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The U-17 tournament had begun with around 300 members, which had been slowly whittled away to under 250 students, both high school and middle school. From these 250 people, they were told to play against one another, and even the Seigaku regulars were separated. The rule had been simple; those who lost were being sent home. Those who had remained at the camp were Eiji, Fuiji and Tezuka. The others who had lost, whom thought they would be going home were actually taken to a secret camp, where the most harsh of conditions to live and play in were used, starting with a long climb to the top of a mountain to actually reach there and the stripping of their previous identities of different groups.

Whilst unclear what the purpose of this was at the beginning, it was eventually concluded that both the main camp and the secret camp (only the tournament holders knew about the secret camp) were improving and they had improved greatly. With new determination, the secret camp set out on causing a new revolution against the main camp, but some could say this determination seemingly came too late.

Things had moved swiftly in the main camp, Fuiji and Eiji had been placed together on one team and Tezuka on the team above them. It soon became clear that Tezuka was not meant to be there and taking up on a pervious offer from the country of Germany, left with few words to become a pro. That's where things took a turn for the worse, although no one realised it at the time. Maybe if they had, they could have prevented it but seemingly it had started long before that, way back into the Kanto area tournament. There were some people whom could not let go of what was their hated passion for not being in charge and the ones whom had caused them pain.

These figures had become almost desperate for what the revenge they wanted and a plot had formed inside their minds, with one leader at charge. His tatics had worsened from when he had been a coach, his voice now deeper, his mind had been broken into tiny pieces and placed back together swiftly. If you could sense the aura from him, it would have been a pure blackness, one could have called him crazy, but that would have complimented him. No one would stop him, not now he knew what he was going to do and how he was going to do it, and it involved the precious U-17 camp that everyone was talking about. This man and the men whom had gathered around him were going to bring it down, in little pieces. They wanted to be in charge and that was what they were going to do, in any means possible.