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Chapter 1

A life isn't worth living if you don't try. I mean, what's the point if you don't care? Maybe that's the reason I wanted to jump. Maybe that's the reason I didn't want to live. I was done trying. I'm not really a firm believer in God, but I do believe in fate and destiny and all that crap.

As I stood on the edge of the rock and looked into the crashing waves I thought of what it would be like to die. Now, I'm not crazy depressed or anything I'm just…alone. My father is never home and I don't know my mother. I came here thinking I wouldn't be returning home, but something about the jump made me take a step back. I couldn't die, but it seemed easier. I looked out to the horizon and saw the sun rising. The breathtaking beauty of the orange fading into the dark of the quickly fading night made me think. Light really does overcome the darkness. I couldn't do it, there's no way. I turned to walk back home, but me being a klutz I slipped, and fell.

I hit the water and my lungs suddenly felt restricted. The salt water burned my eyes and I felt myself hit the rocks. The last thing I remember was the boy, the dark haired, dark eyed boy that pulled me from the depths of the water. I fell unconscious and when I woke up the dark haired boy was kneeling next to me. He smiled and said, "You okay?" I nodded. Other than the painful bump on my head I felt pretty good. I nodded slowly and he said, "Uh, good. Need a lift home?"

"Uh, no I can walk," I said trying to stand up, only to stumbled and have the mysterious boy catch me.

"I'm giving you a ride." He wrapped his arm around my waste and guided me to a golf cart. "I'm Nick by the way."

"Max…" I said slowly.

As Nick drove me back in his golf cart, I found out that he's a year older than me. He has a twin brother Jeff, but you wouldn't know it because they look so different. His best friend was a girl named Monique, and he had a little brother and sister, Angel and Zephyr. Nick wouldn't stop talking, it was weird. He looked as if he'd be the I-don't-say-anything-kind-of-guy. I guess looks can be deceiving.

I woke up sweating. Those stupid eyes always haunted my dreams. That one day changed me forever. I could never forget those eyes, but I was thirteen then. Four years have passed, it's not like he would remember me anyways. I was just some girl he rescued. He probably did that all the time. I got out of bed and walked to my balcony. I could still see the rock that I fell off, and it only made me think of Nick that much more.

School was almost over, and it was my last semester of high school. I couldn't be happier. I mean, I was leaving home as soon as I could. I couldn't be the snobby rich kid my whole life. I wasn't even snobby. I was exactly opposite of a rich kid actually. Instead of being forced into the girly sun dresses, I chose to wear dark skinny jeans, tank tops, converse, you know the bad ass kind of stuff. I was never really into the whole girly girl thing.

I rested my arms on the railing and smelled the salty air. Living on the coastline has its benefits; I mean there are plenty of hot guys in the summer. Hooking up over the summer was kind of my thing. You know, summer love, totally perfect. After the summer they never wanted anything to do with you, and honestly, I was perfectly okay with that. My dad was always gone in the summer so I really could do whatever I wanted, definitely a plus.

The wind whipped my long dirty blonde hair around my face and I took a deep breath. Every summer before I chose my summer guy, I would search for the same onyx eyes that pulled me from the water four years ago. I never did see him again after that day, and I always dreamed I would. Would he recognize me? Will he have forgotten about that day? I groaned and went back inside. Thinking about it made me want to forget him that much more. I don't know if I could handle him forgetting me.

I took a long hot shower and by the time I got out the sun was rising. Might as well kill some time and go for a jog. Yeah I know, waste of water. I ran for three miles, no biggie and stopped at the rock. I always come to the rock to sit and think. I try remembering what was going through my mind the day I fell. I wasn't suicidal. Sometimes, life was just, difficult.

When I stood up to walk back home I saw the beach. The only time there were people on it would be the summer months. The beach is beautiful when it's empty. Something about how natural it all was made me smile. Yeah, I've actually got a heart and appreciate the little things in life. Shocking right?

I walked back inside and realized I had ten minutes to get ready for school, well crap. I ran upstairs took a two minute shower and towel dried my hair. Who needs a straitener? I ran to my closet and grabbed some short black shorts and a red tank top that I was going to wear over a white one. I then grabbed my black converse and quickly put everything on. I completed my look with all my random bracelets and walked out the door, 2 minutes early. I'm good, I know.

I hopped in my amazing black convertible, being a rich kid has its perks. I pulled into the school parking lot and was ambushed by my friends and sister. Apparently, there was some big fight between the school whore, Lissa, and some freshman. The rumor is, the freshmen hooked up with Lissa's current boy-toy, and she didn't like it.

Now, Lissa, or the Red-Haired Wonder, has quite the personality. She's got the looks of a supermodel, I'm not even going to deny that. She had flaming red hair, but it worked with her pale skin and bright green eyes. She was skinny, and boy did she flaunt that body. She wore the shortest skirts and shirts possible, and slutty heals to match.

I wasn't popular, but I had my group of friends. Jennifer Joy, JJ, was my best friend. She was pale and skinny with curly hair. She had a simple beauty about herself, and she had the same kind of style as me, you know, bad ass.

Sam was next on my list of friends. We dated my freshman year, but it was too weird. Don't date a guy you're really good friends with, it just doesn't work out, but our relationship was complicated. Still, Sam is great. He's attractive and all with his chestnut hair that kind of falls across his forehead and his eyes were a simple brown, but they were warm and welcoming.

Last but not least, my sister, Ella. Well, half sister but we all say she's just my sister. She's great. She has a very relaxed personality, sometimes. She's got long black hair, dark brown eyes, and tanned skin to match. The major difference between us, she likes to shop, and I despise it.

Lissa walked over to us and smiled at me. "Hey there Maxie."

"Call me Maxie one more time and I swear to God I will punch you in the nose."

Now, Sam and I are in a slight disagreement. He wants to date Lissa, I mean who wouldn't, but he won't listen to me. He thinks she's this angel that is just amazing, but I know the truth. I know she cheats and lies to get what she wants. I would never let Sam become a victim of her game. "Oh Max, one day you'll learn to respect me," she smiled at me and then said, "Walk me to class Sam?"

Sam instantly jumped at the opportunity, pushover. I rolled my eyes and said, "You'll learn to respect my fist bitch."