Fuji leant against the outside wall of the school grounds, facing the road. His eyes were closed and his hands were behind his back, his new school bag was held in his left hand where it had remained from where he had picked it up this morning as he had taken the lonely route to Seigaku High School. His black brand new tennis bag, he would have been quite happy with his old one, however his parents had wanted to get him a new one as the old one had been locked away in his room and had gained dust in the one an a half to two years he had been missing. 'Unsuitable to use' as his father had put it calling from his study downstairs. Fuji was glad for that change, he had learnt a lot more about his father since he had kidnapped than he had in his life up to that previous point. He had told his family about the returning of his memories and had his parents' reassurances that the newspaper clips would be removed. Yumiko had told him later that it had been their way of trying to find any clues to his disappearance, anything to tell them he was alive or dead, if he was safe or still huge amounts of danger and if he was trying to get home. Naturally their questions had gone unanswered which had left them with two very different futures but they had still done it, to give them hope. Now Fuji was loosing hope.

It was April and everyone was arriving back at the high school, Momo, Kaidoh and Echizen had all passed their entrance exams and were successfully joining them. They had told him one or two minutes before Fuji had to tell them that Eiji and his family had disappeared. It had been at Kawamura's restaurant, the boy had opened it only for the event of celebrating the success, for it to turn into, what Momo had described as another sad meeting, very similar to what the Seigaku tennis team, minus Eiji and Fuji and plus Yuuta, had done through out the long waiting period. Oishi had been deathly silent since finding the empty house, not talking to anyone, Fuji had even been told by Tezuka that all Oishi did on some days was stare outside from his position sitting on his chair. Certainly the only time Fuji had seen the vice captain was at the meeting at Kawamura's and he hadn't said anything then.

He knew for a fact he wouldn't see Inui, Kawamura, Tezuka or Oishi due to the fact that they were starting the tennis practice early. He was told that he could sign onto the tennis team at the lunch period, so he didn't join all rabble of the freshman. It was a welcoming pleasure to know Kawamura was still carrying on with tennis. The Seigaku team didn't seem right without its number one power player, but then again none of this felt right. Although he knew all of his memories now, it felt like they were separated, and there were bits missing, both from his life before the kidnapping and during. He would sometimes come unstuck on the most simple of things, and it became somewhat slightly bothersome when he was suddenly left wondering about something that he felt he should know.

Looking at the school gates, Fuji frowned. He knew he had to go through them and go and find out which class he would be in, who is homeroom tutor would be and what the school layout was like etc. Something kept pulling him back though, telling him to wait. Well if waited much longer he would be late, Fuji reasoned with himself. He had already seen Momo cycle past, mouth full of some sort of food, probably a meat bun, Echizen holding on the back. They weren't without their most essential items of tennis gear, even though they probably wouldn't play on the first day. He gathered that Kaidoh was probably already at school, if memory played true then Kaidoh had always come in early in middle school.

Sliding down the brick wall into a crouched position, Fuji looked at his tennis bag, taking himself miles away from the rest of the world so he wouldn't worry about being on time. He didn't think the teachers expected him to be on time, according to the teacher he had spoken with over the phone; they had all the details from the police about the now closed case and was told to take his time, in that same patronising tone that he always used when teasing someone. Reaching out for his tennis bag, Fuji was suddenly bowled over as something jumped on his back.

"Nya! Gomen Fujiko." Came the apologetic tone, Fuji froze at the word choice and sound of the voice, although the person behind didn't seem to notice. "I thought you would have noticed me!" Fuji turned himself around slowly to look at the offending person who was stood there with a pout on his face. Red hair, accompanied with the black uniform of the school, a tennis bag over his right shoulder and a school bag in hand. Blue eyes stared down at him.

"Saa Eiji you need to be more careful," Fuji said calmly, although inside he could feel his whole body wanting to explode with questions and joy at the fact that the person whom he had thought had disappeared was now standing in front of him. Fuji picked up his tennis bag and slung it over his left shoulder before slowly standing up. This gave him enough time to recompose himself before asking the question that had been playing on his mind for a while. "Where were you Eiji?"

"Nya! Gomen Fuji, I didn't mean to disappear. I'm sorry. My parents suddenly appeared at my bedroom door and said they were taking me somewhere, packing a small bag for me and next thing I knew I was in the car driving somewhere. It seemed that they had found someone who had been successful in helping people regain their memories after they've lost them, say in an accident or in my case. Anyway she was this really creepy old woman Fujiko!"

"Eiji you shouldn't call her a creepy old woman."

"Your right, anyway she had hair all over the place, she was really pale, she looked like Momo after he's had Inui's juice. Which reminds me, I wonder if Inui still makes his juice, I hope he doesn't."

"Saa, Eiji you're getting distracted." Fuji reminded the hyperactive red head boy.

"Hai, erm well anyway she said that she did it really scientifically, and she put me to sleep whilst she did something. I remembered I had a really weird dream, but I can't remember what was in it. I know that it had lots of people in it and some of it was really scary. When I next woke up I had been told I had been asleep for a week!" Eiji said almost jogging on the spot. "I didn't mean to not tell you and Oishi, and everyone but I had no choice."

"Well you can explain that to Oishi later, he's been really lonely without you." Fuji said. Eiji's face grew alarmed.

"Oishi's been lonely? But how? He's got Tezuka and Taka and Inuiā€¦"

"Never mind Eiji, I think Oishi will feel a lot better after he sees you, after we get to class. The bell is about to go, you're late." Fuji said glancing a look down at his watch before trailing back to Eiji's face.
"Nya! That's not my fault! My sisters turned off my alarm last night and then nobody woke me up until fifteen minutes ago. Then I had to run here! It's not my fault I'm late!" Eiji protested as Fuji just smiled, leading the way into the school building. Things were getting back into shape, but they could never be normal. Well what could be called normal around the Middle School students who had once made up the middle school tennis national winners?

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