Jacob's POV

I knew, as soon as the hissed words came from Paul's big ass mouth that it would start a showdown. Oh God. Just as I believed, Leah went stock still and turned to face him. "What did you say, Meraz?" she snapped. Her face held that same glare that everyone knew.

Paul looked back at her with narrowed eyes before shrugging. "I was asking Quil here why you even came."

"Because I can." she snapped straight back. "And Seth asked me to."

Everyone looked over the edge of the cliff, where Seth had just jumped. He was in the water below with Embry and Jared. "I'm surprised that even your brother wants you here." was Paul's reply.

I groaned as Leah sucked in a deep breath. Bringing Seth into their arguements was the worst thing to do with Leah. That boy was one person she actually deeply cared for. "Shut the hell up, Paul Meraz. You don't know one damn thing about me and my brother's relationship. You can go fuck yourself if you th-"

Her words were cut off suddenly when I hopped over the cliff, ready to get away from their screams. I hit the water and came up just as Sam and Quil made impact. "Oh God! You left those two alone?"Sam nodded at me and Quil shrugged. "They're going to kill each other up there."

Paul's POV

Before long, our arguement was more of a screaming match, like it always turned into. We were toe to toe and suddenly, I realized that we were also alone.

Those pussies...

I turned right back to Leah as she rambled on, her nose in my face. "...I even promised Seth that I would be good. And I would have been but you guys can't leave me alone, even for one fucking day, can you? Huh, Paul?"

"Whatever Leah, like you could ever not be a bitch!" I yelled back.

A hand whipped across my face so fast that I blinked and stepped back, expecting to see someone else there. But it was only Leah and she was looking at me with challenging eyes. I felt myself start to tremble. "If there was one woman in this world that I would hit, it would be you. So you better fucking watch it!"

"Oh really?" she asked, stepping forward.

I stepped back. "Leah,stop it." I growled. She growled right back at me and stepped forward again. I ran for the cliffs, going for my dive before she could hit me again and make me phase. But she was right there, tackling me to the ground with her little body. We wrestled around on the ground for a moment, but in human form I quickly dominated her, trapping her wrists with my hands and pushing her to the ground.

Hovering on top of her, adrenaline and anger coursing through my veins, I quickly realized that my body was crushed on top of hers. She wiggled around and the stupid, hormone-crazed teenager that I was felt a stirring in my man parts. Jesus Christ! With Leah?

I gripped her wrists tighter, determined to get it into my mind that this was a fight...not foreplay. "Get off me!" she spat in my face, her face scrunching up into a mask of rage. And even then, I found her smoking hot.

"Stop hitting me!" I yelled back.

She ignored that. "Get the fuck off me, Paul!"she yelled again, squirming around some more. She must have felt my erection then, because she stopped and looked up to me with confusion. "Are you seriously getting off on this right now?" she screeched. "Get off me you fucking sick bastard! Now! Get that thing away from me!" She was bucking her hips up as if to shove my dick away from her, but all that did was cause me to press harder into her, my dick hardening as well.

"Stop moving!"

"No! You fucking pervert! Get it off me."

I groaned. "You're making it harder, Leah." But she didn't care. She was squirming and wiggling and yanking with all her might but it was doing her no good.

"Get off of me!" she yelled again, a desperation in her voice that I'd never heard before.

I gripped her tighter. "I don't want to hurt you, Leah."

She stopped moving and looked up at me with those fiery brown eyes like she wanted to murder me. "What's that supposed to mean? Is that a threat?" She started to blur.

I was surprised. "I'm saying that I'm not trying to hurt you."

"Well you are." she said right back, starting her squirming yet again. I was pretty sure that if she didn't stop that, I was going to come soon. Then again, maybe I should let her, because that would be the most I ever got from Leah Clearwater.

"Stop squirming so damn much and it won't hurt so bad." I told her, epressing my weight into her farther. She let out this little distressed moan, catching me off guard. I pulled my head up to look at her and she glared back.

"Get off me." she said, this time her voice low and deadly.

"You want me." I told her, feeling the smirk tug at the corners of my lips.

