AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first Detective Conan fandom fic, I never thought that I would get any inspiration in it even if it is one of my uberly favorite fandoms of the moment. I would like to encourage feedback, anything to keep me going because if I start a fic most times I don't finish so all feedback and reviews and messages encouraging me to go on would be great!


London England, 1950

Is this what it feels like to die? The feeling of blood leaving your body, the feeling that your essence is leaving you in a way you would never come back from? I didn't even heard the man coming, "Do you want to live, boy?" the man had dark hair and what looked like a very bad cowlick but as you're dying you're not really thinking about that.

His blue eyes gazed into my brown ones, "Hurts, I don't want to die, please don't let me die?" I said to the man, he looked down at me, it looked like he had compassion, sympathy in his eyes.

"I need your permission to do this, come on if you don't want to die, I need it." The man said to me. My eyes widened.

"I give you permission, to do whatever you want to do to me to let me live longer." I looked at the man, "I just…don't want to die."

"Wait," the blood was leaving my body even faster, it scared me even more than it should have. "The…name of my savior….should be known right?" My breathing was becoming more ragged, "Hakuba Saguru." I whispered my name to him feeling myself losing consciousness.

It wasn't before too long I felt it, I felt the teeth in my neck, I kind of felt a jolt of pleasure before his wrist was literally shoved in my face. "Drink, or you will die."

I was weak to start with and frankly this wasn't helping, but through muffled thoughts, and jumbled words, I did what he said. When I did my eyes flew open, I didn't really understand why, but when I felt the blood surge through me, I couldn't stop.

"Saguru…" the man above me had his eyes closed like he was close to the point where he looked like he was about to do things that shouldn't be allowed in public. It was at that moment I realized his hand that wasn't currently being sucked on by said dying person yanked my head back.

My breathing came in gasps, my heart was beating overtime, I fell against the dark haired man, "I thought you said….I wasn't…going to…die."

"I'm sorry Suguru, this part's going to hurt some, but you will initially die, you'll be back though." He whispered against into my hair. Oh hell I was going to die, what did this mean? "I never did get your name." I whispered with a little smile on my face.

"Kudo Shinichi." He said to me, eyes bearing down into mine, helping the transition, the pain was unbearable, my breathing becoming harder, heart moving even faster than before. So again I ask the question hoping for a proper answer than if I were talking to myself.

"Is this what it's like to die?" I said aloud my eyes losing focus.

"Pretty soon, your heart's going to stop, you will stop breathing, and the transition will be an easy one. Once you wake up you'll feel hungry, I will help you with this. It took me awhile to get to the point myself. My father helped me through it, so I know how to take care of this."

"That's….good to…know." I said as my eyes closed and I died in the arms of my savior….Kudo Shinichi. Knowing that this man, this man who saved my life, (well technically he didn't but that's beside the point), stroked my hair as I died in his arms. Is this what it's like to die? Because if it is, I think I may have died and went to Heaven, in my soulmate's arms.