak and I hadn't seen him in months. And then I lost Caprica, and we can never go back. Now, Starbuck is gone, and we don't even know what happened and Lee and I have never had anything close to the relationship of my dream." Here he found what he was looking for: his sidearm.

He turned around to face Laura, now sitting terrified against the bed. Bill sat in a chair across the room staring at her, "And then, there's you." He sighed, cradling the revolver, "You make me feel more fulfilled, happier, than I have ever been before. And I've been an idiot and avoided it for so long, just out of fear. And now you're dying again." He put the gun up to his temple, "And I can't take this miserable life anymore." He whispered through a clenched grin, tears streaming from his eyes in reality now.

"Bill!" Laura whispered, getting her voice back. She was speaking in her negotiating tone, rapidly, as if running to keep pace with the Admiral's mind. "Bill, Bill, don't give up. Please don't leave humanity to fend without you. They would never make it. Bill, I would never make it. I so desperately need you. For a long time now, saving humanity hasn't been enough to pull me out of bed in the morning. Even I get tired and sick of it. But the thought of waking up to see you at some point during the day." Bill was slumped, sobbing on a table next to the chair, the pistol to the side. Laura scooted up to pull it away from him, and he did not resist. She slid the dangerously gleaming weapon under his rack. She crawled over and put her hand on his and clutched it desperately. "Bill, I cannot promise that we will ever come close to your dream. It's almost impossible for me to have a child. But I can promise this: I will love you and be with you and support you as long as I live. And Bill, we will find earth, and we will find peace as well. Don't stop trying yet, Bill."

With that, she gently pulled him toward the bed and just held him in her arms. His strong, muscled frame filled her arms as he shook with sobs. Eventually he fell asleep, a sleep without dreams. He was pulled from his sleep by the sound of sobbing. Looking over at his rescuer he saw her sitting up against the wall, knees to chest, crying as well. He put a hand on her knee and she startled, immediately wiping her eyes.

"Laura, we can't hold back now. We've come too far to start pulling back." Bill chided, quietly, moving to sit next to her against the wall.

Laura stared at him for a few moments and then looked ahead. She began an intensely angry whisper. "Bill Adama, it may shock you to know that you are not the only one to have lost a family. I lost my mother, my father, my sisters, all before the cylons came. And then, when they did, I lost Adar. And the one person I had left, Billy, the closest thing I had to family, was killed too. Despite all of that, seeing you put a gun to your head scared me more than you can imagine. Don't ever do that to me again, Bill Adama." Her last sentence was punctuated by her punching his arms as hard as she could. She kept punching as he turned to pull her into his arms. Eventually, she stopped punching, and relaxed into his arms, sniffling.

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