And so, after three weeks has passed by, Mirajane finally couldn't wait any longer. She had to tell someone.

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Mirajane winced, she may be used to people being loud, but not YELLING at the top of their lungs.

"Um, I have reasons to believe [Name]-chan is in trouble… she was suppose to have been Home at least two weeks ago." Mirajane repeated, biting her lip, worry-wrinkles appearing on her forehead.

Calming down a little from seeing Mirajane's worried and guilty expression. "When did [Name]-chan leave?"

"… Almost three weeks ago. But she said she was coming back Home after the Mission! She told me so, and we all know that [Name]-chan sticks to─!" Mirajane breathe caught in throat, unable to complete her sentence as she began to rethink of horrible situations you could be in; and unknown to her, most of them have already been done.

The Headmaster of Fairy Tail sighed heavily before walking towards his Eldest Guild Member, and tried his best to comfort her. "Hey, don't worry, I'm sure [Name] is coming back right now…."

Although, in the back of his mind, the reason of why he felt so unsettle for the past few weeks finally came to realization. He just might of lost one of his greatest Mages in Fairy Tail.

'Hold on!'

"… Do you remember what the Mission was suppose to be, Mirajane?"

No one messes with a Fairy Tail Member, without facing the consequences.