"No. I don't." she denied. I started to grind my hips into hers and that little moan escaped again, a little less distressed this time. She stopped squirming and looked up to me. "Stop." she groaned.


"Because I hate you. And I don't want to have sex with somebody I hate."

I pressed into her even harder and felt her body shiver under mine. And it definitely wasn't from trying not to phase. "I'm pretty sure you want to right now."

She was quiet for a long minute, like she was battling with herself, and I leaned down to kiss her neck. She whimpered when my lips touched the hollow of her throat and then it seemed like her whole body melted. She wasn't rigid anymore, and her arms went limp under my hold. My lips started to explore her neck and ears, moving to her face before they settled on her mouth.

She moaned and kissed me back, arching her back to press her body against mine as much as she could under my weight. My hands finally loosened on her wrists and I prayed that this wasn't just a distraction to get free. Her hands immediately went to my face, pulling me closer and mine were used to alleviate some of my weight from her little frame.

She pulled away for a minute. "Unzip your pants." she told me. I lifted off her body enough to unbutton and unzip my cutoff jeans while she did the same to hers but also pulling them off. I started to yank mine down but she pulled me back to her, kissing and nipping at my neck. "Fuck me, Paul." she growled into my ear.

I didn't need to be told twice. I pulled my dick from my shorts and positioned it at her core. Pushing aside her underwear, I slid into her in one hard thrust. She was warm and wet and tight, and I closed my eyes to savor the feeling. She groaned a little and grimaced. "You okay?" I stilled.

"I'm fine." she breathed, wrapping her legs around my waist. She waited a second, adjusting to my size, before telling me I could go now. I started slowly, a little freaked out by this new Leah, but she started to squirm under me, tightening her legs around my waist. "Paul, I'm not a human. I can handle it."

So I started to pump faster and harder and deeper, to the point that she was slowly inching across the dirt everytime I thrusted. "Oh God! Ahhh! Yes! Right there! Harder!" she screamed.

She bit down into my shoulder hard, and I knew that it must've broke the skin, but it felt so good that I had to groan. Her nails dug down my back and chest but it only added to the pleasure.

Finally, the leverage started to piss me off because it seemed like I had to constantly scoot up and find that leverage again every two or three thrusts. I pulled out, getting a whimper from her. "Turn over." I demanded, to which she actually listened, and flipped over on her hands and knees. I got between her legs, positioning by dick, pushing her wet panties away and sliding in again until I came to the hilt. She groaned loudly and I wrapped an arm around her waist, pushing the hand into her panties and rubbing her clit. She whimpered a little and her ass pushed back against me. "Sensitive, huh?" I rubbed a little faster and gripped her hip with my other hand before pulling back and then thrusting into her mercilessly.

Everytime I slammed into her, the moan was accompanied by a little gasp. I bent down over her back, nibbling on her shoulder. "Do you like this?" I asked her. "You like when I fuck you hard?"

"Yes!" she cried as I slammed into her again. She clamped down around me and I started to come, her contracting walls milking me for all I had. I thrust one last time as it shot into her. "Fuck!" she screamed as her body tensed, her back arching.

My body went rigid as I groaned. I felt her slowly loosening around me and I pulled out, falling back onto the ground. Leah fixed her panties and slowly stood from her knees. She was still for a moment but I saw her knees wobbling and grinned. She grabbed her shorts from a few feet away and slipped them back on as I pulled mine back over my hips and zipped them.

I had just had mind-blowing, earth-shattering, sex with Leah Clearwater. Leah Clearwater, the bitch/hottest girl of La Push. The only female shifter in my pack. The bane of my existence. The best fuck I'd ever had. I wondered if it was because of her heat, her tightness, or the fact that she wanted and liked it rough. And I didn't have to worry about hurting her. Well, not as much anyway. She could take much more than a human.

She swallowed hard, never looking down at me. "Okay, then." she said shakily, turning toward the trail that led to the beach. "Uh...see ya, Paul." she said, stumbling away.

"Where are you going?" I called to her. But she didn't answer, stumbling to my feet, I started to follow but she phased and started to tear down the trail as fast as she could. What the fuck?