This a LOVE TRIANGLE. With who? With Gray Fullbuster & Natsu Dragneel (of course)! Who're they, you ask? [Go check out] FAIRY TAIL, BITCHES. D

Chapter One: Tch. Fucking Sexist.

You narrowed yours cold, [e/c] eyes on the buffoon who thought he could take you on, just because you're a girl. Fucking sexist.


Turning around, you walk away from the beaten, bloody man on the ground and completely ignore the looks you were getting from the innocent bystanders. You were to these kind of things.

Well.. you would too, if some famous Mage beat the shit outta some other Mage.

Frowning, you turn around and glare pitilessly at the male in front of you. "Do you not know when to quit? Your outmatched, give up." You snapped at the man, "You and your guild are just a bunch of pointless pricks and dumbasses! You guys honestly believe you're the most powerful Guild, when you're not."

"B-bitch! I'm going to make you swallow those words!" Growling the man gets up quickly and runs towards you, his fist raised to make a strike.

Grinning, your eyes are wide with anticipation.. it almost made you look insane.

Just when his fist almost made contact to your face, you disappeared out of thin air, only to appear behind him and kick him, which makes him go flying across and crash on a house. The force of you kick nearly made him go through the house, but it only left a human-figure dent.

Yawning, you begin to stretch, before staring at the unconscious man. "Pathetic, he couldn't even with stand a weak kick."

This made the townie's choke on their spit. "W-weak kick?"